12 simple Ways to overcome the fear of the flights

For a whole year, we wait with eager to the vacation period to visit a new country or visiting family who live far away. We also prepare carefully for a getaway weekend. However, due to the fear of flying, many people experience a feeling of anxiety.

In Great.guru we decided to find out if it is possible to overcome the fear of air travel and found 12 ways to be really effective.

Before the flight

12. Studying theory

Many are afraid of flights due to the fact that they do not understand how a huge machine of metal can stand firm in the air. To resolve all your doubts, just study the theory.

When you search in Google, you will know:

  • The plane stays in the air much better than a car on the road.
  • The turbulence is simply the movement for “air rough”, as if it were a road with some potholes.
  • Flight controllers, scrupulously, elaborate a path by which the aircraft do not collide.

11. Studying the statistics

The statistics are your best ally because, according to the calculations, the probability of dying in a plane crash is extremely low (1 in 30 million). For a greater effect, compare this risk with other risks.

  • For example, it is much easier to die from food poisoning than in a plane crash.
  • The most secure means of transport is the plane. The car is approximately 6 a thousand times more dangerous.
  • In these moments, in the sky there are about 13 thousand planes, each of which has at least one passenger is scared. And you will be happy when the plane lands successfully.

10. Get ready for the sensations

Often, the panic invades the passengers of the aircraft due to the novelty of the sensations. Our body can react to the pressure change, so know in advance what is going to happen to your body and to the plane during the flight.

  • A subtle change in well-being is something normal.
  • A great speed for take-off and landing is something normal.
  • The movement of the wings during flight is something normal.
  • In a moment of the climb, you will feel that the plane stopped, but it is not so.

9. Find out how to work the airport

You will feel more calm when you see how many people daily fly and with what frequency the aircraft passed its revisions. Visit the airport in advance and simply observe his routine.

  • Every 5 years, the plane passed a complete overhaul and a maintenance fund.
  • The plane passes the tests of operation before each flight.
  • Controls full intermediate is carried out at least every 3 months.

8. Fly more

The people who are afraid to fly note that the fear passes, if it does so more often. As soon as the flight ceases to be a significant event, the fear of it disappears.

7. Virtual flight

You seem a little serious, but according to the studies, the flights in virtual reality to help combat gradually the fear of air travel. Therefore, if you do not have chance to fly more often in real life, maybe worth a try in a virtual way?

6. Avoids to read the bad news

Before you fly, try to protect yourself from the bad news that talk about terrorism, and accidents related to this means of transport. And there’s more: don’t dive in to find information about previous incidents.

During the flight

5. Breathe correctly

If you feel that during the flight you are gripped by the fear, fight back by not letting it turn into panic. To achieve this, for example, you can control your breathing:

  • Inhale for 4 seconds.
  • Contains the breath for 4 seconds.
  • Exhale for 4 seconds.
  • Contains the breath for 4 seconds.
  • Continue until you feel that the fear goes down.
  • During the exercise it is necessary to breathe with the abdomen (using the diaphragm).

4. Accept that you can not control everything

In many respects, the fear of flying is related to not control at all, this whole process. Therefore, assimilates the fact that the aircraft is controlled by a pilot experienced and professional, whose training and qualifications are enough for successful exit from unforeseen situations.

3. Is distract you

To not think of the possible consequences of the flight, tries to divert your attention:

  • Read a book or a magazine.
  • Compete with your partner playing the three in stripe, or the like.
  • Eat.
  • Play with the phone.
  • Resolves in the mind mathematical problems.

2. Use your imagination

Imagine the city in which you will soon be. Or think of any place in which you feel good and calm. Immerse yourself in dreams or memories.

1. Don’t let that fear overwhelm you

By on your wrist an elastic band is thin. If you do not manage to face the fear and feel that it will soon become panic, pulls the elastic band. A slight feeling of pain will help you return to reality.

We recommend that you save these tips and share this article with friends who suffer during the flights. Great.guru wishes you a pleasant flight and a excellent journey.

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