12 Evidence that Ryan Reynolds is the king of trolear to their loved ones

Almost all the actors and actresses modern have an active life on the Internet, but only a few social networking accounts is becoming interesting, not only for film lovers, but also for those who simply appreciate good humor. This kind of accounts are part of the Instagram and the Twitter of the charming canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. The star trolea to absolutely everyone: his wife, his daughters, his brother, his mother and himself. His jokes sharp it is dispersed by the network like cakes hot. This is what I will offer you to “prove” in this article. Caution: filling in the “cakes” in seasoned generously with sarcasm.

Great.guru has collected 12 jokes and actions great actor who will be charged of optimism for a week.


After Ryan became the face and co-owner of the production company geneva Aviation Gin, posted on her Instagram this photo with the following signature:

“In this photo, nothing belongs to me. With the exception of the company that produces gin”.


With their new tweets about the difficulties of parenthood, Ryan confirms the title of the dad, the funny thing on the planet.


And still ironizando about what responsible and caring parents who are he and his wife Blake Lively.


The mother of the actor also received a portion of the sense of humor of Ryan:

“I spent 10 minutes trying to write a message to my mother, until I realized that I didn’t have a phone in my hands.”


Reynolds could not simply give his wife a cake for Valentine’s Day. I had to make fun of your spouse and of your own culinary skills:

“I made him a cake to my wife, but instead of using cream, I decorated with glue. After all, I am not a scientist.”


The older brother of actor, Jeff, was Ryan a tender greeting on their birthday:

“Dear brother Jeff, if I started a fire and I had to choose which member of my family save, I would choose myself. I love you. Happy birthday to you”.


The loving husband also not left without attention to his dear wife the day of his 30° birthday. And here is the signature of the photo, in which you can only see clearly to Ryan:

“Happy birthday, my wonderful wife.”


Blake was not far behind. Guided by the phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold”, he waited until he got the birthday of her husband. Its publication, along with a photo also cropped, bore the signature:

“Happy birthday, baby.”


And so it was as the couple celebrated the birthday of Ryan. By signing the photo, the actor did not forget to thank, especially to their daughters by the fact that the celebration has passed strictly according to your plan.


Blake not only occupies a special place in the heart of Reynolds, but also in his jokes. Ryan posted on his Instagram a photo of the filming of the new film of the actress, not forgetting to assign the hashtag #nofilter (#sinfiltro).


And the last greeting of the birthday of Ryan. This time, the victim was his colleague at the filming of the movie “Deadpool 2”, Josh Brolin. The joke was about the age of the actor:

“Happy birthday, Bright Eye. You don’t seem to have even a day over 40”.


Even before the premiere of the second part of the franchise on the mercenary impostor, who, by the way, will be held on may 18, Ryan has made a lot of fuss in the role of Deadpool. So, for example, in the movie poster, Deadpool mimics the scene from the cult movie Flashdance, only that, instead of water, there were bullets, and in place of the dancer, sexy, Deadpool.

What a joke of Reynolds you liked more? Or do you prefer their artistic interpretations?

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