11 popular Sites, which from an unusual angle do not look as impressive

Imagine that all your life you’ve wanted to see some tourist attraction, and now, your wish came true, but you did not feel a satisfaction, but a small disappointment. Do you sound? This is because any place becomes a dream if the photographer choose the right angle and then edit the photo, and the creators of the guides, and bloggers are actively exploited.

In Great.guru we want to show how some natural pictures change printing. Sometimes it is useful to look at the sights from another angle to avoid possible disappointments in the future.

Canals of Venice (Italy)

Bridge Howrah in Kolkata (India)

Parthenon in Athens (Greece)

Niagara falls on the border of the united States and Canada

The little mermaid in Copenhagen (Denmark)

Old cars in the streets of Havana (Cuba)

Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

The terracotta warriors in Xi’an (China)

Eiffel tower in Paris (France)

Lava fields in Hawaii (EE. UU.)

Valley of the geysers in Iceland

What touched you to disappoint during your travels?

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