11 Mistakes in the kitchen which at some point will harm your health

Did you know that fiber to wash the dishes can be 200 thousand times more dirty than the lid of the toilet? On its surface, there are often Salmonella and E. coli. To take care of the unpleasant surprises, we collect the most common mistakes that are committed daily in the kitchen.

The editorial team of Great.guru values the health and believes that much depends on our habits. Of course, we do not exaggerate a lot, but know the potential areas of risk will not cause any harm to anyone.

1. Taste the food to check if it has been spoiled

Different products are spoiled in a different way and, unfortunately, here there is a recipe accurately. Often, we focus on the taste, physical appearance and smell of the food, but with this method not will be able to find all the harmful bacteria. Therefore, follow this rule: if the freshness of the products, or the food made you doubt a little, it is better to throw them in the trash immediately. Sometimes it is enough even a small amount of rotting food to cause a severe poisoning.

2. Thaw the products directly in the table

Never place meat, poultry or raw seafood near the prepared food, this can cause cross-contamination. The harmful microbes from the raw meat can quickly spread in the dishes prepared-to-eat and cause a serious poisoning. You use knives, cutting boards, and separate plates for the raw products and ready-to-eat.

Do not defrost food in the oven, so that the bacteria reproduce very fast, the margin of 4 to 60 °С is perfect for them. It is best to defrost the products by putting them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, or place them in cold water or in a microwave oven in the special mode of defrosting.

3. Wash the raw meat

In the flesh if not there are traces evident of contamination, it is not worth washing them. Under the flow of water, the bacteria of the meat reach the sink, table and other kitchen surfaces. It is quite dangerous, because bacteria can easily reach to your dishes. Wash thoroughly only raw fruits and vegetables before cooking or consuming.

4. Cool the food for a long time before storing it in the refrigerator

Don’t let the food on the table more than 1 or 2 hours if the room temperature is over 32 °C. The pathogens in the products that spoil very quickly reproduce in temperatures from 4 to 60 °C. Always cooled products in the refrigerator, placing them in a tupperware. If you’re on the road, you have little time or you’re going to a picnic, put products that spoil in the cooler.

5. Test products raw meat

It is not worth eating raw eggs in any way or try raw meat during preparation. May contain bacteria, dangerous or other harmful microorganisms. Respects the mode of preparation of every dish and do not taste the mixtures and the products that you know contain eggs raw or not cooked.

7. Use the marinade from the meat with the prepared food

Do not use the same marinade for raw meat and prepared food. Do not let meat, raw fish or shellfish marinated in the table, it is best to store them in the refrigerator. If you poke the meat marinade in the table, the harmful microbes can reproduce rapidly at room temperature. Uses a separate table.

8. Not to cook completely the meat, fish and eggs

You can be sure of a meal prepared only after it has been heated up to a fairly high temperature, which kills the harmful bacteria. Always check the preparation of the products with the help of a kitchen thermometer, as that is the only sure method to determine the safety of the dish prepared. Not worth trusting completely in the view, the smell or the taste on a very important issue.

9. Not to change the fibers to wash the dishes on time

According to the results of a research, at home there is nothing more dirty than a fiber of kitchen. This contains the greatest amount of active bacteria is particularly dangerous as E. coli and Salmonella. The best method to protect yourself is to disinfect the fiber in the microwave oven after each washing of dishes and change it every week.

10. Dinner on the couch

If you like to lie on the couch with your favorite food when you watch a movie, then you risk having heartburn. By consuming the incorrect food along with the acidic juice of the stomach can particularly fall back to the esophagus and cause a burning sensation. The best way to avoid this is to be in a vertical position over an hour after the meal. Overfeeding, inclines forward, and lifting heavy objects after eating also contribute to have heartburn.

11. Save the milk in the inappropriate place

All dairy products: cream, yogurt, whey, milk, there are that keep them on the shelves of the refrigerator and not in the door. It is worth remembering that, on the shelves, the temperature is lower, therefore, the milk-based products will spoil slowly.

Do you already know that these habits are dangerous for the health?

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