12 Signs that show that your partner is crazy of love for you

True love is not only feeling, but also can be seen with the naked eye. But if you’re one of those people that needs to be tested true in every situation, and prefer facts to words, get ready and pay attention to the following signals.

In Great.guru , we’ve taken the work out of analysing a good portion of the couples in love and we have prepared for you a list of things that will tell you how much you want your other half.

1. Shares his food with you

Surely you remember Joey from “Friends”, the popular series of the 90’s. He never shared his food with anyone! In fact, many times he did the opposite: they never lost the opportunity of eating a little dish of his appointment while she went to the bathroom.

Apparently, there are many people who hate that someone take a little of their food, especially without asking for permission. Many men also feel weird when the girl wants to feed them a romantic manner, with a spoon or a fork. It is for this reason that you see your partner to share his food with you, or offer you a taste of their food without caring about that you eat your plate in a public space or at home, it is a very good sign of affection.

2. You leave voice notes

Currently, much of our time we are communicating with other people through online applications such as, for example, WhatsApp. It is an excellent alternative for those who can’t spend as much time together as they want to, but feel the need to stay connected.

However, the words on a screen do not have the same meaning or the same warmth and intonation when we communicate personally. Are often chat quite impersonal. The notes of voice, by contrast, are not. Make conversation at a distance is a lot more fun and clear.

The next time you listen to an audio of your partner, remember that it took a space of your time and effort to record it. Surely he had to find a quiet place, all simply because you want too.

3. Leave your phone without blocking and does not have access keys

Speaking of phones, some people care too much of his own, as if someone were to steal them at any time. Use all means of protection possible such as passwords and unlocks with a fingerprint, and never leave their mobiles or tablets without supervision. Even at home, with his partner, despite the fact that this behavior may seem strange, to the point that the other comes in to ask you why are you hiding both the information of the cell. This usually means that the person has something to hide, and those are not the best foundation for a relationship based on trust.

Does not mean that your partner should give you all the passwords of every one of your social media profiles, because we all have a right to privacy. But if the person behaves naturally around you, and shows signs of confidence and sincerity in their intentions, this is nothing more than true love.

4. Is willing to try new things at your side

When two people are attracted to it because, basically, found similarities and preferences in common. The older we are, the more difficult it is for us to say “yes” to something new, especially when it comes to adventures and the things that you commonly do.

A couple who deeply cares for you and wants to learn more about your personality definitely will try to participate in the activities in which you have fun. Being involved in a hobby and doing things together, whether cooking classes or horse riding, strengthens the bonds in the relationship and gives rise to know a lot more. In addition, this implies a great opportunity to spend more time together. You must learn to appreciate the desire of the other person to spend as much as you can with you, especially in these times, in which the schedules are pretty tight.

We clarify that we do not expect that the men involved in make-up classes or that women hold a screwdriver while his partner is fixing the car in the garage, but what if they find an interesting activity for both?

5. Leaves you love notes and many surprises

There is a saying anglo-saxon fairly well-known that says that the devil is in the details. With this phrase, what you want to say, it is the small things that, at first glance, seem insignificant, are the ones that really matter for human beings, in addition to being linked to the real feelings. Big surprises for anniversaries and celebrations are something normal. Most of us are accustomed to prepare a gift just for this type of occasions. But it is the small gestures of kindness and the unexpected details that have the greatest value, and brighten the day of any person.

Small cards of “I love You” hidden in the pocket of your coat, posts funny written on the bathroom mirror with toothpaste, your favorite chocolate stashed in your purse, the examples are infinite. And the main meaning of all these things is: “I appreciate that, and I want to have this every day.” There is No more a sign true love this!

6. Change your habits for you

It is difficult to renounce the old ways. We also know that it is not ok for your partner to try to change your personality completely to change to sustain a relationship. Relationships are two people, being as they are, but trying to be the best version of themselves to the other.

Let’s say that you live in an apartment of a single room. Madrugas a lot and you usually watch television until midnight. Is that person you try to change a little bit the hour of going to bed to share some moments of expression of love with you and that together you sleep well? If so, then accounts with luck.

Or imagine a situation in which that person is something like a mouse of the royal library (it happens, trust us), and you… well, you’re not a thing of these. To the contrary, your life revolves around accessories and make-up scattered throughout the house. What would you attempt to get organized a little more and put things in place for him to feel comfortable to him? If so, then your other half is lucky to have you. That is precisely what we mean.

7. Accompanying you and will have patience in the things that seem boring

This happens to both sexes. We all have a lot of things that the other person does not understand and, therefore, does not agree.

For the boys, for example, would be to go shopping. Very few men enjoy accompanying his girl in a while that can last for hours. But if your partner is willing to spend time on it most of the times, he is really interested. Even more so if you participate in the election process of the garments , and gives advice and opinions on them (obviously, with care and respect, and thinking very well what you are going to say).

For girls, it can be any type of sporting event, whether live or broadcast on television, including reruns of games. Life at home can be paused during the period of the championships or important games, but you can choose to enjoy them. Ask them to explain what the issue was and why you enjoy it so much. That interest and the desire to participate in their favorite activities will be very appreciated by the other person.

8. Prefer a pleasant conversation and not silence

We all dream with that person with whom we can keep quiet. This is not one uncomfortable, such as when you have nothing else to talk about, and struggles, in your mind searching for a topic with which to break the ice. No, we mean that silence is wonderful, when all is quiet and clear, and you feel safe and quiet, simply enjoying the presence of each one.

However, when going through a difficult time, and there is a situation or a problem which definitely need to talk, the conversation of thoughtful way is the most effective. The person that really cares for your relationship and for preserving the peace with your partner, choose the honesty and the dialogue instead of skipping a discussion. The more you can learn to speak and to give handling difficult situations, the more far you can get, especially in a relationship. Love brings understanding.

9. Is proud to have you in his life

We agree that it is okay to keep private in a relationship, especially at the beginning of it, or simply if the area in which to play can desestabilizarlos when you are exposed as a couple. But when he has spent a considerable amount of time since you started dating this person, and one of the two is still quite shy to show their relationship with others, is not something very nice to the other.

See that your partner is proud of being with you is, on the contrary, it is very rewarding. It is a sign that they are ready to be presented to your friends, family and colleagues. Probably will talk a lot of both, will be celebrating with you the small steps you take toward goals in the future and the great achievements that both to get. Change the state of relationships in social networks, upload photos with your partner proud of the person you are, and never stop holding hands when they walk and just happen to be with known people. All these signs demonstrate that the subject really wants to be with you.

10. Do not turn it in when you need it

Love is…
Take care of that person you love when they’re sick.

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, in fact, is full of moments pretty ugly also. Getting sick, for example, can happen to any of us and usually happens unexpectedly. Leaving aside the negative consequences of being ill, it can be a good opportunity to realize who you have on the side.

If your partner is easily scared by your appearance sick, to see you, with high temperature, weakness, need of care and maybe a little whimsical, well, it’s really not good to be by your side. But if, on the contrary, that person is anxious to buy oranges (“it’s A good source of vitamin C!”), you take the temperature (“it Is going down, hurray!”) and is about to fall asleep watching next to you your favorite series again and again (“Oh, not again… Well, let’s do it”): it opens the eyes, you’ve found the right person!

11. Listen to your tips

To achieve this point is really complicated. On the one hand, women are always looking for a man who can make decisions, and the knights want something better than a lady undecided and need support all the time to make decisions in your life. On the other hand, we all want as a partner a person who supports us, who is always willing to listen to us and do not be ashamed to ask us for advice. Two heads think more than one.

Then, if you find someone special who values your opinions and wants to hear what you have to say about your life, don’t let it go, you really want to.

12. I agree too

It is scientifically proven that not only touching, but also nibble on, it is a real sample of union in the couple. It could happen that someone of whom you are in love with, a person quite reserved or shy, do not agree with this kind of caresses. But if your partner always strives to kiss you, touch you, pamper yourself, acariciarte, and even bitten, definitely this is a sign of a lasting and loving relationship.

The desire to nibble on to someone that you love is defined as a connection in our brain between perceiving that something pleases us or seems to us to be cute and search for food.

Please share with us your own stories! At what point and by what things did you feel that your partner really loved you? How you’re still with that person? We are eager to read your answers in the comments section!

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