12 Touching stories about the true values in the family that will not leave anyone indifferent

In the pursuit of job success and because of the concerns of day-to-day it is easy to forget what is most important. On our side, are always those of us who understand and support: the family. And every strong family home to their own traditions and values that unite them all, from the smallest to the biggest.

Great.guru has compiled for you several stories full of irony about this family atmosphere so special and unique.

  • We have a signal in the family each time one of us knocks on the door. If you return home from somewhere and you have a lot of urge to go to the bathroom, you have to ring the doorbell non-stop and as strong as possible. For us, this means the following: all rise immediately and run to quickly open the door. And if you do not do so, be prepared to keep waiting a long time for you to open up.
  • Once a month, all my family: my husband, our two twin daughters (12 years old), our son (8 years old) and I went to the mall. The rules were: each one, by his account, he would buy until we sell out completely the money. We stayed to see us in the departure to spend two hours. We started off with. All, scattered through the mall. I bought a site, on the other. All that was left was just half an hour. I went over to the side of the restaurant and there I saw them: all of my family eating with your hands full! In addition, did not make a single purchase and I, like a fool, charged with five bags. Since then, it’s goodbye to the tradition.
  • Once, my mother said that only would go to meetings of parents of the class of my elder sister if my father was going to mine, because she claimed that she did not want that ashamed to be my fault. Then, dad went! When he returned he said that I hadn’t been scolded for nothing, and had not said anything to me at all. Thanks to the clarifying questions later, we realized that he had been wrong class.
  • I have 5 men in my life. My husband and four children 20, 17, 15 and 8 years. It is great! A large family and close-knit. They help me a lot. But, how can you not hate those pancakes that always are asking me? And I have that, at least, two times a week, to start preparing them. In that exact moment, I’m willing to kill you with the frying pan to anyone!! Anyone who is close to you and I ask: “how much for pancakes?” The rest of the time, yes, I attest, we are a large family and close-knit.
  • My husband has a secret recipe of jam of the teeth of a lion. Each year collects the teeth of a lion, is enclosed in the kitchen and prepares it. And the jam always has a liquid consistency, rather like water, as much, to a syrup. Not thick. But over a period of time, buy a real aspect of jam. My husband is proud of himself and sure that this happens thanks to your laborious recipe. And only I know it is thick because, when he is not at home, I open all the jars, I boil the content and add gelatin.
  • My husband and I decided to bet on our bad habits (he smokes and I like sweets). Who bear more time without his habit would receive 100 USD. It has already been two years: my husband does not smoke and I am still eating my candy as before. And even though he won the bet, spent all the money on me.
  • My husband and I went to pick mushrooms. Suddenly, from the bushes, attacked us two huge dogs. Without hesitation or a moment’s hesitation, my husband pushed me behind his back and it was getting closer to the canes using your small knife for mushrooms. All went well: the owner of the dogs came running and took. It was at that moment when I realized that my husband would have given up his life for me, that is not a coward. And all your words about love were not just words, but facts.
  • My parents and my husband are not rich, but give us a much noticeable in every celebration. When we had just married, we decided to save this money if it were a fateful day. But that day never came! This year we celebrated our tenth anniversary. And finally, we decided to spend that money. We bought a new car for my parents and for yours, we made a good reform in his country house!
  • When the time comes that my parents know the parents of my partner, I will have to hire an interpreter, as the parents of my boyfriend speak German, my boyfriend I will translate it to English, I will translate to my mother in Spanish, and my mother (or me, again) to her husband (my stepfather), the Norwegian. I feel that when the message reaches the last row, its meaning can be entirely different.
  • In my childhood we suffered a hard economic crisis. My parents, with three university degrees, lost their jobs, so my dad was forced to work as a security guard in a theatre. Several times a week we brought home a kilo of sandwiches. I ate deli meats and cheese, while my parents were telling me then that they didn’t like that and only ate bread. I thought: “Oh, good! We all love different things, so, each one plays only what he likes the most!”
  • My sister is 6 years old. My mom and I have a size very large chest. And my sister thinks that is different to us. And, apparently, tried to correct this situation: put on my bra and in the empty space made the silicone that my father kept in the pantry to make renovations to the house. Now, the whole family are with her in the hospital: my mother is crying, I am shocked, and my father laughs. And only my sister is happy.
  • Due to my work, I’ve been two months away from my home. I speak with my wife and my son on Skype. And recently, I realized that my son practically does not communicate with me and the last time didn’t even want to get close to the camera.

    Then, there was this dialogue between my wife and my son:
    — Go talk to your dad.
    — No!
    — Do you not want to dad?
    — No!
    — Why?
    — I left with you and you do not prepare meals. And I like how the kitchen dad!

    I pack up and go back home, with my family. 🙂

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