12 Restaurants in the world where the food is not the main thing

From a long time ago, the restaurant business goes beyond the organization to eat. In attempts to surprise the client, the owners of the resturants go up to the mountains, descend to the bottom of the ocean, and even go to the ice palaces. Such places are not only visited with the purpose of eating, but to receive an extraordinary experience that cannot be compared with a simple visit to the coffee shop on the other side of the corner.

The team is Great.guru chose 12 locations that surely you will have the urge to go eat right now, and not for the quality of their dishes, but also for its unusual location.

Labassin Waterfall, Philippines

In the Philippines is Villa Escudero, where you can go to the restaurant Labassin Waterfall, located at the foot of a small waterfall. The tables are placed directly in the water. The establishment is visited by a large number of tourists and by people who desire to try the cuisine of the philippines in a landscape anything usual.

The Grotto, Thailand

The romantic restaurant The Grotto is located in a limestone cave on the beach Phra Nang, Thailand. This establishment belongs to the tourist spot Rayavadee, but you can reserve a table even if you are not their guest. The special dish are the grilled seafood and is served in the evenings, several times a week. The rest of the time the customers can opt for light snacks and desserts.

Treepod Dining, Thailand

It seems that the landlord of this restaurant thought of something how: “Eat a bird’s nest, why not?”. The establishment belongs to the hotel Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand, and it seems that the waiters do not get bored. To the dishes the serve with the help of a zip line that go to the 3 “nests”, located at a height of 5 meters.

Ice Restaurant, Finland

The village of Santa Claus in Finland annually attracts a multitude of tourists, but aside from knowing the pleasant and magical old man, you can visit the restaurant that is completely made of snow and ice. Attractive ice sculptures form part of its decoration.

Ithaa, Maldives

Do you want to eat with sharks, manta rays and sea turtles? Then you have to go to the restaurant Ithaa in the Maldives. It is under the water, to be more accurate in the bottom of the Indian Ocean. It is the ideal variant for those who dream to see the underwater world but are afraid of diving.

Grotta Palazzese, Italy

It seems that not only the thai restaurants have occupied the caves. In the Italian city of Polignano a Mare was open this place, at a height of 25 meters above the Adriatic Sea. In addition, there is a bar and lounge area (lounge zone).

Dinner in the Sky, 45 countries

The founders of the network Dinner in the Sky show that up to a platform hanging from a construction crane can be a restaurant. The matrix of the project originated in Belgium, but the establishment is already in more than 45 countries. By the way, even if you are not afraid of the heights or the high prices, getting to eat is not so easy. The height of the host must be, as a minimum, 150 cm, to be attached to the seat.

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, Australia

The visitors of this restaurant can kill two birds with one stone: to admire the view of Melbourne and its surroundings, and, also, to dine in an environment to fashion a tram, retro. In this establishment are conducted, dinners, parties and visits closed, as, for example, breakfast or a tea morning.

Trinity Place Restaurant, EE.UU

In 1904 this was the safe banking largest and safest in the world, but today has become a place for meetings and dinners in New York. Yes, even the creators would not have been able to imagine a meal in a safe old behind a few doors of 35 tons.

Le Panoramic, France

The main detail of this restaurant is the panoramic view of 360° that covers Mont Blanc. The fantastic view of the mountains from an altitude of 2.732 metres is already enough to impress the guests. But the owners do not stop at this; here you can try exquisite delicacies, for example: foie gras.

The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar, Tanzania

The name of the restaurant speaks for itself. The establishment was set up just over a stone sticking out of the water. Of course, we could not put on it more than 20 tables, but this does not seem to matter. Without a doubt, the seafood in a place so peaceful seem to be more tasty.

Karvansaray, Azerbaijan

In Baku, you can taste the national food in any place. But doing it in a backyard unusual, it can only be here. Do you agree that this design looks interesting for the roof?

Bonus: the restaurant project under the water Under

Very soon the Ithaa in the Maldives will not be the only restaurant under the water. The Norwegian project Under looks completely different but very promising.

How and which of these establishments would you like to go to eat? Or maybe you’ve visited other extraordinary restaurants? Tell us in the comments.

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