12 Stories that reveal what fun it can be for some a day of work

12 Historias que revelan lo divertido que puede ser para algunos un día laboral

By very seriously that it is our job, to avoid ridiculous situations and occurrences funny is almost impossible.

Great.guru has found for you 12 funny stories that happened at work to a wide variety of people, from a police officer until a developer disguised as a hot dog.

  • When I was leaving work, I wanted to do it in a beautiful form and unforgettable. Previously, I applied by writing my floor and I talked with my boss, which turned out to be a man with a broad sense of humor. Then came the day “X”, I went to work as always and even finished a report to disguise. Suddenly, in the office, broke open the doors my friends, the six were dressed in a uniform of special forces (even with weapons and masks, like in the movies), and came to where I was, running. I crossed the arms by taking them for my back and took me, saying: “in the end, what we have caught.” None of my classmates came back to me ever.
  • I’m at the airport waiting for my plane and I see how a technician helps the driver to park properly. I see how slowly extends his arms out to the sides, then cross them over the head and the pilots stop the plane. Meanwhile, the technician raises his thumb by giving him the “ok” button when all of a sudden starts jumping and dancing, screaming, and at the end gives the last jump ending it with a “split”. This man loves his job!

  • I’m on holiday. Today, at seven in the morning, I called my boss and he said with a strange voice: “You are 7 days…” Laughing, she hung up the phone.

  • In our team there is a small tradition, but very pretty. Each month, we draw at random a sheet with the name of a companion and we become your “invisible friend”. The task is to make the hidden pleasant surprises. It is very cute in the morning that you receive beautiful notes, apples, sweet messages… and also do these gifts in secret. I highly recommend it! This unites the whole team.

  • My husband is working on repairing cell phones. We carry phones of all types: drowned in the soup, washed along with the hands, which have fallen from a balcony… I Always found it fun to know what had happened to the poor equipment. It was funny. Until I ahogué the phone in the toilet. Two times.

  • Working in a mobile company and when I talk with a client, you will not only hear it but also to all the sounds around him. There was once a case. Called a woman and begins to express its discontents. And suddenly, I hear a nasty ringing in his apartment, a sound very sharp to my ears. Then, say to her: “Lady, go first to open the door, and then, if you want to, we continue with this conversation.” A pause… and then the voice of this woman, horrified, shouting away from the phone: “oh John, bring me quickly the gown, they can see us!”
  • I have a new job. My boss called July Pump. Before whizzing off reproach for some error, pronounces the following phrase: “oh, the Bomb is about to explode!” Happy man, without a doubt.
  • As a result of which often do business trips, but even so I need to keep working meetings, as a general rule, we organize a video conference by Skype. One of those days it came to pass that, first, I called my wife with my little daughter, and then, almost immediately after, I received a call from work. So something in my mind had to confudirse, because I said goodbye to my classmates with the following sentence: “I love you, life mine.” Never before had I heard so many groans moving.
  • Today I went to an interview. The human resources manager gave me a laptop and challenged me: “Try to vendérmela”. Well, I took the laptop, I went with her to the room, and I went full. When I got home, the head of human resources called me and started yelling at me hysterically: “oh, give me back my laptop right away!” I said “200 euros and it’s all yours”.

  • Developer job: cast sheets, advertising disguised as a hot dog. Within the costume makes it a sweltering heat, so I usually bring only my underpants. Today, right in peak hour, I needed to go to the bathroom. I think that it is easy to imagine the watchful eye of those people in front of a hot dog andante tried, furiously but without success, to get in one of the public booths reserved for this purpose and then hysterically took off the costume to hit the ground running, holding their boxer shorts.
  • A funny incident was the scene I witnessed in the hospital. In the seat there was an elderly couple and the man grabbed the heart, moaned, and ran out of breath, then the doctor approached him and offered an exam. The old man changed his face completely, turned pale, and, stuttering, began to say: “You don’t… no, that’s not you… You did the final examination of Medicine at the University, I know that matarías to a patient prior to measure how well the temperature! Sweetheart, I hurt so much the heart. Let’s go here!” Was that the case in which the student, if not managed to overcome the master, at least scared him.
  • A friend of mine had a job interview and it turned out that in the way the were stung by a wasp. In addition, he did not do so in an inconspicuous place, but in the face (ended up tangled in your hair). It swelled up the face right away, but my friend, as if nothing had happened, decided to go to the appointment job. One of his eyes or even looked. She told them that she had better look before his encounter with the wasp, but that if they did not want to do the interview with her in that state, it could postpone it. And was hired immediately. He said that if he had dared to go in such a state, then proved to be a responsible person, just what they needed.

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