11 Monuments that touch directly your soul

In the world there are millions of monuments and sculptures for people to spend all day and not pay attention to. However, there are some that leave footprints on the soul forever.

It is because of them that today Great.guru proposes you to look at them.

Dying lion of Lucerne, Switzerland

The dying lion he is known as the monument more sad in the world. This sculpture represents a lion wounded by an arrow with a facial expression almost human was carved in rock in the early NINETEENTH century. The high relief is dedicated to the swiss guards who died during the assault of the Palace French Tuileries in 1792.

The shoes on the Promenade of the Danube, Hungary

In 1944-1945 the members of the Nazi party of Hungary were fired on thousands of people in the Promenade of the Danube. To save bullets, tied to 50 or 60 people and fired at the first, that the fall was the other. Before the firing squad, forced them to remove their shoes, which later were sold. In memory of the dead in the river walk, were placed 60 pairs of shoes cast iron of men, women and children.

Memorial To Edith Stein, Cologne, Germany

Edith Stein was a carmelite nun, canonized in 1998 by pope John Paul II. In 1942, along with thousands of other Dutch jews, was sent to the concentration camp of Auschwitz, where he died in a gas chamber.

Memorial in Khatyn, Belarus

22 march 1943 the village of Khatyn was burned by the detachment of punishment as revenge for the cover-up of guerillas who killed an officer of the Wehrmacht. The 149 villagers were made to enter a barn that was burned down. Those who fled the fire were shot immediately. In 1969, at the site of the village destroyed a monument was erected in memory of the gentle people who died in the Second World War.

The Monument to the peace of the children of Hiroshima, Japan

On August 6, 1945, a little girl of 2 years named Sadako Sasaki was at home in Hiroshima. That day she not died, however, 10 years later he had leukemia, the cause of which was the radiation. Shortly before his death, he learned the legend that if you make a thousand paper cranes, any wish will come true. Sadako made a wish: to live.

The monument of Sadako with a large paper crane that sits on top of your head is dedicated to the children who died and were affected by the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Memorial to “The pit”, Minsk, Belarus

On march 2, 1942, in the street-Melnikayte, in Minsk, German soldiers shot approximately 5 thousand people living in the Minsk ghetto. In commemoration of this event, in the place of the shooting, in the year 2000 placed a composition, a sculpture called “The last way”, which consists of several dozens of figures of people who descend to the pit. All the work of installation of the monument, dedicated to all the victims of the Holocaust, was carried out manually and took 8 years for its creation.

Memorial for unborn children, Bardejov, Slovakia

In a small Slovak city of Bardejov there is a monument dedicated to unborn children. In the original sculpture, whose copies are installed in different parts of the world, the figure of the child is made of glass. According to the idea of the author Martin Hudáček, the monument should remind people of the value of human life.

Monument to 82 children, Lidice, Czech Republic

On 10 June 1942 the village of Lidice, located near Prague, was completely destroyed by German troops. The reason was the suspicion of guerrilla undercover who tried to commit a murder a German officer. All the residents of the village including children over one year of age, were shot or kidnapped in concentration camps.

Monument to the Women of the Second World War, London, Great Britain

The monument to the women of the Second World War was opened in the centre of the british capital in the year 2005. On the tile black stone hanging 17 costumes, among them there are both nurse’s uniform and military clothing of a welder, and many more, in the person of the professions that women had to learn during the war.

Monument in honor of the animals killed in war, London, Great Britain

Close to Hyde Park in London is a monument unusually dedicated to all the animals that have fallen dead in all the armed conflicts in the Land. The monument shows two mules loaded that go to the wall. Behind this there is a bronze horse and a dog looking backwards in search of its owner. The monument was created with private funding, donated nearly 1.5 million pounds sterling.


The monument to the unborn children has its following, created by Martin Hudáček in the year 2015. This sculpture is installed in one of the cemeteries of the Polish city of Wroclaw, where are buried the babies.

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