11 Tricks of the professional models that help them to look perfect at any time

Each professional has their own tricks that only their colleagues know, but not all. So, we decided to uncover some of the secrets of the models that help them to be seen as well, both parading on the catwalk as well as in your daily life. We are convinced that they will help you to discover in yourself a Gisele Bündchen or, at least, have a good time taking care of yourself.

Great.guru found out some secret tricks of the models and runs to share them with you.

1. Against the second chin

The models most in demand are always in contact with their agents, putting a pause on the communication between the two only in the hours of sleep, however, the position of the body during the use of the smart phone is slightly different to that which we are accustomed. Women slightly hold chin with hand, and do so not because they are always wearing a pose flirty. Just by touching the chin, the hand does not allow them to lower the head and relax the neck muscles.

This habit not only allows you to get rid of the feeling of discomfort in the neck area at the end of the day, but also prevents the appearance of a second chin. The important thing is not to place the chin on the palm of the hand fully, but only to mark with it the line below which should not fall the head.

2. Prevent staining of the base of makeup on the clothes

During the costume change, the assistants to throw a handkerchief over the head of the model, covering his face. And this does not make it so that she doesn’t feel self-conscious in front of a crowd of seamstresses. The scarf helps not to stain clothing design with the base of makeup and other cosmetics. Unfortunately, we do not have assistants that help us when we go to work and let a fair time. But surely, the ability to wear a white t-shirt in a second without leaving any stains is a gift immeasurable.

By the way, in South Korea and Japan, this trick is used popularly in shops for women’s clothing. Clients are given bags of non-woven material, so that the makeup does not leave residues or stains on garments.

3. For a skin well cared for and gleaming

The models of Victoria’s Secret creates the effect of a ideal skin with the help of a lotion with shimmer (particles that reflect light). Nor do you need to buy this one of a kind especially. The same effect you can achieve by adding to your body lotion with a little bit of highlighter or eye shadows. The most important thing is that you make sure that the particles are not too large to avoid that your brilliance can be seen from outer space.

4. Do not wash the face

The fact that the models, in your everyday life, do not use cosmetics, decorative, knows half the world. But few are those who know that many of them, in addition, do not wash the face in a normal way and current. Products with soap removes not only makeup, but also the protective layer of natural skin. And this, in addition, suffers from a cosmetics professional in heavy. A gentle facial cleansing is to use a product make-up remover, special wipes, cleanser or oil hydrophilic, which is then removed with a tonic.

In numerous trips to work, the models often use mineral water and ordinary instead of the tonic. Its composition differs very little from that of the thermal water in aerosol form, which is quite expensive, and its effect on the skin the same.

5. Rake instead of peeling

One of the models star in Victoria’s Secret, Josephine Skriver, revealed during an interview with a trick rather strange. Two times a week, this woman is shaving the face with a rake joint. Josephine says that, thanks to this procedure, your skin is so radiant and smooth, and the makeup base is laid over the face in a manner so uniform that it becomes almost invisible.

This method has been popular among women in Japan for many centuries and, recently, the bloggers of Instagram from all over the world began to shave the hairs of the face before applying the makeup. The result is really impressive. However, there is the view that, after shaving, the hair grows several times more and more thick, thus being more visible in the face. That’s why, before doing so, best will be to consult with a beautician.

6. Legs perfectly smooth

Legs as smooth as those that you sold in the advertising are not the result of the application of the latest technologies of hair removal, but the old proven method that both follow the international models. In the first place, the legs should be rubbed well with any scrub and then afeitarlas with a razor normal, after which, you need to go back through them with the scrub for afeitarlas again.

After this procedure, flow down the legs of both the butterflies and the silk scarves and the result will be doubly durable when compared with shaving as usual. The most important thing: do not forget to moisturize the skin.

7. Underwear universal

During a parade or in a photo session, it is necessary to display several garments different, and, of course, the models do not have the time to select underwear for each of them. The game of clothes inside should be the color closest to the skin, which will allow you to look good with any garment. The same rule applies when choosing the color of the nail Polish. The color meat turns out to be the most suitable for all.

8. Makeup invisible

The model has to go to the casting with no makeup so that the client can objectively evaluate the appearance of each one of them. However, many still resort to some tricks to look a little more alive and fresh.

To hide imperfections of the skin it is necessary to use a concealer without base makeup and mist it well. The lipstick is applied with gentle movements of the fingers, their colour should be slightly darker than your own tone of lips. By the way, you can use the same lipstick in place of blush.

And to finish with the natural makeup, the models rub a small amount of lip gloss in the area of the cheekbones instead of highlighter. Is absorbed by the skin, without leaving visible traces on the same, but creating an effect of brightness of healthy skin.

9. Curls careless

It is not so easy to achieve the effect of beach waves, surf beach, as if the ocean wind you despeinara the hair. The stylists at Victoria’s Secret have found a way to make this hairstyle in such a way that the models can carry it out also at home. With a flat iron or a curling iron, to curl the strands one by one in different directions. After, there will be to comb the hair with your fingers dampened with a special product for styling with sea salt.

10. Dry massage

Miranda Kerr rubs your entire body with a regular brush dry with natural bristles. This procedure is also used by many other models. The brush not only exfoliates to perfection the particles keratinized, making the skin more smooth, but also stimulates the blood circulatory system and the lymphatic. The massage daily will help reduce the symptoms of cellulite and oedema, if a the has.

11. Against the traces of the lipstick on the teeth

Smile showing teeth stained with lipstick it is an embarrassing situation in any circumstance. It is doubly frustrating if this occurs before dozens of cameras. Before painting the lips, the models apply to the teeth a little bit of petroleum jelly: this does not allow the lipstick to adhere to the teeth, thus allowing to show off a radiant smile.

Selecting the material for this article, the author tried all these tricks on itself, except the shaving the face. And you, do you dare to do something well by having a skin like that of Josephine Skriver?

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