12 stylish Ideas of the manicure of the famous, that it is a sin not to take advantage of

Being a star is hard work: every day an army of admirers and naysayers you looking for advantages and disadvantages. But there are also a good side. You can inspire many people with your ideas. As, for example, the famous protagonists of our selection. Your manicure is not only worthy of admiration, but that is not so complicated to perform, so that any woman can try on the image of your favorite star.

Great.guru has compiled for you the versions more vivid and simple. Perhaps you too have examples of manicures of your favorite celebrities which you would like to share with us? Add them to the comments.

Blake Lively and their great ideas

The original manicure with straight lines of Demi Lovato

Miranda Kerr and her manicure too feminine

Kerry Washington and her manicure nude with an accent, brilliant

Vanessa Hudgens with an interesting version of the French

Zooey Deschanel with a choice stylish and at the same time playful

Lady Gaga with a manicure of “chess” on nails short

Kylie Jenner and a manicure with 4 enamels different

The manicure Kesha is always known for bright colors and juicy

Margot Robbie and a manicure inspired by the holiday

Bonus: an idea of the shocking Katy Perry

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