12 Celebrities who have their own secret details of the makeup

The makeup can change facial features like the scalpel of a plastic surgeon, so that it is difficult to recognize some of the celebrities beyond their usual image. For example, many fans can’t imagine Gwen Stefani without red lipstick and Sarah Jessica Parker without smokey eyes black. In this article, we are going to teach you the tricks that make the faces of the stars in what we often see.

Great.guru learned makeup techniques favorite and most used by celebrities.

Bella Hadid

To sharpen the features of his face, Bella used the draping. The function of this technique is to highlight the factions with the help of blush and illuminator without the concealer grey-brown. In this way, the face looks bulky and cool. In addition, the model never appears in public without arrows: according to the situation and the outfit, use a black eyeliner or brown.

Gal Gadot

Out of the set of the shoot, Gal Gadot continues to be a wonderful woman. Prefer light make-up and the main components of your image are: the tone juicy lipstick and a soft tone in the face. But it has a little secret that eliminates the need of false eyelashes: to achieve an incredible volume, the actress uses two masks at once, first apply the mask ordinary, and then, like, top layer, using a mask, waterproof.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer loves the contouring and creates a shadow artificial not only below the cheekbones, making them more expressive, but also in the contour of the lips, a little beyond your natural line. In addition, the singer darkens the groove lip (a depression vertically between the nose and the upper lip), which causes the lips to be visually even larger.

Gwen Stefani

Red lipstick turns to Gwen Stefani as to any other person. Despite the fact that the singer voluntarily share their photos without make-up, the usual image of this blonde remains unchanged: lips scarlet, eyebrows black, with white skin and a hairstyle from the 60s or 70s.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah without your makeup favorite eye in shades of black and gray, as well as without lip gloss, it looks like a person totally unknown, right? Thanks to the effect smokey dark, the eyes of the actress take on a color and a depth that is incredible, and the lip gloss, pale pink, as if by magic, cleared a couple of years of your face.


Beyoncé prefers the natural makeup in golden tones. A small trick that helps the singer to keep your lips in perfect condition: before you apply lipstick, you should apply a little eye cream on the lips. Unlike the balm that can change the texture of the lipstick, the eye cream not only cares, but also acts as a primer that does not allow the lipstick emphasize the texture of the skin. This advice is particularly relevant for the lovers of the lipsticks matte.

And one more tip of the makeup artist for Beyoncé to get a makeup persistent: after each layer of makeup, apply a thin layer of dust. After applying the cream tonal take a little bit of dust, apply the cream blush, go over it with the dust once more, and the eyeliner gel is sealed with shades of a similar tone.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera more and more often pleases its fans with photos without makeup. Without the contours usual, red lips and arrows, it looks quite different: helpless and incredibly sweet. However, the star of the makeup of burlesque did not refuse to share the secret, and thanks to it, your lips look so juicy: after you draw the outline of the lips with a pencil, powder lightly to your lips and apply lipstick, then drench it with a washcloth, and add shine.

Penelope Cruz

The actress is loyal to the black eyeliner because it makes your eyes larger and brighter, and prefer the separate tabs to the false eyelashes, that look more natural. To emphasize his complexion brown, Penelope resorts to the help of blush-coral and peach.

Kylie Jenner

You can’t imagine Kylie Jenner without the matte skin, cheekbones accentuated, and lips clearly marked. But for the eyes, the girl often uses the technique called cut crease, which was invented in the 60’s. To better imagine this makeup, remember to Twiggy: using the shadows, divides the lid in one hand mobile and the other immobile, and draws a line of contrast that outlines the eye socket.

Amber Heard

Mane with effect disheveled and red lipstick are the most important attributes in the image of the blonde fatale of Hollywood. Amber emphasizes your seductive look, and her green eyes with arrows, and shadows brown. It is No wonder that Johnny Depp and Elon Musk could not resist this woman.

Eva Longoria

Eve loves the tools tonal dense and, for some reason, it hides your freckles are lovely. The actress always focuses on the eyes, but the main feature of your make-up is the intense lighting of the area under the eyes and nasolabial folds.

Helen Mirren

The actress winner of the Oscar decided to show fans how she prepared for an appearance in public and uploaded a photo without makeup. Helen prefers lipstick and pink shades lot of attention to the eyelashes, taking care of them regularly with the help of sera. The actress admits that, despite the fact that he likes to try all the new aesthetic, the main secret of makeup to your age uses a minimal amount of cosmetics. So, for example, if you have lips painted red, it is better to do without the eye makeup. If you do not want to feel “naked” without shadows and mask, you can put sunglasses.

Do you have your own beauty secrets?

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