12 Stories heard out there that make you laugh at all who ever looked for work

When looking for a job, the main thing is to demonstrate with conviction a lot of enthusiasm.

In Great.guru we made a selection of the most ridiculous and funny related to job interviews and your search. The protagonists of today sazonaron their stories with humor, which showed that the autoironía is an excellent trump card to achieve an objective. What about you have you ever passed through similar situations? Share your stories in the comments.


Working in a recruitment agency. There comes a candidate and, before the interview, ask where the bathroom is. A colleague accompanies him and tells him automatically: “ … Go, take your seat, then I’m with you!”. @Oídoporahí


The other day I posted my resume. The first call was to the work that I am going to, with a proposal to work for them. @genomcivil


A couple of days ago I dreamed that I had to respond to an interview for a job. I solved some problems of proof, I submitted my answers to the two men, and there the dream ended. Today I dreamed I had reviewed my answers and I was invited to a second interview. A responsible approach to granting employment, I am satisfied. @Syaver


I read several books on motivation and I was, all motivated, to a job interview. In the section “Salary” indicated that he intended to charge $ 10,000 per month. When the woman from human resources asked me if I was serious about the salary, I of course, replied in the affirmative. She said nothing, only came out in silence and then, a couple of minutes later, I was invited to the office of the manager. He also asked me if I was serious. With the physiognomy of a man accustomed to getting what he wanted, I nodded yes, giving him to understand that he did not have the option of telling me no. It was really unexpected to hear: “please, don’t come over here.” @realcowboy


My friend was going to an interview, and it turned out that by the way, were stung by a wasp. In the face! His face is puffed up but she went to the interview as if nothing had happened. One of his eyes swelled so much that I could not open it. He came in and said that before they know the wasp looked better, and that if we wanted to interview her as well, they could reschedule the meeting. She was hired immediately. They said that if she had gone to the interview in those conditions, then it was a responsible person, and they were looking for people as well. @Oídoporahí


My resume spent 2 months on a site of search of work, had many views, and today I discovered that I had mistyped my phone number. @megabayt


In Germany, I went to a job interview in a company that was in a new building and, just at the door, had a bus stop. Everything had gone very well. After the interview, in the stop, while waiting for the bus, for some reason I decided to throw all the unnecessary things out of the pockets of my jacket. Still a little nervous and, along with the trash, threw it to the urn with my keys. Naturally, I did not have more remedy than to put the hands in the ballot box to remove them. When I found them and I turned around, I saw that half of the employees of the company looked at me through the windows of the building, including the head of human resources.
Never more had any news from that company. @Michael Scherb


I finished a job interview, and at the end I heard the familiar phrase: “Thank you, we will call you”. Knowing that in 99% of cases this does not happen, I said, “why don’t you tell me that I not be hired and ready, rather than torment me with the agonizing anticipation of your call?”. A pause. Recalculates. Replies: “Thank you, you will not be hired”.

P. S. Who says to you, maybe yes I would have called. @VBerezovskiy


I know of the methods of creating stressful situations during job interviews to see the reaction of the person. For example, a fire alarm goes off, etc, Well, I’m going to an interview, I’m waiting for my turn and suddenly the panic sets in: “FIRE! FIRE!”. Knowing that the main thing is to keep calm and show what is organized that is one, without panicking, I get out, calm people, I tell them that all will be well, I help them evacuate the building. I go out all happy, thinking that I passed the test.

The fire was real. @Oídoporahí


I was looking for work, keeping an interview with the manager of a company. We had finished talking, and then he offered me to ask him some questions about the company and about the position of the work. And everything was going very well until, instead of asking: “What is your dress code?”, I said: “What is your safeword?” @Oídoporahí


Today I went to a job interview, everything went very well. The lady even put in my form a more… or a cross. @mrBinSuperman


Work in the design department. This month resigned as our manager, last week we hired a new one. Well, we decided to welcome you with a joke.

The man goes down on Monday at work, and there are those of us already seated, his brave team of 8 designers, very focused on drawing with mouse in Microsoft Paint. Before we had hidden all of the tablets.

Have to give him credit, he acted with as much dignity as possible. Kept the poker face, showed up, greeted everyone, made indications of changes for each one, sat down at his desk, took a mouse, opened the Paint and began to draw him also.

In summary, a good guy, joined the team since day one. @Region89

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