12 Photos that show us the lack of credibility in this world

This life is full of things that you automatically perceive at the foot of the letter. But how often do you realize that everything around you is a real farce?

Great.guru compiled for you evidence on that, if you see carefully, everything is not so simple as it seems.

The actors who played the brothers Weasley in the Harry Potter saga, they are actually twins James and Oliver Phelps. But they are not redheads!

Do you think that is a pile of towels? No, it’s just a showcase.

Even the grass is not as green as we would really like to see it.

This is all you need to know about the pavement of the sidewalk.

Does anyone can me explain what is this pillow?

The sandwich of 30 centimeters is only called so, because, in reality, its length is 27 cm. I understood the Subway, the size does not matter.

It seems to Me that I start my day with products that are not suitable….

“Breakfast is served”

Yes, let’s also suppose that the milk of birds do not give them! Good… good

“Keep in mind that the milk of the cat comes from a cat”

On the one hand, the menacing alligators are so pretty.

Don’t believe in the label, believes in your eyes.

“Seedless watermelon”

These are people specially who are in charge tell the celebrities where they have to stop at the red carpet. How about you still you complain about your job?

If you do not know, pineapples do not grow on palm trees.

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