12 strange Habits of cats that you finally have an explanation

Some habits of the cats are completely unexplained and, because of this, it sometimes seems that these felines are clever and want to do us any mischief, or they just something happening all unknown. But it turns out that most of his actions hide a reason. In this article, I will explain why, for example, the cats take food from their bowl and leave it on the floor, drink water from the faucet or the toilet and bring us their prey.

Great.guru tells you today about the most incomprehensible of the cats and the causes that cause them.

1. Take out the food from the container to the ground

This responds to the fact that the vibrissae (“whiskers”) of the cats touch the edges of the bowl. And given that these have a lot of nerve endings, to the cats that don’t like anything. Also, another reason may be the fact that some of the food is a container with water and the cats are avoiding diligently any thing falls on this.

2. Carry their prey to their masters

Many of us are familiar with the situation in which the cat brings home his prey. In this case, some bring mice, other birds, and, well, there are also those who share things that are more unusual. In general, this instinct in animals is developed so that they can teach their pups to catch prey. In the event that the animal does not have children, but the instinct is right to notice, transmit it to his master, trying to “teach” you to hunt.

3. Drink from the tap and even the toilet

Running water for cats is more attractive because they avoid instinctively the standing, as they may not be as clean and fresh as it flows from the tap. It may also be that the cat simply doesn’t like to drink from a bowl, well because it is too small or hostel certain strange smells, or, perhaps, because it is located too close to the food (especially happens with the bowls of plastic, as it absorbs quickly smells strange).

4. They scrape the ground, near his litter tray

If you notice that your cat, after going to the bathroom, is scratching actively on the ground outside the sandbox and not within, you will most likely feel uncomfortable: the tray may be too small or you need more quantity of sand. Or perhaps, the bottom of the tray is covered with a special grid, which is a discomfort for the cat. If so, their actions are more than understandable, because no one can renounce their instincts.

5. Sharpen their nails

If you think that the cats ruining the furniture and carpets with their claws for no reason whatsoever, you are very wrong. Sharpening their nails is very important for any feline. They do it to make sure that the horny layer of the nail to renew itself constantly. To do so, with their front legs, for a cat, it is easy, while that with the rear not so much, so don’t be surprised if you see your pet mordérselas.

6. They hide when they are sick

The most common symptom that a cat is sick is that it begins to hide in a quiet place and secluded. In this way, the animal comes to feel less vulnerable and it is unlikely to bring you joy, if you decide to get him out of his “refuge” and have it between your arms. In this type of cases, the best option would be to take the cat to the vet.

7. Take out the tongue

In reality, the reasons here can be the less different. For example, the cat simply licked and forgot to hide the tongue. This can also happen while you sleep, when the jaw is too relaxed. But if the cat has the tongue out, this may indicate that you suffer from any pathology associated with a bite that is abnormal, or a trauma, and even breathing problems.

8. Rub against a person

Often, by doing this, the cats show their friendliness towards a person. When your cat rubs against your leg or the “pushes” with your muzzle, you should know that it is a very positive sign. In addition, the cat so you can say hello to their master or to the person who came to the house. Perhaps, turning to this manner so peculiar, you want to get additional information about the person: for example, where it came from and if you have any pet.

9. Do not like to bathe

It is no secret that most cats are afraid of water as you have it in the fire, except to drink. All this responds to a variety of explanations, one could be that you do not know or do not like to swim. And another that, after getting wet, it may get cold, as during the bath too wet its inner layer, which helps them to endure the cold and not overheating when it’s hot. Therefore, it is not necessary to insist with a cat in the bathing process if this prevents the water to an active form.

10. They chew grass

It turns out that cats love to chew grass, but not for the vitamins it contains and not because they want to “vitaminizarse” with it. The question part of the base that the cats try to clean your digestive tract of your own hair, which, comes while is licked, as well as of the particles of a dam that are not able to digest. But you have to be aware of what type of grass it eats your pet, given that some plants can be dangerous for them.

11. They pull things from tables and shelves

If your cat, constantly toss your things on the floor, removed all of the shelves, that doesn’t always mean that it is simply evil and misbehaves. In this way, the cat shows their instincts of a predator who trains their hunting skills. Such “play with the prey” is a feline behavior common during the hunt.

12. They look as if they had seen something strange when in fact there is nothing there

Every owner of a cat, at least, once in his life, he witnessed that moment in which your pet was beginning to fix their gaze on a point as if he had seen something unbelievable there, at the very least, a ghost. Sometimes, as a result of this image, more of a person just with the creeps. But it turns out that all of this is explained by the peculiarities of his vision: the cats have a ultraviolet vision (that is to say, you see what humans cannot see) and, in addition, have a hearing very acute. Therefore, often, their eyes can see something that a person simply does not perceive, or, basically, try to understand where it is coming from one or the other sound, which you even are able to hear.

Bonus: a habit that cannot be explained

Of course, all this does not mean that every cat shelter these habits: for example, some cats may behave in a way totally contrary. Not in vain, to the main habits gatunos, you can find a scientific explanation.

What strange habits have your pets?

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