11 Teachers that will generate in you a love that is indescribable by studying

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find a motivation to study, but inspiration can come thanks to the master, especially, if it appears to be a typical model that cup the covers of top magazines.

Great.guru has been found for you to 11 teachers from different schools in the world that “provoke” the students come running into class and for parents to worry for wanting to spend as much time as their children in the school. At the end of this article, we have prepared a bond with a master of luxury that’s difficult to look away.

1. Dejinay

It is a teacher who also has the time to devote to the sport. Thanks to this, it is located in an excellent physical shape. Also loves to decorate the classroom itself, that makes the learning process more interesting. In addition, do not forget to do exercises with the students. She believes that children should be active and not lazy.

2. Nicholas Ferroni

The appearance of Ferroni serves as motivation perfect for your students. This teacher promised to get a tattoo (henna) on your arm with the names of the students who obtain the highest grade in their subject. And he fulfilled his promise! He explains why he has chosen his profession in the following way: “small I wanted to be a superhero, psychologist, philanthropist, philosopher, actor and comedian… well, I became a teacher.”

3. Benjawan Som

This English teacher is addicted to work is simply beautiful and knows how to awaken interest by his subject. It helps to learn the language even to those who were not able to do so in their stage of the school.

4. Michael Bonner

Mr. Bonner is a man of great heart. His students are children from low-income families, and Michael understands that it is difficult to learn when the problems of the home invading your space. He faces up to the difficulties of these kids teaching them dances and songs. Ellen DeGeneres, a famous television presenter, donated to this maestroequipamiento to record more videos, as well as a cheque of 25 thousand USD.

5. Patrice Brown

Each new picture published by Patrice causes a heated debate between the parents of the students. Many are outraged by the tight dresses of this young girl, but this is the opinion of the female half of the users on the networks, men do not see it for anything wrong and are happy to have this teacher.

6. Vin Wick

Model and, at the same time, a professor of preschool education.

7. Eva Loo

A teacher that can easily be confused with a student. In addition, it has excellent sporting results. And also is proud of each one of his students!

8. Chris Peck

A true fan of his profession. He knows how to make their classes interesting and to get every student involved in the educational process. Thanks to him, the children discovered the love of reading. And his secret is simple: allow them to read what is interesting to each student.

9. Jordyn Goddard

This elementary school teacher and Miss District of Columbia is inspired by his students and supports self-expression through creativity. Meanwhile, it continues to win beauty contests and we are convinced that it will take more than a crown.

10. Pietro Boselli

It is very difficult to imagine within the university to a professor of mathematics with this appearance. Pietro was hiding his work as a model, believing that the people of the world of science would look upon with contempt by this fact. Despite the fact that it now gives more preference to her work on the runways, Pietro does not forget the children and participates actively in works of charity whose aim is to provide the opportunity for education to all and in all corners of the planet.

11. Park Hyun Seo

The rapporteur is of the most beautiful of South Korea has become popular in the social networks and students hurrying to go to their classes. Ensure that it is worth going to study it just to see this beauty. And we understand!

Bonus: Marharyta Sheikh Ali

Is a teacher of oriental dance and just a bright woman that gives a true spectacle in every one of their performances. If you want to receive the lessons of femininity, should always be taken as referring to a teacher as well.

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