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The children have their own vision and understanding of the world, and yet they are not limited by breed standard and frameworks. Therefore, their statements, solutions to problems and tips are always surprising and can cause a lot of positive emotions.

Great.guru compiled the stories with the participation of children that is conspicuous by its wit and a great sense of humor.

We were taking a walk with my daughter. She said:

— Mary is 3 years old and I have a 4, ¡ja, ja, ja!

I replied:

— I have 30 years, ¡ja, ja, ja!

To which my daughter replied to me:

— Oh, 30 years, mom, you already are “oh-oh-oh” and not “ja, ja, ja”!

Working in a school as a teacher of mathematics. Once, we were walking with my daughter in the street, and during that ride several times I was approached by a student asking questions such as: “how Are 365 days in the year?” “How are 60 minutes in an hour?”, however, he did not say that I needed to know.

After a while, I saw her around a group of guys that were talking about something. It turned out that the child estimated the age of each one of them in days, hours, minutes and even in seconds. Everyone felt proud. One had 71.175 hours, another had more than four million minutes. In general, all were eager to know. But the high point was when he was approached by a guy to calculate his age, and the protagonist of this story replied as follows: “I do Not pay a bike yesterday, so you have 9 years to dry”. Well done! That small has a big future ahead of him.

My daughter came home without his sleigh saying that a grandfather and his granddaughter asked. She gave them our address and they promised to return it.

With my husband, of course, we were pleased to have raised a girl kind and generous, but we take a small sermon because she had trusted too much.

Two hours later we were pounding on the door. We returned the sled and we brought some candy. My daughter put his hand in his pocket and said:

— I return your phone.

There was an advertisement for shampoo on tv:

— Your shampoo solves only one problem, and the msi solves up to five!

My daughter (9 years old) responds to the tv:

— Well, then, you have more problems than us.

Sergio, a boy of 8 years old, I wanted to have an older brother and was waiting for his arrival. His parents had promised him that soon the baby was going to live with them, and finally, the day arrived, the parents brought to the apartment a package that wailed weakly.

— I’ll introduce you to your new brother. Now he will live with us.

Sergio looked at her with distrust for a long time the yellow, wrinkled skin of the baby. With each minute it became more disillusioned.

— Why not they said that was going to be less? I thought I was going to have a big brother! I don’t need a small one, I want a big one!

My son sent me 3 messages, one behind the other.

1: “Mommy, you’re the best mom in the world”.

2: “Mom, I love you.”

3: “I got a bad grade in the exam”.

When my brother was 5 years old, he was expelled from two kindergartens because it was full of love. He kissed all the girls in the group, and they refused to go to school because there was Diego! And all day he ran behind the girls and kissed. Or chat with him, or challenge him gave results.

But in the other garden, one of the teachers gave him an illustrated book for older children about where babies come from. He sat all day with that book and by the afternoon, the teacher is removed. The next day, Diego came to the school and … I don’t touched anyone! He stopped running behind the girls. It all ended as suddenly as it had begun.

When my brother grew up, I remembered this situation and I asked him why he kissed all. Stuttering, he replied that he only liked kissing. And why stop? I was afraid that they were all pregnant.

My niece was watching the presentation of an opera singer and said: “When at kindergarten we scream so much, challenge us”.

I got home after work, I took off my shoes and jacket. I saw that my niece (5 years old) was visiting in the home and when she saw me, approached and happily said to me:

— Oh, uncle, look what I bought my grandmother!

He showed Me a doll (man).

I asked him:

— Who is it?

— Uncle, don’t you see? It is the doll, Ken! It seems to you. It is beautiful, tall, dark… Just that he doesn’t have a belly like you.

— Dad, who is a real man?

— Oh, well, she is a strong person who loves, protects and cares for your family!

— That’s great! I want to be a true man, as a mom!

We went for a walk with my children. Alex, one of them, grabbed the two babies and said:

— I’m going with them!

Isa, the other, answered him:

— Oh, you’re like a girl with dolls.

He replied with pride:

— I am your father!

We were in the car me and my son age of 6 years old. Suddenly, I heard his voice from the back seat :

— Dad, is this the way to Rosario?”

— Correct. It is road number 9 that goes from Cordoba to Rosario.

— Do not say so much. Only say yes.

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