11 Movies based on actual events that received high scores

Life is multi-faceted and, often, the events in it have a special place in the history. This is what made the creators of these films when adapted to these difficult stories to the film. You must admit that this has its own charm: see the movie knowing that the main characters are not fictional characters, but real people who lived through all the events in the flesh.

Great.guru brought to you movies in which the same life was the writer of the script.

Black tide (Deepwater Horizon), 2016

The film is based on the events that occurred on 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. There exploded an oil rig under the name of “Deepwater Horizon” belonging to the company Transocean. As a result of the explosion killed 11 men. This catastrophe caused by the human being became the most large because of the effect it had on the ecology of our planet. More than 1700 kilometres of coastline were polluted due to the oil spill. The official figure on the number of dead animals rises to more than 6000 species.

In the center of the plot is the fate of Mike Williams, an electrician of the company, Transocean, and their peers. In this movie it shows how the conviction and the character of this person influenced the destiny of many people who were that fateful day on the oil rig.

Zodiac, 2007

A plot of detectives that is based on facts that occurred in northern California and San Francisco in the late 60’s. The story revolves around a serial killer under the alias of Zodiac, who claimed responsibility for 37 murders, of which the law-enforcement bodies of the usa. UU. only able to confirm seven. Zodiac became famous after a series of letters sent to the editors of a local newspaper. In the letters, the author wrote cryptograms with information about yourself, but the specialists only managed to decrypt a single message. The criminal was never captured.

El conjuro (The Conjuring), 2013

The basis of the plot of the film was a case of the investigators of the paranormal Ed and Lorraine Warren. In 1971, they were invited to the home of the family Perron. As stated by the Perron, them for a long time, you were under the constant oppression of dead souls that inhabited his home in Rhode Island.

After all, it turned out that, in reality, the farm constructed beyond the SEVENTEENTH century kept many secrets. Here we have documented dozens of mysterious deaths over many years. The persons established in the farm died as a result of unpleasant events, in particular, suicide.

The culprit of all the tragedies was Bathsheba, a woman who, according to the accounts of their neighbors, had sold his soul to the devil, causing several deaths. Bathsheba died at an advanced age of paralysis, the nature of which has not been explained by the doctors. A medical report, preserved from that time, indicates that, at the time of his death, the woman’s body became as hard as a stone. This fact alone confirmed the legend that Bathsheba was a witch.

Forbidden games (Alpha Dog), 2005

The script of the criminal drama based on tragic events that took place in 2000 in Los Angeles. There, the drug trafficker and murderer Jesse James Hollywood kidnapped and murdered the younger brother of his friend Benjamin Markowitz. The cause was a reprisal for a economic debt.

However, the kidnapping of a 15 year old teenager Nicholas Markowitz, could be considered atypical, since the boy had joined to them company to their attackers in a home. They offered him alcohol and drugs, giving them almost complete freedom over their actions. The investigation confirmed that, during his captivity, Nicholas even started a romantic relationship with a girl of 17 years.

According to the process of Nicholas Markowitz, we conducted 42 interviews with people who knew very well that the boy was kidnapped. However, none of them reported about this to the police, as the behavior of the Markowitz did not understand that he was actually deprived of his freedom.

Unforgivable crimes (An American Crime), 2007

A criminal drama based on the story of the 16-year-old Sylvia Likens, who during the course of a few months she was tortured by her nanny and children in the neighborhood. The step from 3 months of torture, Sylvia died. The death of the minor received a broad impact on EE. UU., and this case was named “the case of physical abuse more terrible the state of Indiana”.

Di que sí (Yes Man), 2008

A comedy with Jim Carrey in the main role based on the memoir by british author Danny Wallace. At 25 years of age, Danny was an unusual experiment to decide to reject the use of the word “no” during a year.

Dallas Buyers Club, 2013

A drama based on the events of 1922 as described in a daily newspaper of Dallas. The center of attention is a patient of HIV, the cowboy Ron Woodroof. Ron founded the company “Dallas Buyers Club” whose aim was the search for, and distribution of medicine for the sick of HIV/AIDS. At the end of the TWENTIETH century, this disease had few studies and there was practically no a cure verifiable, because the same syndrome had been described until 1981. The difficult life of Woodroof became the basis for the creation of the film.

By the way, the main character of the film was played by Matthew McConaughey, for which she was awarded with a prize Oscar.

The exchange (Changeling), 2008

The film describes the events in 1928, when Los Angeles took place a series of disappearances and murders of young children. A few families were victims almost 100 years ago, but the story of Christine Collins received wide notoriety.

The son of Christine was kidnapped and, after a time, the police found him safe and sound. The family was reunited, but it didn’t seem to be enough; Christine declared that he had returned the child wrong. The city government declared the woman a crazy, obsessed, refusing to resume the search of the disappeared. As a result, she took the decision to go with journalists.

The horrible history managed to unmask the corruption of the police department of Los Angeles.

Balto, 1995

Balto is the only animated movie in our collection. The story of a brave dog that occurred early in 1925, and shocked the entire united States.

At that time, in the small town of Nome, Alaska, began an epidemic of diphtheria, which almost completely eliminates the population of the city. In local hospitals there were no serum required, and poor weather conditions caused the inability to bring it from other surrounding villages. The decision was made to transport the cure sled.

A journey of 1000 miles were sent to 150 dogs, one of them was Balto. He is considered the most weak and small, however, it was precisely the sledge at the command of Balto that she was able to overcome the last 84 kilometres without stopping. So it was the diphtheria epidemic was stopped in 5 days. Dogs are considered as heroes in the USA

The pianist (The Pianist), 2002

The historical movie of the iconic director and producer Roman Polański speaks about the amazing story of Władysław Szpilman, one of the best pianists of the Poland of the 30’s.

The action of the film covers the period of the Second World War, when the armed forces of the Third Reich captured the Polish territory. Then, Władysław, a jew by nationality, was able to avoid the concentration camps. However, quite by chance of fate, the pianist is under the same roof as their enemies, where unexpectedly one of them turns to her for help.

The screen adaptation of the autobiography of Władysław Szpilman received quite a few nominations and awards, including a prize Oscar in 2003. It is worth noting that the film The pianist has the highest rating of all the movies of Polański according to the website IMDb.

Schindler’s list (Schindler’s List), 1993

The film is based on the book by Thomas Keneally, The ark of Schindler. The author of Australia wrote the novel to be impressed by the memories of a jewish man who survived the Holocaust. The historical drama speaks on the man of business German Oskar Schindler, who, in his condition of member of the national Socialist German Worker managed to save from the death to thousands of Polish jews.

The film received a lot of awards and also became the number 9 of the 100 most representative movies of american cinema.

What other movie would you add to this list?

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