12 educational Principles of the british royal family that you can learn

According to the stories, and the lessons of history, the children of kings are sleeping on silk sheets, eat dishes, gold-plated and having fun as much as you can all the time.

Great.guru decided to find out how to educate the heirs of the crown world's most famous: George and Charlotte, the children of the Duke and duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine.

Spoiler: you have to fix up their rooms themselves!

12. Having a royal title is not a reason to lead a life full of leisure

The family of the duke and duchess of Cambridge has only a nanny that helps parents with small. The responsibilities of feeding them, bathing them, and walking fall on the parents. The dad Guillermo is also going to work, it is dedicated to pilot a helicopter emergency medical service, something that the children know very well.

11. Respect the work of others

The great-grandchildren of queen Elizabeth from an early age already understand that the work of any person is valuable, whether it be the effort of a mother preparing dinner or the tasks of people that arrange your room. That is why George and Charlotte are aware that they can not ignore the meals and it will be up to them to pick up whatever they have messed up.

10. The family is the most important thing in life

4 years old, George already took care of his younger sister and, according to Kate, are becoming great friends. Children from an early age already know the history of his family and often visit the grave of his grandmother, princess Diana. Kate and William try to spend the maximum time possible with their children. George, for example, loves to talk with his father about many things of the world, and Charlotte likes to cook with his mother.

Even during the dinner, the little ones, against the traditions pre-existing, sit at the table, sharing it with the adults.

9. All have the right to freely express their thoughts and feelings

Contrary to what prevails in the tradition about breeding in the royal family to people, “moderate“, Kate and William will develop actively in their children's emotional intelligence.

”Seeing how the children interact with each other in the school, I understand that we live in a time completely different. Come to reemplazarnos the generations that are not afraid to talk openly about what they really are concerned about," says prince William.

8. Above all, the educational

Reading books is the favourite pastime of prince George and the princess Charlotte. And your mom often takes the kids to see exhibitions and museums. The favorite of the small the Natural History Museum of London. "The kids love coming here. And not just for the dinosaurs, I assure you," says the duchess.

7. The love for the sport is essential

The duke and duchess of Cambridge are famous also for his love of sports: Kate enjoys playing hockey on grass and William plays football, basketball and polo. Prince George and princess Charlotte are still not showing much sympathy for the sport, even though the parents are confident that children will end up following in their footsteps.

6. Strict compliance with the protocol and the rules of the society, regardless of age, in public places

The children know with certainty what is meant by bad behaviour or temper tantrums during the public events and acts in society. They will be punished with the immediate exit of the place in which they find themselves. Prince George has ventured several times to break this rule in a children's park with a tantrum: he was sent home immediately.

5. At home it allows relaxation

"We still have not broken anything, but always try to do so. George runs, push things, jump all over the house. Please tell me that with time this will be easier," says the prince William.

4. The physical punishments are prohibited

For very bad behavior of the small, the Duke and duchess of Cambridge never resort to physical punishment. Often, the parents invent their own methods to influence their behaviour. So, if prince George has a tantrum, his mom Kate quickly invents a way to divert the attention to your angry child. For example, he begins singing in a loud voice and, at times, she herself is thrown to the ground and screams!!!. Seems to work and the children, with open mouth, calm down.

3. The tablet and computer are the things of adults

Prince George and princess Charlotte spend a lot of time outside, running through puddles and riding a bike. It is strictly prohibited to operate electronic devices. Kate and William believe that this kind of "toys" are not necessary now and will wait until they are older. But, yes: the ball, jump rope, and outdoor games are perfect to the development of fantasy and imagination.

2. Yes to the cartoon

The television in the family of the dukes itself is allowed. However, only the time strictly established. The children of the royal family already have their favorite cartoon: Charlotte frequently asks that you put “Peppa Pig and George love ”Sam the fireman".

1. Reasonable consumption as a way of life

Kate and William are in favour of a conscious consumption.

This is evident when they reject the purchases of new fashion items. Very often, in the photos we can see how the prince George and the princess Charlotte dress in garments of their parents and even the children's clothes of his uncle Harry.

If you need to buy something new, the duchess opts for the clothing brands within the reach of many, ignoring the considered luxurious.

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