11 secret Tricks of Whatsapp you should try

Virtually all smartphones have installed WhatsApp. But do you think that you’re using their possibilities to the maximum? If you don’t want the private to become public, if you want to be invisible to your contacts list, or you want to learn many other tricks of the app, the only thing you should do is to check the settings.

Great.guru reveals 11 useful features of this application that will make your life a little easier.

11. How to become invisible in WhatsApp

If you think that not everyone has to know when you are online, view your status, your profile photo and your information, use this trick:

  • For Android: go to Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy and change the visibility settings of your personal data.
  • For iOS: go to Settings by clicking the gear in the lower right corner of the screen, opens the section on Privacy and change the settings.

10. How to make messages more expressive

In addition to gifs and emoticons, you can accentuate the messages using italic, bold or strikethrough.

  • To write a text in italic, use _dash bajo_ on both sides of the text.
  • Do you want to highlight a text in bold? Put *asterisks* to both sides of the text.
  • When you want to use a strikethrough text, use the ~tilde~ before and after the text.

9. How to send messages to a group of contacts without creating a group

To send a message to several people, open WhatsApp, go to Chats > Menu > New broadcast. Click the “+” or enter the names of your friends to select recipients from your contacts list.

The message will be sent to all the people that you’ve marked in the list of the dissemination. The recipients will receive this message as a standard one. Your answers will not be sent to the other members of the list, only we will come to you.

8. How to know if you have been blocked

There are several signs that indicate that you may have been blocked:

  • You don’t see the time of the last visit of the contact or the status “online” in the chat window.
  • You don’t see the updates of the profile picture of the contact.
  • All your messages are marked with a single check mark (message sent) but never with two (message delivered).
  • You create a group, and you can’t add the person that, as you think, you have been blocked.

However, the signs listed do not give 100 percent certainty that you are in a black list. Your friend may have just changed its visibility settings.

7. How to save the memory of the smartphone of the autosave files

WhatsApp saves all of the photos that appear during the conversation by default. But many times, it saturates the memory, and one does not want to let you install new applications.

Solution: simply turn off the autosave of photos in the settings of the application.

For Android: go to Settings > data Usage and choose the options of downloading files.
For iOS: Settings > Data > Media.

6. How to know that the partner is not who he claims to be

Almost everyone can use a “temporary numberor use a special application to get an activation code from SMS. To verify that the number of your known to be real, just call him. The virtual numbers are temporary are almost always inactive.

5. How to make the speaker “mute” when you listen to voice messages

This is simple. Put the phone in your ear: WhatsApp turn off the speaker and plays the audio through the speakers of the phone. How do you know that you’ve put the smartphone in the ear? This application knows much more than you think.

4. How to find important messages quickly

Many times we spend half an hour poking around to find an important message. Do not waste time in vain: mark the important message and press the star at the top of the screen. Now you’ll find it quickly by selecting the option highlighted Messages in the main menu.

3. How to know who read your private messages

Open the menu and click on the option WhatsApp Web. If the application gives you go to the site web.whatsapp, scan the QR code and view the messages from your computer: everything is fine. This means that no one else reads your conversations from your computer using WhatsApp Web.

But if you see on the screen Computers and a list of sessions (connections) that you have not created (you should not confuse them with your own access to WhatsApp Web), is a reason to suspect that another person has used your smartphone to scan your code and read your WhatsApp from your computer.

2. How to access new “superhabilidades” before others

WhatsApp released a beta version of the application to the activists, pioneers and athletes. With it you’ll be able to test the new features of the application before it is available to all. Keep in mind that the beta version may contain bugs, errors, and you will be who the testee. To get access to this version, go to the page WhatsApp Beta, click on the button to Be “beta tester” and download or update the app from the Play Store.

1. Messages bubble

It is always nice to have those little bubbles in the corner of the screen that you show that you have a new message in WhatsApp and who the sender is. All you need to do to activate this option is to download the application “WhatsBubbles”. Sincronízala with your WhatsApp and activates the mode of notification bubbles. ¡Voilà! I already have the cute message bubble on your screen!

We hope that you take advantage of the functions listed below to protect your WhatsApp and make your communication more effective.

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