11 Stories that demonstrate how life always keeps surprises for all

Even if you are wearing a style of life calm and predictable, in spite of that, you run the risk that something will surprise you at any time. The main thing is that is pleasant, or at least fun, such and as happened to the majority of our protagonists. For example, a discussion of two music lovers that will be remembered for a long time, not only for themselves, but also by those who were witnesses of the same, or the history of an employee of a bank, whose partners turned out to be a real “detective”.

Great.guru compiled for you a new collection of real stories of different users of the most popular communities on the Internet.

  • Today, when I went out of the electronics store with a purchase, the security guard asked me to show my receipt, something usual. But in the hands was a bag, and had kept that paper in my bag. Suddenly, my son came over and placed it behind me, being outside the range of vision of the man. When I said: “to Support this, my life”, the guard quickly extended his arms. A subject big and strong you also need a little attention and a kind word once in a while!
  • We went to the coast on vacation, and nothing more settling in we decided to go to the beach. But upon reaching the place, we discovered it was full of people, that seemed to be an international festival of rock!!! We went to find a hole where ourselves, and luckily we found a perfect spot near a establishment, where we could even do a bbq. As we were about to put our mats, when suddenly she was approached by a couple with a child of my age. They also had thought to be placed in the same site. Our parents began to argue, they were willing to kill for that damn place! In the end, they placed their blankets without leaving space between them. We were half an hour in silence. After that, someone quipped and we began to communicate. We have already spent 5 years of long friendship.
  • My cat came up, very happy with a necklace made from a slice of bread. “What is it?” I thought. I went to my room and there was my parrot with the same “accessory”. I gave a half turn and I found out that our dog, breed Dachshund, had “stolen” a bag of bread. In addition, it was eating the center of a slice and tried to put his head there. He was commissioned to beautify all the animals and now it was his turn. Apparently, they were planning a big feast of the bread with hawaiian style.

  • I had a car with heating in the seats, but it didn’t work because he had broken the power button. When looking into different shops and pages of second-hand, I found the long-awaited switch. To buy it, then I changed it, I connected all the wires from the old to the new and went back home. During the way, of course, I decided to check how it worked, so I turned on the button: I heated up perfect, until I felt a lot of heat. It was ok, it worked, so I turned it off no more. However, a week later when I breathed in under the seat, I noticed that the wires for that button were not connected… To that I call “the power of the mind”.
  • Work as a teacher in a school. Always, when my students miss a class, I demand an explanatory note from their parents explaining the reasons. Yesterday, one of the girls brought the following justification: “Dear Sofia, I ask you to forgive my daughter for being absent yesterday at the school. We were reading together a book, but the end it proved to be so sad that we spent the whole night crying. As a good mother, I just couldn’t let it go to classes with the nose and swollen eyes. Sincerely, the mother of Hannah.” I could have written the title of the book at least.
  • When we go somewhere, my brother (5 years old) always asks for the phone of my mother or my father to play, but they will say that they have forgotten at home. Once, we went on vacation to the sea by plane. We had a lot of in a hurry, we were late, and only on entering the airport my parents realized that they had really forgotten her mobile. And at that precise moment, my brother took out of his backpack and said the following: “I Knew that the forgotten, that’s why the costume myself. Can I play?”.

  • I was sitting in a park reading a book, when an old man came and stood at my side. I read the newspaper and did not bother me in any way. But, suddenly, I have removed a hearing aid from the ear and placed it in hers. I was so dumfounded that I could not even without a word. And there we were, sitting, each one with a hearing aid and with his own to read. When you pass a half an hour, she took it, smiled at me and said: “What a good music they have now, not as in my youth. Pass me, please, some songs by Facebook. Thank you.” After he left his business card in my book and left. Now I’m sitting here, choosing what to send you.

  • My neighbor in the dorm brought a cat despite the fact that it was forbidden according to the rules of the place. On one occasion, when the director checked the rooms, it meowed, so that my neighbor also started to do so. Before the astonished eyes of the supervisor, I had no choice but to intervene: “Have bipolar disorder”, I said. It was saved!

  • Working in a bar as a musician and recently I witnessed a discussion quite interesting between a young man and a man of the type “I know better”. The talk was a classic, already I do not remember which one. They spoke so passionately between them that I began to fear that they would ever fight, so I walked over to the duo in case the girl needed my help. But before I arrived, the man said: “Girl, believe me, I finished the music school”. To which she replied: “Oh, yeah? I can say I, director of a symphony orchestra, compared to a simple graduate. End of the comedy, friends. All who witnessed the debate cried of laughter.
  • As a child, spent the summer with my grandmother, which lived in a nordic country. Always asked to play with me, but she got tired quickly and I said: “In the dark in the street, I will come back to play with you.” And so I waited several times. I expected and hoped for before oscureciese. Growing up I went discovering what are the white nights…
  • “I didn’t expect you were so shameless, Ana”, I said Nina, in the accounting department. I didn’t understand anything! I ausenté from work so only a couple of hours. “Oh, there goes viper!”, I said this with the look of the other heads. To the side of my table, sobbed a woman surrounded by my peers. “There it is, look at her, he said he was going to take his son to the dentist and what that does is to be with the husbands of the others.” What was happening? The lower the level of the hum, I heard that this woman I was the mistress of her husband, so he decided to make public the situation. Told our department, full of women, the history of the viper adultery. I asked him how he had come to such a conclusion, and I replied that I always called to her husband, he was hiding and he answered whispering. A subsequent investigation showed that, indeed, I made a few calls once in a while to her husband from the number of our office, but with the sole purpose to pay the loan you had with our bank, which had asked two years ago and had concealed from his wife. I love the “Sherlocks” beginners.

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