12 Stories about the fact that the customer is not always right

All who have ever worked in the sector of customer service can tell many funny stories or strange, which it is obvious that the customer is not always right. Although, in reality, the seller either: after all, we are all human, we make mistakes and, sometimes, we do stupid things.

Some of the protagonists of this article thought that cats have “acne” in the stomach, which should be treated with cream, others to communicate in public places, in the language of the birds, and a few third parties were outraged terribly with absolutely no reason; the latter sounds very familiar, right?

Great.guru what is felt by all who have crossed in life with buyers and sellers and a little pleasant. But instead of focusing on the negative emotions, we propose to you to laugh with us the stories of the day-to-day commercial workers, which we find in the account of Instagram NotAlwaysRight.

  • I Said, “Thank You. Have a good day ”.
    Client: “Well. Oh no, you are not. You still have to work.”
  • A buyer enraged bursts in our pizzeria and throws a pizza box on the counter.
    — Hello, how may I help you?
    — I ordered a pizza with pepperoni on one half, and sausage on the other.
    I look into the box: “In my opinion, everything is in order. What is the problem exactly?
    Buyer: “I Wanted the pepperoni was on the LEFT side!”
  • I’m pretty good talking in the chinese dialect mandarin, but it is difficult to guess, because I’m not asian. Enter a few customers to my store.
    — Good afternoon, how may I help you?
    Buyer No. 1: “nothing, we’re just looking”.
    Buyer No. 2: “Yes, we’re only looking”.
    — Well, let me know if you need help.
    Buyer N° 1 (speaking mandarin): “I told Him to leave us in peace. But don’t listen!
    Buyer N° 2: (in the same language): “pay No attention, it is stupid”.
    I: (also in mandarin): “Hey, look, the girl is stupid speak mandarin!”
  • It happened during the season of fresh corn last year.
    — Excuse me, how fresh is this corn?
    — I collected this morning, so that is as fresh as can be.
    — Yes, but who knows how long it was growing.
  • Buyer: “I’m looking for clothes for a little girl of a year”.
    — All clothes 12 months are in that sector.
    — No, it is 1 year old.
    — Yes, you should go there.
    — But you just say “12 months”!
  • — I need a hamster.
    — Do you already have a cage, sawdust and food for him?
    — Why? Do I need all of that?
    — What and where he thought he would live?
    The purchaser, absolutely serious, he says: “I Thought I would give him cheese and he would live in a hole in the wall, like in the cartoons”.
  • — Here is your change.
    — I don’t like other people touching my money. How can I make the change myself from the cash register?
    — Sorry, but no.
    — So what do I do now? I don’t want that infectes my money with bacteria.
    — How to make a debit card?
    The client irritated you are with your “money ” infected”.
  • Me: “Hello. How can I help you?”
    Buyer: “do you Speak Spanish?”
    — No, I’m sorry.
    — Why not? Why did your parents not taught?
    — Because we are hawaiian.
    — And what? That’s not an excuse.
    — Do you speak hawaiian?
    — Of course not. I am colombian.
    — And what? That’s not an excuse.
  • A woman walks into our veterinary clinic with a conveyor of cats and puts it on the counter.
    — Good afternoon, would you like to make an appointment with the veterinarian?
    — No, I just need a cream for acne cats.
    — What do you mean?
    The woman (takes the cat out of the bag): “what do You see? It has grains in the stomach”.
    I said, “are Not grains. Are nipples”.
  • Guest: “Then, how this hotel is open 24 hours?”
    — Yes, of course.
    — Really?
    — Yes, otherwise we would have to put them all on the street at 11 pm to go home.
  • Work as a vendor. Missing 10 minutes to the closing of the store, and I still have that vacuum, but I can not do by the buyer who has just entered.
    The buyer: “Pass the vacuum”.
    — Excuse me?
    — Starts to suck, I don’t care.
    — Are you sure?
    — Yes, I myself am a shop owner and know what it is when idiots like me come in just before closing and do not allow you to get to to clean.
  • I: “Anything else?”
    Buyer: “No, only food for birds”.
    I: “Good.”
    Suddenly, the buyer launches a loud cry of a bird: “I CACAAAV!”
    A second later, a cry as you listen to the other side of the store.
    I: “What was that?”
    Buyer: “Oh, is my wife. We always do this to ourselves in the places that are full of people.”

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