11 Tricks that use the millionaires and famous to deal with the stress

The constant tension is an integral part of the modern world. When we look at successful people, it seems that everything turns out well always, and you probably don’t know what stress is. But this is not so, what happens is that they have learned to master it. And, of course, each one has its own tricks and methods to keep everything under control.

Great.guru has compiled tips and tricks from the most successful people in the world to help you cope with your daily stress.

1. Help others

Richard Branson, head of the corporation Virgin, recommended not only to set priorities correctly, but also learn to help others.

When we do something good and help people, we become more pure and happy. Therefore, when one feels a “plateau” in your life, the entrepreneur is advised to think of those who need help.

“Do you feel a little ‘stuck’? Ask yourself what you can do to improve the day of someone.”

Richard Branson

How to put it into practice:

  • Look around you: perhaps you have an elderly neighbor that you find it difficult to go to buy food, or a family with many children that will be happy to receive some clothes and toys.
  • It is possible to combine the rest with the help of the animals, so you could go the next weekend to collaborate on a shelter.

2. Organize your work

Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, believes that the unpleasant surprises cause stress. Therefore, you must carefully plan your work and try to be bound by the plans as much as possible. It is important to learn how to create a convenient schedule, and systematic.

It is believed that the amount of things you do on a daily basis depends on the type of person. Here you can identify and choose tricks that make you more productive.

“If you make a plan and run it strictly, it will not be easy to take by surprise, which means that your stress level will be much lower”.

Jack Dorsey

How to put it into practice:

  • Used apps and programs to structure the information and to keep track of your plans (Toodledo, HabitForge, Objectiveli).
  • Learn to prioritize and trains your attention.

3. Love what you do

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, the love for your own business helps you to fight against stress. After all, working in something you don’t like, is the main source of unhappiness for most people.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m rich or not, estpy happy because I enjoy what I do. And, in reality, this is the main wealth”.

Sergey Brin

How to put it into practice:

  • Determines in which field you are more talented and listen to yourself: think about what you would like to do for life.
  • The best way to love your job is to monetize your favorite hobby.

4. Don’t ignore the problems

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, believes that the best way to deal with the frustrations is by doing a prevention. To avoid the appearance of psychological stress, you need to start to act in time.

“Stress is the result of the lack of timely action when the situation could still be controlled. As soon as you encounter a problem, I make the first call or send a message via email to begin to fix it. Even if this is not resolved, the fact that you have it under control dramatically reduces the stress that causes”.

Jeff Bezos

How to put it into practice:

  • Make plans for periods of time long and short: this will help to monitor effectively the status of all your tasks.
  • Once a week or once a month, summarizing what you’ve done so you can evaluate your effectiveness and the potential risks.

5. Is focus

Tim Cook is the chief of the company’s world-famous Apple. His friendship with Steve Jobs influenced the conception of the world of this man of business. In your opinion, to avoid stress, one needs to be able to concentrate on what she does best.

“What I learned from Steve? I learned that the main thing in the management of a company and the personal life is concentration. You just need to do what they do best you out. The rest should be discarded”.

Tim Cook

How to put it into practice:

  • Learn to delegate. If there is a person who is willing to do a job and clearly does it better than you, it allows you to do so.
  • But if you do something better than the rest, do-it-yourself. Remember that the engineers must develop the product and managers have to manage the process.

6. Spend more time with your family

Susan Wojcicki is an entrepreneur and u.s. CEO of YouTube. It was she who invented the substitution of the word Google with animations and pictures on special occasions.

Susan advised to take breaks at work and spend free time to socialize with your relatives. Is a successful business woman and knows what he is talking about, because you have a large family and five children.

“It is very important to take a break sometimes. I noticed that when you relax, great thoughts come to your mind.”

Susan Wojcicki

David Kim, the former CEO of Baja Fresh, is in accordance with it. Now he is the general director of Ignite Enterprises.

He also faces the stress spending time with his family. A while ago, I was trying to make sure that his parents would never spend needs. However, while he was building a business empire, his father died.

“I regret not having spent enough time with my father before he died”.

David Kim

How to put it into practice:

  • Dedicated to your family a minimum of 15 minutes of personal time each day.
  • Salt on vacation with your children and your partner at least once a year. It can be anything from a trip for a week to visit their parents for up to several months in exotic countries.

7. Learn how to find joy in the small things

The reading serves to take you away from the problems and relax. This is the method of relaxation that uses Bill Gates. His rule is to read no less than one hour per day. Even when lying down very late, did not abandon her habit. Also advised to abstract from unnecessary information, and do first things of utmost importance.

“A game of bridge is something very old that I really love to do… And also all the nights I wash the dishes. The other members of the house do, too, but I like it as I do”.

Bill Gates

How to put it into practice:

  • Is to toggle between the tasks during the day: find half an hour to stroll through your park favorite, or eat lunch at sites welcoming.
  • Try not to spend the evenings in front of the computer: the best rest is a change of activities. Use that time for your hobbies or chores pleasant.

8. Meditate

The entrepreneur and american inventor Steve Jobs advised to get rid of stress through meditation. Allows you to clear your head of thoughts and relax. Each one can choose the method that suits you. In addition, you can use breathing techniques to saturate better the brain and body with oxygen.

Meditation will help you to have a different view of the world and to learn to concentrate on your feelings. Here you can learn about your method, which can be used daily in any quiet place.

“Concentration and simplicity. To think with clarity, you have to make great efforts. And it is worth it, because you can move mountains with it”.

Steve Jobs

How to put it into practice:

  • At the beginning, it is sufficient to meditate for 10-15 minutes.
  • Train mindfulness. You can simply stroll or go to work, feeling and living each step and each breath. This is also a type of meditation.

9. Devotes one day a week to rest fully

The famous presenter of media Oprah Winfrey is recovered thanks to the rest days regular. Every Sunday, the only thing to do… is to do nothing. His favorite activities at these times are reading, hot baths or walks.

“The positive emotions that cause the world to move. When you focus on something good and warm, and life takes on the same color”.

Oprah Winfrey

How to put it into practice:

  • Identifies the main activities that bring you pleasure, and devoted the Sunday to one of them.
  • Creates in your home the maximum comfort and convenience for which it’s a pleasure to come back to this in the evenings.

10. Rest in silence and not waste time on elections unnecessary

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, believes that daily choosing the clothes that you will use it takes too much time. To not take and not worry about matching garments, filled his wardrobe with the same clothing. In his opinion, this saves you time and nerves.

Known for their tastes moderate, feel comfortable in the same pants and shirt every day. Well, if you don’t want to wear clothing the same all the time, you can choose everything in advance and take photos of different options and combinations of clothing. Before you leave, you’ll just have to look at the pictures and choose the look appropriate.

In addition, the entrepreneur likes to be alone and relax.

“I have a department in which there is only a bed, a table, a chair and a teapot. I do not have Internet there. So can I be isolated when I want to”.

Mark Zuckerberg

How to put it into practice:

  • Not all have the opportunity to have a department designed just for relax. Therefore, just keep a few things in your house.
  • At least once a week, and organises an evening without the Internet: there is so much information in our lives that it is sometimes useful to find some silence.

11. Beam cleaning

According to the cousin of the queen of Great Britain, when Her Majesty is in a bad mood, goes to his garden and remove the weeds. This method allows you to calm down quickly.

“The work is the payment of a person for the right to stay in their land”.

Elizabeth II

How to put it into practice:

  • Washes the dishes and starts to clean: all of this will help you to download the negative emotions accumulated.
  • After a hard day, do all your chores home favorite and your mood will improve immediately.

Do you know any other secret unusual to get rid of the stress? Share it with us in the comments.

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