13 Photos over the relationship between the human being and the nature that will make you say: “Something must change”

The year 2017 was the hottest in the entire history of meteorological observations, and these have a century and a half of made. Some scientists say that soon, Europe and the united States will be covered permanently with ice. We don’t know how accurate are the forecasts of the scientists, but it is more likely that we have not brought anything good to our planet.

Specialists agree with this, and have therefore called this “mood” of the weather a weather a weather “nervous”. The main reason for this atypical behavior is the warming of the Arctic as the Greenland ice sheet is disappearing at a rate twice faster than 10 years ago.

Great.guru prepared you a compilation of the facts that indicate that, today, our nature is in a bad mood. And this has been mainly caused by the human being.

The abnormal heat causes people to become used to new conditions. The temperature of the environment in Arizona came up to 48°C, and in Kuwait to 53°C.

Due to the exposure of chemical compounds of anthropogenic origin, the earth’s ozone layer is being destroyed. This layer not only protects you from the loss of air, but it also defends us from the devastating ultraviolet radiation. Meteorologists from all over the world attributed to this the abnormal increase of the temperature.

Temperatures have reached low to the incredible regions where the cold is unusual

All the world saw the photos of the caimanes buried in the ice, and also to the iguanas that fell out of the trees, while the residents of the U.S. were trying to save them. Alligators adapt to these temperature changes, but for the iguanas is a mortal danger.

In the Sahara desert and it snows for the third consecutive year

It seems that soon the humanity will get used to this phenomenon, which, unfortunately, is not something normal.

This siberian tiger came up to the people to get food

Due to poaching and illegal hunting, the siberian tigers take to the road, waiting for something of the people. However, this affects all the wild animals that suffer from hunger and also to those who have to adapt to new conditions of life. Forest destruction is another global issue that is threatening the world.

The clearing of rainforests in Brazil

If, prior to the loss of agricultural land is more than compensated for by the logging, so now there is almost nothing to cut. If the logging continues at this rate, the world’s forests will be destroyed in a century. Scientists predict that in the year 2040 the rainforests will disappear.

China: The eye-catching billboard that shines in a dense pollution

The industrial development without precedents has caused 85 percent of the population of the entire planet breathe polluted air.

The Spanish city of Gijón is located 100 kilometres from a forest fire. This photo was taken at 10 in the morning

Only in the united States in 2017, were recorded 66,131 fire. In its entirety, the uncontrolled fire destroyed 9.8 million acres of land. It should be noted that 90 per cent of the forest fires occur due to the error in the manipulation of fire by humans.

This is the water in the aquifer of pink that the residents of a Russian town were able to observe

The change of the chemical composition of the atmosphere causes the formation of acid rain. These poison the environment, pollute the earth and bodies of water.

Beach crowded in Rio de Janeiro

According to forecasts, in the year 2030 the Earth’s population will approach 9 billion people. Just imagine that almost 100 years ago, in 1927, the population of the planet was 2 billion people.

Arctic ocean: The polar bear is dying of hunger

These photos of a polar bear, exhausted by hunger are the best explanations of the situation of global warming. Polar bears feed on hunting seals from the sea ice. But, year after year, the accumulation of ice is reduced. This means that the wild animals have to live at the expense of their reserves of adipose tissue accumulated in the winter season, when ice forms naturally.

The huge oil slick, formed as a result of the explosion of the oil platform in 2010

Each year, in the seas of the world, spilling over 12 million tons of oil that is derived from the drilling of wells and tankers. Approximately 25 percent of marine waters are covered by a layer of oil of different thickness. In 2010, due to the explosion of the oil rig Deepwater Horizon, about 1,000 tons of oil spilled into the sea. For the removal of the substance, the company British Petroleum spent billions of dollars, but, in spite of all the efforts, the specialists were able to remove only 75 per cent of the fuel material.

This photo of a seahorse with a cotton swab describes very well the state of the ocean today

Annually, in the waters of the ocean come in more than 260 million tons of plastic products. This gives rise to the formation of entire continents of plastic. The largest of them are located in the Pacific ocean, occupying nearly 10 percent of its surface.

How do humans help the planet?

People each day are reflecting more and more on the problems of the size global. Created reservations and philanthropic foundations, the government invests money in conservation of flora and fauna, the states pass laws in favor of nature, etc, it is Worth mentioning the enormous contribution of the scientists, who each year work with the aim of creating better conditions for our planet. For this reason, we should believe that some negative prognostic analysts may not be satisfied, And this is good!

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