12 Sculptures too beautiful to be true

From ancient times poets, artists and musicians to praise the female beauty. The sculptures show an entire contradiction of the beautiful half of humanity. Carving elegant figures with soft lines of material intractable, they represent in their creations at the same time the fragility and the strength of the woman.

Great.guru shows you the 20 most beautiful carvings, of which it is likely that you will fall in love.


Luo Li Rong creates sculptures incredibly feminine, and realistic. His works are elegant and graceful. It looks like they are about to revive.


The british Richard Stainthorp for 20 years has dedicated himself to making sculptures with wire. He especially go well in the female characters: soft lines and silhouettes are beautiful. According to Richard, working with wire is a reminder that the solution of a puzzle, but in the end the results are worth it.


It is a sculpture mysterious and at the same time very sensual which is located in the monumental cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa, Italy. Here you can see sculptures lovely and completely beautiful.


Jean-Michel Bihorel wowed the Internet with their extraordinary robots: sculptures of women made of flowers. It is unusual and fantastically beautiful.


The Italian Vittorio Tessaro was able to portray a woman with elegance but at the same time made the contemporary image that even the poets praise.


“When the eroticism of the bronze is out of range”. It is as well as described the work of the american sculptor Benjamin Matthew Victor. Benjamin was able to not only give life to a material without a soul, but to make a sculpture perfectly realistic.


Philip Jackson is a sculptor in scotland. Each of her works tells her story extraordinary. Your creation is so expressive that it is difficult to believe that they are just stone statues and not real people.


This sculpture is the massive “Ecstasy” by Karen Cusolito made of recycled steel. The silhouette, the gesture, the curves of the figure and the material in set express contradictions, breaking not only the beauty of women, but also our modern world.


Robin Wight is an expert working with wire. Of a little material stylish creates sculptures surprisingly wonderful. The view creates a feeling as if you could separate the earth chasing the wind.


Gosia, sculptor, of Toronto, creates images very tender, full of femininity and the desire of self-knowledge.


Antonio Corradini was a sculptor venetian who lived during the SEVENTEENTH century and is known for her fine work with the marble. The wonderful figures femininas created by him covered with a veil until today amazes due to its realism.


Adam Martinakis creates digital sculptures that surprise by the depth of his ideas and his extraordinary execution. Adam “speaks” to his fans through images metaphoric. Women in their work are more fragile and vulnerable.

Bonus. “The woman’s phantom”.

“The female ghost” is a work of a british sculptor named Kevin Francis Gray. This draws the attention of most people. The woman’s face is covered with a veil of crystals which symbolizes the lack of desire to accept the reality.

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