11 Ideas of pedicure for the holidays that make you feel the queen of the beach

Summer and holidays are the two reasons why every woman rushes to take a turn at the best pedicure salon. But during the procedure there arises a difficult question to answer: what design to choose for painting their nails? Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you: you only need to see our article and choose the idea you like the most.

Great.guru offers you various designs of other talented masters of the pedicure for that decores your nails, which will help you to have a state of mind holiday in advance.

1. White Color to emphasize your tan

2. Delights of summer on the nails

3. To not worry about the worn enamel during the holidays

4. The sea is calling to you

5. Pedicure of fruits and berries

6. Beach style

7. Multi-colored mosaic in the fingers

8. Fauna of summer

9. Pedicure flower

10. Minimalist

11. And some just great for all tastes

Do your nails have an interesting design before the holidays? Share your photos in the comments section.

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