12 Things in life that you should never be ashamed

The skill of listening to the advice of others is quite valuable. But in the modern world, people began to rely too heavily on the opinion of other people. That’s why we want to talk to you about the things that should not sonrojarte, because they are the ones that make you interesting and unusual.

In Great.guru we have studied the prejudices more common and made a list of 12 things that a lot of people love to criticize, but that you should not apologize.

1. Physical appearance

An investigation of Chapman University showed that only 28% of men and 26% of women are completely happy with their physical appearance. In addition, 6% of men and 9% of women are considered ugly and would like to change something in their appearance. Freckles, moles, bust small and large rear (or the other way around), overweight, aquiline nose: this list could continue forever. At the same time, all these details are delicate part of your personality, they are what make you so unique, distinctive and memorable.

Trust us, Barbra Streisand from long ago could have said good-bye to his big nose, Anne Hathaway to her protruding ears, and Keira Knightley, to get your bust to be the size of Pamela Anderson. But these women are loved and accepted just as they are. In addition, many stars have become their defects in their special features and, thanks to them, they gained even more love and respect.

But if all people look like the Barbie doll, with faces as beautiful, and shapes like slender, the world becomes a place incredibly boring.

2. Work

Many people relate their status in society and their personal happiness with the prestige of the position they occupy. But everyone has their own criteria of happiness. According to professor of psychology Sonja Lyubomirsky, only 10% of our level of happiness depends on our position and finances.

If your work brings profit, satisfaction and you feel you need to, you can consider yourself a successful person. Maybe you refused the promotion to be able to spend more time with your family. Or did you choose to work at a distance to avoid the daily trips in the metro full of people that make you dizzy. In any case, it’s your choice and you do not have to justify yourself to anyone.

3. Life partner

It is very likely that your partner does not have the appearance of Chris Hemsworth, the intelligence of Sheldon Cooper and the sense of humor of Jim Carrey, but did you have one thousand reasons to love him with all your heart. Do all your girlfriends repeat: “why him?”, and you, embarrassed, trying to explain that he is much better than it seems?

It is likely that Monica Bellucci, Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett and Josh Holloway also I have made these questions. Because the appearance of their companions of life contradicts all of the “beauty standards” imposed by society. At the same time, these couples are some of the most strong and sincere. All because this type of unions are based on love, friendship and mutual respect.

You should not explain to anyone why you’re with this person. And if you ask these silly questions, it is sufficient that only answer: “We feel good together”, and smile.

4. Friends

There are many scientific theories of the criteria that we use when choosing our friends. Both the genetic matches, as hobbies in common, have their role to play. Another version states that we found our friends by smell. True friends are people that you are willing to climb the high mountains tomorrow, knowing that you will be wrong.

Maybe your friend eats sushi with their hands because they never learned to use chopsticks and your friend became a feminist, is shaved off the temples and there was a tattoo of a skull on the chest. Not that you’re going to want less, right?

You should not feel embarrassed by your friends, even if some of them don’t have manners of a gentleman or lady. Because what matters is that you feel comfortable with them, the rest are insignificant details.

5. Relatives

Family are the people that don’t choose. May be different, have their peculiarities and influence a lot in our life. But, usually, they do so based on the best reasons.

Remember: your relatives are not you. And even if your uncle violated the law and there are rumors crazy about your cousin, this should not affect you or influence your reputation. Fortunately, we do not live in the time in which the crime of someone dishonored the whole family.

6. Marital status

Not all women today seek to be married as soon as possible. The average age to marry in the united States, according to the research, 5 years ago was 27 years for women and 29 years for men. And these numbers are growing.

If you do not feel ready for a step so important, you should not sacrifice your feelings for your partner, much less be embarrassed by your point of view. Perhaps for you the marriage official is not important at all, and you have every right to think about it.

Even if your marriage failed, it is not a reason to believe that something is wrong with you. Only mistake is the one who never does anything, and is worse sinking in the swamp of a relationship without the prospect to save appearances.

7. Children (or their absence)

How many children to have, how, when, and with whom, and if having them all is the personal decision of each woman. The question “when do the baby?” after the wedding is the most popular among the relatives, friends and even people who hardly know you. You can be sure: when you have a child, you will soon ask: “what about the little brother or little sister for long?”

You may not want to have children and to share the philosophy childfree, or you may want to do the competition to Victoria Beckham or Angelina Jolie, no matter what your decision, there will always be dissatisfied. The comments disrespectful type “you Are going the train” or “The children are the flowers of life, and you already have a garden” they deserve answers just as disrespectful.

8. Pastimes or hobbies

Other matter that should never ask for pardon and justify you are your pastimes or hobbies. Can you to love to change the tires on your bike, dear, you love baseball or hate to go to the store with your friends. Or that you love to knit socks by watching your tv series or favorite soap operas. In any case, you love what you do, and that is what matters.

Tom Hanks collects machines for writing old and in 2016 until it came out in a film over them, and Johnny Depp collects Barbie dolls. If someone is making fun of you because of your fondness for the characters of the Marvel universe or believe that you grow roses or cactus is a hobby of grandmothers, this should not embarrass you at all.

Your hobbies are a part of your personality and choose them based on the opinion of the society or the trends of fashion is equal to deprive myself of a great pleasure.

9. Emotions

Feelings are something that you should never be ashamed, because with their help you perceive and process the world around you. That you will not be ashamed of your tears when you look in a dramatic film: say only which you know to be there.

We are human, not robots. Do not be ashamed to show your feelings. Because it is emotions that makes us so alive and authentic.

10. Do not want to follow the fashion

What to do if, in the morning, instead of a smoothie of celery, freshly made, you prefer a good strong coffee, if you use the same pair of jeans classic three times in a row, and, instead of going to the cinema to see the new fashion film, you’re going to the ballet? There is only one answer: do what makes you happy.

Fashion is a notion quite related. It is more an internal state than a phenomenon external to it and, if you think about it, each one has its own fashion. We passed all of the trends for our soul to understand if they are or are not our thing. And if something is not your thing, don’t strain.

11. Your priorities in life

You can make a great career as a diplomat international or dedicate your life to your home, live your life in a small apartment and spend it all on travel, or invest it in your business. No matter what decision you take, básate only in your inner desires.

The fact that you want to enjoy the life is not a sign of your selfishness. In reality, no one can make you happy, only yourself.

12. Your past

We all have some stories from the past that we would like to forget forever as if they were a nightmare. But it just does not make a mistake the one who does nothing.

And if at some period of your life, you’ve made a mistake, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life tormented, thinking it best not to what you had done. Apologize if you did something wrong, make your own conclusions for the future, but don’t eat with regrets fools. Live in the present, not the past.

What other things would you have added to this list?

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