13 Tips that seem crazy until the evidence for yourself

Recently, someone in the web site Reddit offered to the users to share some of the tips most strangers that turned out to be tremendously helpful and changed their lives completely. No one could guess until where would all this: watermelons, crackers, pizza, wet socks spare to compensate for a bad day, and some rarities more. There is everything in the vineyard of the lord!

In Great.guru went back to read all the tricks and tested by our own to share with you the best of all of them. The main thing here is to not be afraid to try anything that seems too absurd to the naked eye.

13. The pizza, more delicious if it is moistened

To that the pizza is juicy, before heating in a microwave oven or conventional, place on it a napkin slightly damp or rocíala with water through a spray, especially on the edges.

12. Test the relaxation technique feline

Do you want to recharge a bit the batteries to reach the south? Enjoy a sun-bath, as do the cats and the children. Bring a blanket, a pillow and go to sleep directly on the ground, where fall the warm rays of the sun.

If you’re resting outdoors, don’t forget the sunscreen and limit the time to about 15-20 minutes to avoid heat stroke and overheating.

11. Add peanuts salted to the Coca-Cola

10. What a bad day at the office? Ponte new socks at your place of work

It is difficult to express with words the feeling you experience when you get a pair of new socks. This tip is useful if you need to make a long walk. The wave snapshot of vigor and strength is guaranteed.

This technique is useful for women. If you are wearing socks all day, and by night you have an appointment with someone, bring along another pair of socks to change into before the meeting. The feeling of lightness in the legs that you will provide will be indescribable.

9. Forgot the specific word? Repeat aloud the alphabet

In 90 percent of cases, as you get to the letter with which it begins the sought-after word or name, because you will remember how to say it in a complete manner.

8. What laziness to do something? Don’t take a coffee, enjoy a shower

It is not worth to surf the Internet or rely on the magical power of coffee if you find yourself overtaken by laziness or despondency. The fastest way to recover from such a moment is a short shower. Immediately, you will feel a remarkable explosion of energy and improve your mood. Therefore, many psychologists advise to “clean” the stress by taking a bath right before bedtime, especially if you suffer from insomnia.

7. Do you have cold? Boiled Coca-Cola with ginger and take it as if it were a syrup

This remedy to combat colds is very popular in China. The drink should be taken hot and better to bring it to a boil to remove all bubbles. If you like, you can also add a couple of slices of lemon. This home remedy relieves sore throat and nasal congestion, warming the body inside.

6. Do you want pleasant sensations and relaxing? Placed a massager on your neck and over your ears

A prerequisite: the massager should be silent. This unusual trick dazzled many users who noticed a surprising effect peacemaker and sensations extremely pleasurable.

5. The soy sauce takes on a caramel flavor if you pour on a scoop of vanilla ice cream

4. Do your hands smell like garlic? Rub them with salt or with an object of stainless steel

This simple trick will save you from many embarrassing situations. Some say that holding a little bit of baking soda in your hands is also perfectly absorbs the smell.

If you’ve eaten garlic in excess, hold a piece of cutlery of stainless steel in your mouth for 30 seconds.

3. The burger tastes best if it melts into it a cloud of cotton and smeared all over with peanut butter

2. With salt, the fruit is sweeter and the coffee tastes bitter

This is the only mineral that humans consume. Add a little salt to the watermelon, melon, apples, pears, citrus fruits and even hot chocolate, this will make its flavour more intense and slightly sweeter. A little salt in the coffee will eliminate its bitter taste.

1. Toss the fries with vinegar and salt and smeared cream cheese on a slice of watermelon

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