13 Comics about what kind of men can be found in a first appointment

Each appointment is a separate story that has its own unique characters. But there are certain types of men that appear with greater frequency. And it was on the basis of them, we draw these comics to laugh together and to remember our appointments more curious and amusing, that didn’t turn out as well as we wanted.

Great.guru has drawn 13 illustrations comic about dating in the that something went wrong.

The researcher

The generous

The maniac

The brutal

The son of mom

The narcissist

The womanizer

The single parent

The one who suffers for the former

The male

The fake male

The boring

There is No perfect first date. Although, for a little while. Here it is:

And what fun characters you have met, you on a first date? Tell us your story.

Illustrator Leonid Khan for Great.guru

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