12 curious Facts about everything in the world

The world is full of surprises: a rainbow appears in the night, the coyotes are friends of the badgers, the people earn their life by altering the public order and the scammers fall into the trap of other scammers. In other words, the nature, people and animals will always find something to surprise us, and we try to surprise and amuse our readers.

Great.guru has prepared for you another collection of interesting facts about our world and the lives of its inhabitants.

Male orangutans can be attracted by women redheads

The orangutans have a curious feature: the males of this species sometimes show attention not only to the females of the orangutan, but also to human females if your hair is colored red (like the monkey tree). For example, the orangutan Without-Without the Perth zoo in Australia tore out a page with the photo of Nicole Kidman from a magazine and took it to his lair, he liked it so much the actress.

Fraudsters who sold a false picture for the $ 1.7 million they paid them with fake money

If you had held a contest for the title of the swindlers most unfortunate of the story, perhaps two men of Spain would have all the opportunities to win it. In 2003, agreed to sell a painting fake who was supposed to be a work of Goya, but, in reality, was only a copy of the portrait of the Spanish painter Antonio María Esquivel.

The buyer, a “rich sheik arab”, acted through an intermediary which, in turn, asked the unfortunate sellers a commission of 300 thousand euros. Interestingly, the scammers have not realized that it was a trap, borrowed this amount from a friend and went to close the “deal of the century”.

Initially, the Spanish tried to sell the painting for 4 million swiss francs, but, in the end, they received only 1.7 million of this coin (which is approximately 1.7 million USD), however, the money turned out to be false, just like their merchandise. The men were arrested when they tried to deposit counterfeit money into a bank account in Geneva, the mediator, who had escaped with the “commission,” was never found.

In Australia, an episode of the animated series Peppa was banned because she taught the children not to be afraid of spiders

It is prohibited that an episode completely innocent of the series of children’s cartoons will be shown in Australia after many parents complained that the episode desinformaba to their children, urging them not to be afraid of spiders. The fact is that, in Australia there are not only spiders, relatively harmless and small known by all europeans, but also venomous species that should be treated with great care.

In the united states. UU., it was decided to set fire to a house after it was invaded by cockroaches

Usually, the fire department extinguished the fire, but sometimes things happen the other way around. In October 2010, in the american city of Bread, the fire burned a house where dwelt a large family of cockroaches.

This decision was taken by the local administration after they failed in all attempts to get rid of the insects and the risk of infection in the neighboring houses was too big. You can see how it was, but be careful: this video is not for the faint of heart.

An official of a correctional facility in Louisiana was so popular among the prisoners who staged a party in his honor

The director of the state prison of Louisiana, John Whitley, was so cordial and fair with the prisoners who attached themselves sincerely to him. Over the years of his work, John managed to reduce the frequency of the manifestations aggressive in the correctional institution, introduced a system of rewards for good behavior, helped students to graduate and carried out a series of reforms in the prison.

For example, for its initiative, the most reliable of the prisoners could leave the prison to participate in sports competitions (you can see an example of a similar event in the movie low Blow: the final game) and other events. Therefore, it is not surprising that, when Wheatley decided to retire, the inmates with their own savings, organized a farewell party attended by the staff and the management of the prison.

A canadian who was lost in the forest damaged a power line so that the computer repair would find and save him

A resident of the canadian province of Saskatchewan was fishing in his boat when a storm broke out suddenly on the lake. The pot was brought to a place completely unknown to the angler where caught in the bushes. The man could not get out of the middle of nothing, was exhausted and had no idea where he was. In his desperation, he took a decision unusual: cut the posts of the power line with the help of your axe and wait for the arrival of a helicopter with a brigade of repair.

Their expectations became reality: there was the helicopter and the man was saved. It is true that later he had to pay a fine for damages to the pole and by the fact that the residents of several villages left without electricity for 30 hours. But the life costs more than any fine, right?

Coyotes and badgers hunt together

The fairy tales of the peoples of the world often hear about the friendship between several species of animals. For example, in the tales of north american indians mentioned the friendship between coyotes and badgers, which is completely true. Coyotes and badgers organize a hunt together, as each one of them has the advantages that are missing on the other.

The badgers can catch prey in burrows, which it is beyond the power of the coyotes, and, in turn, are able to pursue effectively the animals on the surface. In addition, the coyotes have better eyesight and the badgers have a better sense of smell. Therefore, the badgers can take out small animals from underground, forcing them to rush right to the coyote awaits.

The pub, Europe’s oldest opened in the 900 d. C. in Ireland

The pub oldest in Europe is located in Ireland and is known as Sean”s Bar. It was built around the year 900 in the city of Athlone on the west bank of the river Shannon. Initially, the building was a construction made from branches and mud, but in 1970, it was rebuilt. During the renovation we found many old coins, some of which were sent to the museum, while the rest were left in the pub as a decoration.

There is a variety of grape that tastes like cotton candy

A group of growers of California obtained a variety of grape that has a 12% more of the sugar that the grapes normal, and almost devoid of acidity. It took 12 years to get it, and in 2013, the new variety went on sale.

This grape looks and smells like grapes common, but their flavor almost does not differ from the cotton candy. The cultivator David Kane believes that such fruit will be an excellent alternative to sweets as usual.

Cruise The World is a permanent home for people who have purchased cabins

The World (The World, by its English translation) is a passenger ship maritime designed as a private dwelling house. Its inhabitants are owners of cabins — departments spacious and comfortable. These people live on board all the time (or they appear when they wish), while the ship sails around the world, making stops in 2 to 3 days in the various ports.

The cost of apartments in the ship is high: 2.7 to 9.1 million USD. But it seems that the price does not became an obstacle for those who have always dreamed of this life: most of the cabins were purchased prior to the completion of the boat. The owners of the cabins can bring their friends and family on board, as well as rent their cabins. The average age of the inhabitants of the transept is 64 years old.

The rainbow can appear at night

The rainbow night, or lunar, as you can guess by the name, is generated by the moon. Unlike the rainbow solar usual for the glow softer and, to the human eye, is usually seen as white, although you can get colors in a picture taken with a long exposure time.

The rainbow moon can be seen in those places where there are waterfalls or, often, it rains in certain conditions: the full Moon or nearly full must be low in the sky, and the sky should be dark. Such a rainbow appears on the side of the sky opposite to the moon, and is comparable in size with the rainbow of the sun.

The corridor nudist Mark Roberts received $ 1 million for running naked through the field during the Super Bowl

The streakers are people weird (for not saying other thing) that interrupt the sports competitions or other public events when running naked. Do so as an act of hooliganism, as a protest, to attract attention or to earn money. One of these streakers, Mark Roberts, began his “career” when you lose a bet with your friends during a game of rugby in 1993.

Now, Roberts has more than 300 of these antics to your account for which they are well paid. Then, in 2003, she undressed and ran out to the field during the Super Bowl XXXVIII, which was its sponsor, the online casino Golden Palace, $ 1 million, and tickets first row. The same company paid the man one of the best lawyers in the united States, and in the end, imposed a fine of just 1000 USD.

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