11 Tricks female that you should not try

On the Internet there are dozens of beauty tips that promise you to make a makeup cheaper, better and, above all, easier to apply.

In Great.guru decided to test the 11 tricks more doubtful. And this is the result.

№ 1. Increases your lips by using a glass of tequila

What you advise: Is a popular method to enhance the lips. You just need to take a glass of tequila (small diameter) and aspirate the air, creating a vacuum. This causes the blood flow to the lips to make them look more bulky.

What happened: As a result, the lips became red and swollen, and if you try it many times, you risk to earn a bruise. It may be a trick popular but definitely not what we will try.

Conclusion: The trick does not work. And what do you want it? Your lips are beautiful as well, as is!

№ 2. Conceal dark under-eye circles using lipstick

What I advise: To conceal the dark circles, you must apply lipstick, and then mist it using the your base for makeup.

What happened: The dark circles under the eyes disappeared, yes. But instead of them appeared stains of dark red color. As a result, you start to seem to be more of an actress from the kabuki theater.

Conclusion: Use this trick only if you are a theater actress and I urge the makeup peculiar.

№ 3. Use a thread to delinearte the eyes

What I advise: Take a thin thread, applied her mascara and apply it to the eyelid. This way you can delinearte well the eyes.

What happened: The thread we were disappointed. The outline came out crooked, and thick different.

Conclusion: it does Not work.

№ 4. To get a contouring of the nose symmetric and straight, use a fork

The advice: So that the lines of the contouring to be symmetrical, use a fork. Its size is perfect to determine the bridge of the nose and the fins. Apply the lines and then smudge.

What happened: The lines of truth came out more straight and symmetrical. But what is important here is not to overdo it and to choose the right tone, otherwise the nose would turn into a white stain on the face.

Conclusion: we Can say that yes it works but we are more used to doing it “by hand”.

№ 5. Used pencils common to outline the eyes

What you advise: you Should put the crayons in hot water for a while. When they soften a bit, you can remove them and delinearte the eyes.

What happened: The makeup came out very colorful, the paint was applied easy. But as it dried, it began to fall to pieces.

Conclusion: it does Not work.

№ 6. If you ran out of blush, you can substitute it with beetroot

What I advise: Cut a beet in half and rub it with her cheeks slightly wet.

What happened: blush, of course, appeared, but too intense and red. Also the beets permeates the skin and is difficult to rinse.

Conclusion: Works but not as you expect it. Not worth a try.

№ 7. You can make exfoliating easy and fast foam for shaving

What I advise: To prepare a body scrub, mix the foam to shave with a tablespoon of sugar. Then apply a thick layer over the skin and rub the stain.

What happened: This scrub has almost no effect. In addition, you will have to spend almost all of the foam. It is more economical and efficient to buy an exfoliator normal.

Conclusion: it does Not work but it looks funny.

№ 8. The lemon juice will help to whiten the nails

The advice: After use enamels dark, the nails often become yellowish. For a, you must moisten a cotton pad with the lemon juice, apply it on the nail, wrap the nail with foil and leave to take effect for about 10-15 minutes.

What happened: In reality, nothing changed. The nails were just as yellow.

Conclusion: it does Not work.

№ 9. The compact powder can be replaced with flour

What I advise: If you ran out of powder compact, you can replace it without problems with plain flour or starch.

What happened: The flour goes flying everywhere, getting in the eyes, the nose and the mouth. And the effect of this “powder” is almost zero.

Conclusion: it does Not work.

№ 10. Another way to outline the eyes well is using a credit card

What we advise: do Not give up and try another way of lining the eyes “quickly”, using a plastic card.

What happened: as with the previous experiment, it is not easy to outline the eyes as well. And despite the fact that the lining came out smooth, it does not look natural. It is best to do it “by hand”.

Conclusion: it does Not work.

№ 11. To draw the eyebrows well, use a adhesive tape

The advice: For those who fail to draw the eyebrows well, there is this hint: tape the duct tape around the eyebrows and paints with a pencil the area in the middle.

What happened: The brows came out neat, yes, but very sharp and seem fake. Definitely not the type of eyebrows that you want to boast on the street.

Conclusion: it does Not work.

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