12 Movies about the relationships that can be compared to a therapy session

12 Películas sobre las relaciones que pueden ser comparadas con una sesión de terapia

The modern relationships are a phenomenon difficult and curious. Today, in the age of technology, all kinds of freedoms and various stereotypes about the love and friendship they have an importance quite different to that provided at the time of our parents.

Great.guru offers you a list of 10 films on the present relations.

Maybe it’s for always
(Love, Rosie)

A movie that does not exist a friendship between a girl and a boy. This controversial topic is relevant in all times. The creators of the film did a beautiful life story about two friends that once were not understood, and were afraid to speak because of his youth. After this, life walked away, but not always, the old feelings fade away. All of this leads you to think how important it is to talk about it and not wait for someone else to guess and understand you without words.

Men, women and children
(Men, Women & Children)

The main objective of the creators was to show how the Internet has changed the concepts of relationships, family values, and communication in general. The gap of misunderstanding between parents and children, between couples and friends has become a fact so common that it deserves public attention. The film is profound and serves to reflect and not to entertain. And for the young people who are “infected” by the Internet, it is simply mandatory to see it!!!


This film tells how difficult it is to take the right decision in adolescence, especially if one is educated rigorously religious, do not have anyone to whom to consult, nor telephone lines of trust, or frank conversations with his mother. If you’ve ever had to make a difficult decision and you had doubts about whether it was correct, you’ll be interested to see this film.

Music, friends and partying
(We Are Your Friends)

This is a cute movie musical about the career of a simple guy who has an extraordinary talent. It also deals with the topic of relationships. Who to choose: a single or a multitude of fans. Or how relationships change between friends when one of them is successful. But we do not recommend seeing it during a quiet night with the family, as you’ll end up dancing and then you’ll want to go to a nightclub.


A film motivating on how to start a new life. The wife of the protagonist dies and it, to understand his life and his feelings, decides to “philosophize” with a hammer: literally destroys and breaks everything to build himself and his life again.

Les deux amis

It is a drama French simple and beautiful about the love triangle. The film tells about two best friends, one of whom helps the other to win the heart of a girl. But the girl has a secret that protects carefully…


This is perhaps the film’s most honest about the love in the world of cinema. The director, probably for the first time, study this issue very closely. The love of the protagonist is a painful passion, which bursts after small suspicions of betrayal and find a way out in the infidelity as a response.


The film seems to be a stylization of the old Hollywood, but don’t expect it a stiff old-fashioned. Under the elegant form hides a content full of life and drama. This film tells about a love that is beautiful and sincere, but prohibited. Does the society have the right to dictate to us who we can love and when? If you give up your feelings following the unwritten rules, what don’t you sacrifice yourself with that?

Colonia Dignidad

The film reverses stereotypes: the main character rushes to save her boyfriend, which was brought to the center’s clandestine torture “Dignity”. It is not necessary to be a connoisseur of history to see the film, it would be enough that you like Emma Watson, who plays the main role.

A Bigger Splash

A rock star boring, hides from the world with her husband in an elegant Italian villa. But suddenly his friend, the producer, and at the same time her lover, joins them along with her cute daughter. But it is not a comedy of love crusaders during the holidays, but a drama with in-depth discussions on four people, and about how unbearable it is to be in a situation in which everything is confused.

Just a dream
(Revolutionary Road)

The action takes place in the mid – ’50s, the main characters are members of a small family provincial. Frank and April Wheeler is to be considered a middle-class family that is different from others, and have a great desire to move to Paris. However the destiny prepared for the couple a series of unpleasant surprises.

The past

Sofia and Rimini were in love with each other since their teenage years. They married and lived together for twelve years and seemed an ideal partner. But it turned out that a story so beautiful it can have a sad end. The day came, and Rimini realized that I no longer loved Sofia. He wanted to start a new life without her.

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