13 absurd Things in which he believed seriously the people of the Middle Ages

The wording of Great.guru has found propositions in which it would seem that one could hardly believe an adult person. But history shows the opposite: in the Middle Ages, while the science was going through difficult times, the people took on certain all kinds of crazy things.

Although we must recognize that we too have many misconceptions about the ancient times: we’ll let you in on one of them in quality of bonus at the end of the article.

13. Within the sperm are little people

Yes, yes, it was exactly what I thought of the scholars in the SEVENTEENTH and EIGHTEENTH centuries. Is more, they believed that the child was already fully formed inside the sperm, and that I just needed to grow. In regard to the participation of the woman, supposedly she only served as an “incubator”.

Shortly afterward appeared the opponents of this idea, arguing that the germ of life was already in the female body, and that the male seed alone would wake her up. Finally it turned out that the truth was somewhere between both theories.

12. Titivillus

In the Middle Ages, the “printers of texts” were the monks who wrote by hand large quantities of books. It is not surprising that they sometimes commit errors. But apparently they did not want to admit it, because they invented a demon special errors: Titivillus.

Supposedly, the rogue would gather all the errors of a monk in a bag so that, after the death of this, the devil could introduce and reduce their chances of entering paradise.

11. The heart was buried separately from the person

Formerly, transport of bodies was a very difficult task, but what if the deceased had asked to be buried in a significant place for him? For those cases, the people of the X century, it occurred to him to remove the heart and bury him there where there was no way of burying the deceased.

Only the rich could afford something like that. Among them were Anne Boleyn, Richard I and Frédéric Chopin.

10. An animal could be cited to the court

Before, the animals could become criminals. Could be brought to trial with a real lawyer and a judge, and could be imprisoned and even hanged.

Once in Lausanne, the court cited to a few caterpillars that had been sued for eating the plants in the gardens. They did not appear. Then they were excommunicated and ordered to leave the city.

The cats were the animals most executed because they were considered the minions of the devil. This led to an extermination that resulted in a great proliferation of rodents infected by the plague to all of Europe. This yes that is a crime!

9. In the Pacific, there used to be a great continent

A long time ago, different nations believed that in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was a continent that sank. It was called in different ways: Pacifida, Mu or Lemuria. It is believed that one of the indirect tests were the legends of Easter island, who were on a huge island that sank little by little until fully submerge.

8. The blood of the gladiators help to cure epilepsy

Before the battles, the gladiators of ancient Rome were bloody sacrifices to the gods, that gave them strength and endurance. That made the people to think that the blood of these warriors had miraculous properties.

The famous Pliny wrote about this: “The epileptics drink the blood of the gladiators as if it were the cup of life. Believe that it is better to drink it hot, while the person is still breathing”.

7. The witches were trying to the male genitals as pets

In the known work “The hammer of witches” is mentioned that witches are stealing the genitals of men and treated them as pets. That is to say, that placed them in a nest and fed.

The strange thing is that this story did not come out of nothing: in medicine there is something known as the syndrome of Koro. People who suffer from it believe that some of their bodies have been disappeared suddenly. And as you might expect, in the Middle Ages the guilt of this “disappearance” fell on the witches.

6. The evil spirits live in the Brussels sprouts

Today, in western countries, before you prepare the Brussels sprouts, some housewives made on each stem cut in the shape of a cross. And although they say that so the vegetable cooks more quickly, this habit originates in another part.

In medieval Britain it was believed that between the leaves of the cabbage had to hide little demons. If someone accidentally ate one, he ran the risk of having indigestion. Sounds very similar to the micro-organisms, right? We do not know what I was thinking about washing vegetables, but people in medieval invented these cuts for “to baptize” to the col.

5. Some animals are born for themselves

In the Middle Ages it was believed that the mold, mildew, worms and insects they could simply appear out of the debris, dirt or dust by the designs of the forces of evil. With the low level of development of the biology that was then, it is not surprising that this was the only natural explanation.

The strange thing is that the mice and the rats also had the property of his birth by his own account. Although there is to be a lit of science to discover how the rodents play really.

4. The bees are birds

The bestiary medieval, or the set of articles on animals continues to be a very interesting read in our time. For example, the bees were considered small birds and very strange that not only produce honey, but they also were waging war with other hives. It was believed that if a bee was in violation of the law of your hive, it is stung herself for the unbearable sense of guilt, and he died.

3. And the beavers are fish

In the first place, for some reason the beaver was considered a fish, and his meat I could eat in lent.

In the second place, the testicles of the beaver had a high curative value, making it an animal that is very hunted in the Middle Ages. It was believed that when a beaver understood that it could not escape its hunters, he bit the testicles, and thus be saved.

This legend has a rational side: the stream of the beaver, or the secret of the glands of the beaver, it is still very appreciated by perfumers today.

2. Babies do not feel pain

The claim that young children do not feel pain seems to be the delirium of a madman, but it was only 30 years ago that managed to prove otherwise. It was believed that the brain of the babies was not sufficiently developed.

With which, before it used to operate on babies without anesthesia, and if crying is what attributed to simple whims.

1. A certain combination of notes can make it appear to the devil

In the Middle Ages, the church used to forbid a certain combination of sounds in music-the tritone (when there is a range of tones between the notes), because this combination sounded too “satanic”.

If a person was caught running music that uses tritones, could be thrown into the cellars of the Inquisition.

The sound of a tritone can be heard here.

Bonus: what we believe about the Middle Ages

Although the Average Age is considered with reason in a dark time, many of the rumors are exaggerated. For example, people were washed once in life, or that women were humiliated constantly and were not considered people.

In reality, although it had precedents of this kind and, in general, women are considered second-class people, his position was not as deplorable as we think, and there remained all day in his castle reading the Bible.

And not all young people who are not married end up in a monastery. Some helped their parents in the home (why waste a pair of hands?), other learned profession, and worked almost up to par of an average man.

As you can see in these pictures, the women of lower classes had the right to dominate any type of trade.

The women worked as scribes, binders, sellers of books, breweries, washers, even home builders, masons, and stained glass windows.

For example, here a woman is drawing a portrait.

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