11 Innovations strange that shook completely the food industry

When the food is fused with technology, something magical happens. And we’re not even talking about gm food. Sometimes it is so simple and so obvious that you can do yourself, and sometimes require years and years of scientific research to invent something, for example a new type of chocolate. Great.guru has chosen the innovations more amazing in the food industry. So forget the diet and try something new this holiday season.

Desserts geometric

Although it seems an elegant décor glass, this is actually a cake created by the great Dinara Kasko. She has a degree in architecture, but found her true passion developing desserts. Her education combined with her talent is in incredible desserts geometric. And the best part is that it also sells silicon molds for cakes on your website, so you can always try to impress your friends with a culinary masterpiece.

Ice cream ramen

In place of broth, these noodles of gelatin are placed on top of a crushed ice and condensed milk, which makes it a refreshing dessert. ¡Muy rico!

Chocolate rose

Were not added berries, flavors or colors to create this new type of chocolate. Made with cocoa beans Ruby, is not bitter, milky, or sweet, but a fusion of red fruit and a smooth, delicious.

Stopper wine

No, this is not what you thought. This is a cap of wine. You can buy a box of these and put your best poker face while you seal your wine bottle with this stopper in place of the traditional cork. And, please, never try to use it as a… well, you know.

Ring of coconut

Thanks to this solution, incredibly easy, now you can open a coconut like a can of Coca-Cola. Except for the fact that the coconut water is hundreds of times more healthy than any soft drink.

Not just hamburgers

This bar australian creates burgers, rainbow-inspired by Willy Wonka, burgers space for the may 4, burgers and bright green for St. Patrick’s day.

Burgers blue calls “Mutant Burgers” or burgers mutants were on a special menu in this restaurant british.

Wine blue

Coffee transparent

Well, this is a coffee that looks like water. It is made with Arabica beans and does not stain your teeth or clothing. But you can’t see half of hipster to the classic espresso from Starbucks.

Cover for food

These caps appear to clothing to your food. They are made of silicone, do not have chemicals unpleasant, they are reusable and come in bright colors. This way you will not have to waste tons of wrapping for food to try to save half an avocado.

Cakes drop of water

These amazing desserts are from Japan and look like giant drops of water. Just have taste, but they look very good.

Sweet 3D printed

Do you want candy? Simply choose between chocolate, vanilla, mint or various fruit flavours, you press the button and print. It is like a magician in your kitchen.

If none of this makes your mouth water, we can only be jealous of your willpower. It turns out that even the junk food can be a work of art when it is created by an artist for real. Tell us in the comments what inspires you when you’re cooking. What is the food of “high-tech” maddest you’ve ever tried?

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