12 Millionaires who were different at the start of their careers

We live in a time in which it is not necessary to be a millionaire by inheritance to form part of the global elite. Today, a gifted student may wake up being famous after the first night you begin your emerging company, and an ordinary businessman can make a fortune on a reality show about their daily lives. Of course, the life and appearance of such persons before and after the time of its glory differ significantly.

Great.guru found old images of millionaires who did it to themselves.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk learned to program at age 9, he sold his first company at 28 (for 307 million USD), founded PayPal at 30, Tesla Motors 32, and a year before the company’s technology for space research SpaceX, announcing that Mars will be colonized in the near future. Today is 47 years and is the engineer, businessman and billionaire more successful. It seems that it is the truth of the future Mars colonizer: it is a heartthrob, I just look at him!

Bill Gates

The young Bill was not the best student in the school, at the university I was missing classes and was even expelled after the second year. But at the same time, he liked programming. So much so that, at the age of 21, with his friend Paul Allen founded his company Microsoft.

In 2018, it occupies the seventh place in the list of the most influential people in the world, according to Forbes, after Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and the Pope.

Chris Jenner

No matter how much you criticize, we must recognize that this woman has achieved everything herself. He was born in the family of an engineer and a housewife, and worked as a hostess. But since the childhood had incredible organizational skills. This helped him to open his own shop after her marriage to famed lawyer Robert Kardashian. She not only used in a competent manner your initial capital, but also created an advertisement for it, launching a reality show about their 7 children, who developed their careers thanks to Chris.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

In 1995, the two talented guys from the photo above, they met on an excursion in the University of Stanford. They began to talk, they discussed about computer technology and became friends. After a while, together undertook a research project as part of their studies, which in 1998 officially became the most powerful company in the news: Google Inc.

Donald Trump

Unlike the rest of the players in our list, Donald Trump was already born in a family is relatively rich. His father had his own construction company. But his son Donald, who graduated from the School of business Wharton, added several zeros to the profits of the company from his father and thought of calling all the subsequent projects with your surname. It seems that a person with such an entrepreneurial spirit is able to accomplish much in any circumstance.

Mark Zuckerberg

We all know the story of the student of 19 years in the department of psychology at Harvard, who invented Facebook. We’re not going to tell his story, only to say that, today, has 34 years old, is the billionaire youngest of the story and occupies the 13th place on the Forbes list of the most influential people.

Tim Cook

Once, the engineering student most quiet and persevering of the Auburn University (Alabama, USA. UU.) he obtained his first job in the then major computing company: IBM. Then took leadership positions at Intelligent Electronics, Compaq and, ultimately, Apple. To this last, he came in 1998 and became the right hand of Steve Jobs, and after his death, at the head of the company.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson from childhood he loved to surprise the audience. On the day of their graduation, the principal told him that in the future would go to prison or become a millionaire. And he was right. Today, Sir Richard Branson is one of the entrepreneurs most famous, co-founder of the transnational company Virgin Group, is a billionaire and he’s still the same eccentric.

Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki is one of the clearest examples of a successful women’s race in the IT business. She was the first marketing manager at Google; it was she who suggested to buy YouTube to the company. Well, in 2014, she became its CEO.

Steve Wozniak

The man smiling in the photo, from childhood distinguished himself by his ingenuity in the field of engineering. For example, once put up an intercom system for 6 rooms of children in neighbouring houses to chat with friends without leaving the house. After 20 years, the same person put together the first Apple computers, becoming its co-founder along with Steve Jobs.

Pavel Durov

We ended our list with, as it is called, “Zuckerberg Russian”. The founder of the social network, Russian “VK” and the messaging application Telegram, who in these years was much more handsome.

Well, do you think that the protagonists of our article are not the heroes of our time?

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