11 Facts about the world that will surprise even those who think they know everything

Why did the deer run towards the cries of a newborn? Why do we sometimes forget where we were going and what we were doing? Why is the pharaoh Ramses II needed a passport? Who stole the underwear of queen Victoria? There are so many questions. The best thing is that we have the most interesting answers to them.

Great.guru you will have about 11 facts that will give you a good portion of knowledge that will make you exclaim: “don’t invent, I don’t know!”.

1. The deer, by instinct, run for help if they hear the crying of a baby

It all happens because the crying of a human baby enters in the same range of frequencies that the crying of the offspring of a deer. So it is with many mammals, in particular humans. When we hear the cries of a newborn baby (human, kitten, or puppy) in the brain “lights up” an area responsible for taking action, which encourages you to protect and take care of the baby.

  • By the way, the siren of an ambulance or police produces a sound in the same range, which helps to trigger the feeling of responsibility and urge to help.

2. There is a reason why we forgot that we were going to have to go through a door

As psychologists say, to pass within the frame of a door does activate the “borders of the events”, the mechanism of which helps us to separate a set of memories of another.

When we pass the threshold, the brain “directs to the file” those thoughts, which were born in the head in the other room, releasing a place for impressions and tasks in the new room. Thanks to the “boundaries of the event” we “switch to easier channel” towards new tasks and sort the information obtained.

3. The ravens know justice better than the humans

The ravens almost always perform actions together and share the food in such a way that each person has an equal share. If the ravens notice that someone of them took more than the corresponding part, the other birds will lose confidence in the con artist, and later did not cooperate with him.

4. Once, Julius Caesar was sailing the Aegean sea and was captured by pirates who demanded a ransom for 620 kg of silver (600 000 USD)

According to the notes, Julius Caesar, as you listen to this requirement, it is angry, because he considered that it was worth more, and forced to raise the price to 1550 kg of silver.

While the romans were collecting the money, Caesar played games with the pirates, he read poems, sang songs and treated them as his subordinates. However, despite such demonstrations of friendship, he warned them to his kidnappers that, as soon as it released, he would return and run. Supposedly, the pirates did not believe him, however, Caesar kept his word. He collected a fleet, he returned to the island where they remained, ran to the pirates, took their silver, and, at the same time, your treasure.

5. A time, a child who steals the underwear of queen Victoria lived in Buckingham Palace during a year

On the 14th of December, 1838, the night porter in one of the rooms of Buckingham Palace captured to a child smeared with soot. The guy was a dress with two pants and their pockets fell out several pants of the lady.

It was discovered that the child was hiding behind a piece of furniture or within the chimneys during the day, and at night, as I walked through the palace. Sometimes, during the real encounters, he was hiding under the table and listened to the conversations. When the child was hungry, simply took the food, and sometimes washing his things in the laundry. So, the guy’s crafty, he lived in the palace for almost a year. Subsequently, he was captured three times in the palace.

6. In the Philippines there is a lake of extraordinary

In the place where you point the arrow is the island volcano of Taal.

In the Philippines, there are a lake, which is considered to be one of the most remarkable places on the planet. The lake Taal on the island of Luzon has its own volcanic island, on which there is a lake that contains an island under the name of the volcano Taal. Therefore, it is an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.

7. In France there is a dish that you have to eat, covering her head with a napkin

This dish is prepared of the ortolan, a small songbird. Initially, the ave for a month feed exclusively on figs, then drown it in brandy and deep-fried completely for a couple of minutes on a hot fire. And the dish eats, covering his head.

Some say the napkin helps you to enjoy the aroma, others that aims to hide from God because of shame for eating this wonderful creature.

8. In the Tower of London there is a place in the template under the name of “the master keeper of the crows” (Ravenmaster)

The ravens of the Tower of London are a group of six crows captives that have a special meaning and symbolic to Great Britain, that is why these birds are under the responsibility of the State. A special commissioner of the guardians of the Yeomen of the Tower has to feed the birds and protect them from danger. The salary of keeper of crows is 31 900 USD per year.

9. Any person, living or dead, you have to have a passport to travel to France

Therefore, in 1974, the government of Egypt had to do a passport to Ramses ll and thus bring your body back to France for restoration. In addition to this, when the plane with the body landed in Paris, received the mummy with all the honors, turning to the dignitaries of the State, regardless of whether they are alive or dead.

10. Japanese scientists created a fire alarm for the deaf prepared with the smoke of wasabi

The japanese company Air Water Safety Service has developed a fire alarm that, in place of the sound, using the smell of wasabi. When activated, the sensor, the device pulls out a mist that can serve as an alarm clock, but at the same time do not cause irritation in the eyes. Such a device will be especially useful for those people who can’t hear the sounds of the alarm.

11. A French company can create a perfume with the smell of a dead person

Katia Apalategui, like many others who suffered the loss of a close relative, kept the belongings of her husband to save the scent of his beloved. With the passage of time, she came up with to convert the scent in a perfume, and founded his own company.

“We take the personal belongings of a person and you extract the smell of them, which they carry about a hundred of molecules and subsequently transform them in the form of a perfume,” explains Katia. Such perfumes not only can be used as one of the many ways to preserve the memory about a deceased, but also as an extraordinary gift on Valentine’s Day for your partner.

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