12 Things your manicurist not you will never

The manicure and pedicure are procedures that are almost common, such as teeth cleaning and brushing of the hair. Without thinking, we entrust the care of our nails to the experts in the cosmetic. But do not suspect what dangers hide these procedures if not followed safety measures more basic.

Great.guru you will be on the consequences of these procedures, seemingly innocent, with which we can find if we don’t pay attention.

1. Tools

The most serious consequences that can wait for a visitors of the aesthetic unscrupulous infections. From the terrifying hepatitis B and C or even HIV, even the less terrifying but nasty fungi. To protect yourself from infections, doctors recommend to bring your own sets for manicure or pedicure, pay attention to the cleaning of the aesthetics and do not be afraid to ask questions about the conditions of storage of the tools.

2. Removal of the blisters

Doctors recommend not to use this service in the aesthetic of beauty if you have a thin skin or poor blood circulation. The soften the calluses of the feet that make the pedicuristas can leave wounds and infecting them. To avoid this, it is recommended to use shoes according to your size and not so rigid, and treat the blisters with special creams for the skin to be more smooth and the sores gradually disappear.

3. Treatment of nails buried

Oh such a procedure can only be achieved through medical intervention! The specialists in the aesthetic beauty they do not possess the skills or the basic knowledge. The improper treatment of a nail buried can cause the spread of bacterial infections that are cured only with antibiotics, or even only with the removal of the nail. If you are faced with the problem of a nail buried, do not delay in visiting the doctor.

4. Cut cuticles

The cuticle protects the nail of the contamination. The cut, the specialist can infect or cause damage to your nail. As a result, your new nail will be thick, without color and can start to grow “with waves”. In summary, instead of a nice manicure, you will acquire a few nails discouraging. Doctors recommend not to cut the cuticle, but to soften them and remove them carefully by using clean instruments.

5. Voids under the nails

The manicure or pedicure done carelessly may lead to them to appear hollow below the nail. In medical jargon, this condition is called onycholysis and it appears due to the damage of the bottom layer of the nail: the hiponiquio. The medical dermatologists to cure this disease, and tell you about the correct care of the nails, you will prescribe vitamins, ointments and special baths.

6. Brittle nails

Every woman knows first-hand what are the nails brittle and desfullada. The reason for the pitting of the fingernails can be the result of a manicure not made according to the rules. The specialists advise not to remove the length of the nail with the use of lime, it is best to from the beginning to cut with the clippers and then to give the shape. For natural nails, you can use only files with 240 grains, and more. Finally, it can be corrected only the nails are dry, humid and wet are more vulnerable.

7. Yellow nails

The yellow colour of nails not only can it be a result of problems with the health, but also with a manicure badly done. The specialists of manicure recommend putting the glaze color on top of a basic layer, select only varnishes of high quality, and not be fond of with the treatments for the nails with the help of iodine. The toothpaste and the brush, the scrubs such as baking soda or tooth powder, baths healing with lemon or hydrogen peroxide will help you to avoid the color yellow.

8. Stepparents or tops

The manicurist cut off from an unprofessional way can be a cause of the occurrence of agnails. Specialists say that stepparents have to be cut evenly and not rupture. For prevention and healing, it is recommended to soften and moisturize the skin with special creams that include vitamin E and, of course, to do this procedure with manicurists professional and responsible.

9. Epilate your legs before going to the pedicurist

Before you visit the aesthetics of beauty, we necessarily depilamos our legs so that we are not of shame. The pedicuristas claim that they pay no attention to the hairs on the legs of their customers and recommend not hurt one more time the skin. Legs freshly shaved, the pores are open, and often also a few small marks that are invisible to us, through which you can get an infection.

10. Coverage of the nail

Varnishes normal, gel, and the materials to elongate the nails and remove the coating use chemical substances that are hazardous to health. These components are detrimental to your well-being and may be the source of allergies and bronchial asthma. For you to be sure, the specialists recommend not to use varnish more than 3 or 4 weeks and every 6 or 8 months to make a pause, which, in its perfection, it has to be 105 days, because during this time it grows a new nail.

11. Uv lamps

The uv lamps used to dry the gel, they are also dangerous to our health. The doctors believe that uv damages our skin and can even cause sun burns. Therefore, before you go to the aesthetics of beauty, worth put sunscreen on the hands or choose aesthetics that have LED lamps.

12. Soaking feet in hot water

According to experts, the reason for the appearance of cracks in the feet may be the soak excessive the same in hot water. The who always have swollen feet or have dry skin, are advised to avoid the special baths to the feet in hot water for a long time. To improve the state of the skin, doctors advise regularly using moisturizing creams and lotions, after the procedure.

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