13 Tips great for keeping your shoes like new

When it comes to footwear, we are used to paying a lot of money for it, so naturally we want the products to us last as long as possible. Fortunately, there are excellent tips for any type of shoes look as good as when you bought it.

Shoes of good quality are a staple in any wardrobe with style, and Great.guru has put together a series of tricks and tips that will surely help you to take care of the look of your footwear favorite, as well as keep you away from bad odors.

13. Take care of your shoes with wax

Do you want your cloth shoes are waterproof? It takes a little bit of wax or paraffin, and rub the stain in them. This will prevent the water from passing through the tissue.

12. Enlarge the shoes

What do you do when those fashionable shoes you’ve bought are too tight? Taking a cup of water and place it inside a sealable bag, then place it in the shoe and placed the pair in the freezer. The liquid will turn to ice and will enlarge the shoes. Leave them there for the whole night and will be ready to use in the morning.

11. Clean cloth shoes

If your shoes are a light color, then you know how fast you can get gray and dirty. If you put them in the washing machine does not work to remove the dirt, try this: mix a little baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Dip a toothbrush that you no longer use in the solution and rub it well in the footwear. This should remove the earth immediately!

10. Clean sneakers

The gym shoes or sports have not only fabric, but also have rubber parts. The best thing for cleaning is, therefore, the rubber! Take an eraser and rub all the parts of this material in your shoes. Will look as good as new.

9. How to renew your leather shoes

With the passing of time, the leather shoes start to look old, especially if they get wet. To improve their appearance, try the following: you will need a little bit of water and vinegar. Mix the ingredients in equal parts, spray the solution on the shoe and rub gently with a brush. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

8. Store your boots properly to retain their shape

To maintain the boots well stored and that these do not lose their shape can be a challenge, but thanks to these simple tricks you can easily achieve. If you have footwear with a soft material in the part of the legs, takes a magazine thick and fold it in the form of a tube. Then, place it inside of the boot. This will be kept in a straight position, and will prevent the part between the leg and the foot crease, or mark.

If you wet your boots, do not throw it aside because they could lose their way. Instead, take a couple of empty bottles and cálzalas there until dry.

7. Keep your shoes fresh

The sports shoes definitely do not smell like roses after use. To eliminate the problem of odor, put tea bags in your interior during the night and between gym sessions.

6. Keep the leather shiny

To make your leather shoes look shiny and new, I just used a banana peel! Rub the inside of the same on the surface of the footwear and clean the remains with a napkin of soft paper.

5. Get rid of the scrapes

If your beautiful shoes party have some black scratches by being struck against each other, here we have a solution for which you will need to:

  • Nail Polish remover or acetone;
  • Swabs or swabs.

Moisten the swabs slightly with acetone, and then gently pressed. So removerás the scratches of your shoes favorite.

4. To control the sweat

To deal with feet sweating is a real problem for those who live in warm countries during the summers. Therefore, to avoid that they sweat profusely and smell bad, try placing pads inside the shoe.

3. Trick for shoes with slippery surface

It is too annoying when you have shoes new and perfect, but they are so slippery that you can’t go out with them. Here you have several options to solve that problem: the first is to use a sandpaper to abrade the bottom of the footwear. And the other option, if that does not help, is to use a hot glue gun and make some patterns on the sole, as this will create a grip on the sole of the shoe. Let it dry before you use them.

2. Conserve the footwear

If you need to pack quickly your things, including your shoes, and don’t have enough time to clean them, simply place them in a bathing cap. This will keep your clothes clean and your shoes will be well.

1. Problems with the gum

If you had the misfortune of stepping on a piece of gum, do not attempt to remove it or rasguñarlo immediately, it is best to place a piece of ice directly on the gum. This will make the piece of gum will harden and you can remove it with ease.

If you have any other trick that has been useful, please share it with us in the comments. We help others to take better care of your favorite shoes.

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