12 simple Rules to buy things that surely you are going to use

The syndrome “my closet is full but I have nothing to wear” is familiar to many, but, again, we see two garments for the price of one, we lose our will and we bought t-shirts of a single use for 1 USD, and dresses that we will not use most of an opportunity. It is time to put an end to this and learn to buy only what we’re going to make.

Great.guru has compiled tips from stylists and bloggers from fashion that will help you to save your money and to make sure that all items purchased will be useful to you 100%.

1. Review your wardrobe

Before you go shopping with these new rules, tries to sort out the things that you already have. Remove all of your wardrobe and divide it into three groups: “what I love and I would right now”, “perhaps” and “surely I’m not going to use.” Save the things you love, and donate or throw the clothes obsolete, worn out or that is not of your color or not match your style.

And with the clothes of the group, “maybe,” the blogger of fashion VallarinaCreative advised to do the following: put the things you use and that you don’t use in different parts of the closet. If you have not used anything for the last six months, you can leave these clothes quietly.

Here you can see a statement 5 steps on how to clean out your wardrobe of unnecessary things.

2. Go shopping without money

To understand what is good and what is not, go to a store like of tour. No money! Now that you’re not going shopping, you will understand better what should be your style and your wardrobe ideal. Test new styles and cuts unusual. Enters a local that sells expensive clothing and high quality, it is not necessary to buy something there, just test the clothing, and evaluate how you are the clothing. Look closely at the details, pay attention to the quality of the accessories and points (the more stitches you have per inch, the better). This will help you to distinguish things well sewn when you go to do the shopping.

3. Write a stop-list

A stop-list is a list of things that you’ll never buy. Maybe it’s the colorful clothes that don’t fit, jeans tight, the cheap t-shirts made of fabric of fine-tuning. What is more important is that, taking into account this list, will not yield to the impulse and will not buy another “mistake”, even cuandoveas an attractive price.

4. Create a capsule wardrobe

Caroline Joy, who manages the popular blog A-Fancy, a good idea to create a capsule wardrobe. “Capsule” is a set of several garments that combine well with each other, and therefore, with a small amount of things you’ll be able to create many different sets.

Caroline advises to focus on 37 articles of clothing and footwear (this figure does not include the clothing and sports clothes for home, swimwear, underwear and accessories), although you can use less clothes. On your site there are a scheduler and an application which helps you create a capsule wardrobe. You can also view the instructions for creating a “capsule” here and here. Follow the principles of a capsule wardrobe will help you shop consciously and not impulsively.

5. Follow the rule of “meat and potatoes”

The famous designer Michael Kors wrote in his Twitter that 70% of our wardrobe should consist of “meat and potatoes”, and the remaining 30% is a “dessert”. “Meat and potatoes” are the basic things more simple and comfortable which are suitable for any occasion and combine well with each other. On these same garments, writes the blogger Lavinia Lond: “Be neutral is always best to be bright but out of place. The English have an expression, ‘easy to place him’, which means to easily identify a person. By your clothing, your hairstyle, the choice of words… Not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe you have a distinctive accent, and people are going to notice it. But equally it is better not to be ‘easy to place’, this way you will have more freedom to maneuver.”

“Dessert” are things and accessories unusual and remarkable, an accent to bright of your picture. Preston Davis, the author of the blog Keepit chic, who for 20 years made castings of models for the photo shoots for Vogue in the U.S., recommends that each season to buy a single fashion garment and make it many times while it is trend. At the end of the season, just the strips to buy something new. It is difficult to register all of the trends, so choose the one that best matches your personal style.

6. Dressing for “someone”

The stylist Elena Shtogrina says that you need to dress up for a specific person. Think about who you want to impress. When you purchase any garment, you think of this person. How is your friend, sister, husband, or a blogger of fashion? Or perhaps it is Brad Pitt? What you are going to like in these clothes? What could you tell these clothes on you? Take a photo of yourself in the attire future in different angles and tries to look at you from far away.

7. Wear underwear right

When you go to the store, pay attention to what kind of underwear you have. A bra well-chosen to help you get visually 3-5 kg Shape under clothes for a beautiful silhouette and help you to excel. Don’t skimp on underwear: this is a question not only of style, but of your health. Our articles will help you to choose the right underwear and avoid the errors.

8. Buy two garments the same

Preston Davis recommends: if you’ve found a basic garment that suits you, buy two at the same time. If the model is sold in different colors, takes a choice of black color; goes perfectly with almost all the things in the locker room.

9. Compare the sizes nearby

Test not only the size that you think is yours, but also the two nearby. If your size is M, S and L. The sizes of various manufacturers differ, and you’ll be surprised to know that other scrub you it is best that you have become accustomed to. Small tip: buy a jacket a size or even 2 less and wear it unbuttoned, it will lean.

10. Choose clothing for your lifestyle

If you spend 80% of your time in the office, it makes no sense to buy a bunch of bright clothes for the holidays. Write a list of garments you use most often, in which you feel good: it is a kind of uniform. And in the store, before anything else, pay attention to them. When you see a garment you like, do mentally at least three sets with her and the garments already in your wardrobe. If this garment is to be “lonely”, it is better to refuse purchase.

Spend more on what you use most often: jeans, t-shirts, office attire, and save on what almost didn’t wear, such as swimsuits.

11. Buy practical things

Do you have clothing that will fits well, but rubs? How often do you use? If something looks good on a mannequin or it is beautiful in and of itself, does not mean that suits you. Concentrate on your personal comfort. Do not purchase clothes girl waiting for you to lose weight or that the fabric is stiff, will be more soft after washing. Purchase clothing that is comfortable and fits you well from the beginning.

A perfect dress that you purchased despite the fact that you have left boy, not going to decorate your locker, but it will be a reproach silent.

12. Try a new item in the house without cutting off the labels

Put something new at home in front of your mirror, “well-known” and with the light of custom, without cutting the label. Now when you no longer feel the fever of the consumer, can assess with certainty how well you have left. If you’re disappointed, you can return it quietly to the store. Store boxes and checks that there are no problems to return the purchase.

When it is dangerous to make purchases

  • The wage day.
  • During the period of PMS.
  • If you’re depressed.
  • Along with your friend. Purchase clothing alone: this will help you focus well on the garment and not wasting money.
  • The days of deals. The discounts are great, but before you go shopping, make a list of what you really need.
  • To kill time and “just watch”: there is the risk of spending money on things that don’t need to.

Remember to go out of compas will not solve your psychological problems. You have to act smartly to compose a wardrobe, leaving aside the emotions. You must know firmly what is exactly what you need and how much you can pay. And yet, once in a while, allow yourself to go shopping without thinking, as a pleasure, thoughtless and a therapy against bad mood, and buy those leggings color fluor with prints of cats, simply because it’s fun.

And what are your secrets to build the costumes?

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