11 Products that have changed surprisingly with the time

We all have favorite products that we buy every time we go to a supermarket. Although its appearance or even its price seems to be the same for a substantial amount of time, this is only an illusion. Many brands introduced regularly subtle changes in the size or in the formulas to save money or to comply with new guidelines by the government.

Great.guru leaves you a list of such products. Pay attention to them the next time you go to the supermarket and try to notice when the size of your favorite product is reduced or the flavor will change slightly. We invite you to read the list until the end to discover if the fast food chains employ the same strategy.

1. Nutella

Fans of Nutella all over the world were outraged when it was spread by the Internet that it had changed its original formula. This product now contains more skim milk powder (8.7 per cent instead of 7.5) and more sugar (56.3 per cent instead 55.9). Following the new recipe, the color became more clear. A spokesperson for Ferrero, maker of Nutella, confirmed the change and assured the fans that the quality of the product remained the same, but the customers are still lamenting this change.

2. Toblerone

The fact that the manufacturers of Toblerone, Mondelez International, have increased the gap between the peaks in his famous chocolate bar, did not pass unnoticed among fans. The company explained that this measure was introduced only in the United Kingdom was due to an increase in the cost of the ingredients. The weight of the chocolate bars decreased and as a result the bar of 400 grams now weighs 360, while the rod 170 grams has been reduced to 150.

3. Tea brands

When the amount of tea bags in the package decreases from 80 to 75 it is difficult to notice. What is even more difficult to notice is when companies tea reduce the amount of tea in their tea bags. While the companies try to justify the change by claiming the introduction of a new infusion, what is important is that the price will remain the same in both cases.

4. Fanta

In the spring of this year, Fanta introduced a change in your prescription. The customers noticed the change in the appearance of the bottle as the flavor of the drink. The drink now has 33 percent less sugar and as a result contains more artificial sweetener. While fans expressed massive discontent, a spokesman from Usaid said that they were satisfied with the response of customers to the new look and taste.

5. Subway

Sometimes, the changes of formula are caused by campaigns submitted by the customers. In 2014, Subway withdrew from its sandwich bread substance “azodicarbonamide” as a result of a petition launched by the company FoodBabe.com. In 2015, the company went further and announced that he had plans to remove all the colors, flavors, and artificial preservatives from its menu items without compromising the taste.

6. Nescafé Coffee

In August 2015, the owner of Nescafé, Nestlé, announced a instant coffee “new and improved”. The change was not accepted by fans of all life. They claimed that the instant coffee recently introduced know to dishwasher. A spokesman for Nestlé said that the change in the recipe reflects the desire of its customers of a “fuller flavor”.

7. Mars and Snickers

Mars and Snickers have already been reduced in size several times, while the price remains the same. It was stated that this was an essential measure to help in the fight against obesity. It is likely that this reduction will continue, as Mars announced that they are committed to making half of its products to contain less than 200 calories for the year 2022.

8. Eggs cream

Fans of the egg cream of Cadbury were dismayed when Dairy Milk was changed in the recipe of the chocolate to one cheaper. A spokesman for Mondelez stated that the new recipe was tested previously in the consumer and it was found that a standard mix of chocolate with cocoa is the best for eggs of cream. However, the changed resulted in massive losses for the company. To make things worse, the number of eggs of cream in the package is reduced in 2015.

9. Cadbury Chocolate

Another way of reducing the size of the product is to use pieces rounded instead of square, as it did in the chocolate Dairy Milk produced by Cadbury. As if this were not enough, the company reduced the size of his package of fingers of chocolate , and stated that supermarkets can decide if the price is reduced or not.

10. Personal hygiene products

According to the research relizada by Which?, the size reduction also encompassed products such as rolls of toilet paper and tubes of tooth paste. The toothpaste Sensodyne Total Care Extra Fresh decreased in size, from 100 to 75 milliliters (25 percent), while a roll of toilet paper standard Andrex was reduced from 240 to 221 sheets (8 per cent). It says that the price of both remains the same.

11. Burgers of Mcdonald’s

The options of food portions in fast-food chains have increased over the years. The amount of calories in the cheeseburger has increased dramatically in 20 years, from 333 to 590 calories, due to the presence of the option “giant”. However, some consumers have concerns that “Big Mac’s” of normal size have been reduced over the years.

While Mcdonald’s claims that the sizes of their burgers have not changed one centimeter, there are some videos online that suggest otherwise.

Have you noticed any of these changes? Do you think they were correct decisions or mistakes of the manufacturers? Share your opinion in the comments.

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