11 Photos that show us that women have super powers

According to science, all women have some superpowers or extraordinary abilities that do not have men: they can distinguish different shades of color, have a stronger immune system and are more comprehensive and intuitive than men. Possess unique skills when it comes to detecting danger and can perform many tasks, seemingly without much effort. The images in this list demonstrate that gift or super power of women that make us admire much more.

In Great.guru we are very happy to share with our readers pictures of some of these amazing women that we find in the social networks and we demonstrate their superpowers. You’ll see that any woman has the ability to combine strength and femininity, to give birth or to break things seemingly unbreakable.

1. Running the marathon with high heels

Wearing high heels is a skill that most men do not have, but what about using them while you run a marathon? Irene Sewell, a former ballerina living room, set a world record in the Guinness Book of Records running 43 miles in high heels. She finished the race in 7 hours and 28 minutes.

2. Becoming the “lady-spider”

The súperpoder of this girl from a small town in West Africa is the ability to climb any cliff or wall and make it appear that it is taking a walk in the park. She acquired such skills to fight your pet, Georgie, when I was a child. Has now retired from competition climbing professional rock, but it continues to inspire other people by giving motivational speeches, and organizing training seminars.

3. Exercising with a baby around

Yoga classes for mothers and babies lately have become very popular. Demonstrate that exercise is even possible when you have a small baby. This entertainment is an example of multitasking that women can do, and note that it is not so easy to concentrate when someone makes you tickling foot.

4. Are experts crashing cars and real games slot machines

This is a superpower, the reverse: it is proved by several researches that it is more likely that women will fail their first driving test, and generally admit that your partner is better than them at the wheel. Apparently, this is true even when the car is not real. But in the same way, the investigations agree that women appreciate more the road safety and are more careful when driving.

5. Be a stunning polar explorer and mother of 4 children

Ann Daniels is the living proof that human beings are able to accomplish all that is proposed. She is the first woman in history to reach both the North Pole as the South Pole. This achievement sounds even more impressive when you learn that he participated in his first exhibition polar without prior experience when their triplets were just 18 months old.

6. Be always beautiful

Facial masks should be left on the skin for a certain amount of time. This beauty ritual is not interrupted by the daily routines of the women, even if this means having to use them while they’re on the computer or taking care of a baby.

7. Be a star and shine at any age

Helen van Winkle became a star on Instagram at the age of 87 years. It was then when he began to create his brand without fear of being too provocative, bold, or cause too much controversy. It all started when his great-granddaughter published a picture of herself on Instagram and it became viral. Now, Helen appears at important events such as the MTV Movie Awards , and inspires millions of women to not give up, even if you are approaching the 90’s.

8. Worry about the environmental causes and the future of our planet despite being pointed to by this

Nadia is a true warrior. He began to collect trash while he was on the way to school and in a short time collected more than 2 canisters of plastic for recycling. Her school did not appreciate their efforts and called “the girl in The trash.” However, his story inspired a community much larger: not only do you now have a support group on Facebook, but that his followers also became a superheroine, inspiration of many people.

9. Be the commander of a space shuttle and mom at the same time

Eileen Collins was the first female pilot and first female commander of a space shuttle. She retired from NASA in 2006 after a career of 16 years and 4 flights as pilot in orbit to spend more time with her husband and their two children. In their interviews, advises others to address even the most difficult challenges and do not fear failure.

10. To do several things at the same time

It is scientifically proven that women are better at doing multiple tasks at the same time, because they are less distracted, at least during certain tasks. Apparently, breast-feed a baby and make up, is an example of this.

11. To load a baby in your womb and give birth

Giving birth is the last súperpoder that we can highlight of the women. The photo above was posted by a blogger Spanish and mother of 3 children, Laura, 4 days before giving birth to their beautiful twins.

Do you think also that all women have superpowers? What do you think we forgot to mention in this list and what you have? Share your ideas and opinions with us in the comments.

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