13 daily Habits that are sabotaging your weight loss

Many of us dream of having a slim body, but after numerous attempts to lose the unwanted pounds, we end up failing. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones that can’t reach your desired weight, it is likely that you’re doing something wrong. Did you know that lack of sleep can increase your daily intake by up to 385 calories? Do you or your perfectionism may be holding back your weight loss? Keep reading while we explain these facts and others more.

Great.guru presents you a collection of 13 things that can get in your way when trying to lose weight. Please make sure you read the entire article and take notes!

1. You think yourself diet will help you lose weight

Oh no! We know that sounds weird and disappointing, but it is true. Diets are basically temporary measures that are taken to lose some unwanted pounds; and “temporary” is the key word here. Eexperts say that an abrupt reduction in the intake of calories may slow your metabolism because your body thinks you’re starving. In addition, the kilos that you lose during your diet will probably come back in 1 or 5 years.

What you should do is to change your lifestyle. Don’t think of it as a diet: you’re going to make changes with which you will live for the rest of your life. The site WebMD offers several simple steps to help you on your journey to being more healthy: don’t skip breakfast, move more, and choose the suitable restaurant is available. You don’t even have to do all the changes at once.It takes a while to get used to one of them and continues to do so.

2. You really like the salad dressings and sauces

It may sound obvious, but the seasonings and the sauces also have a lot of calories. Here we are not talking about mayonnaise and olive oil. Even a dressing healthy as the hummus contains approximately 177 per 100 grams. You may not realize it, but dipping vegetables in a sauce, even a healthy one, it can ruin your diet.

Fortunately, there is a way out simple: you add those calories to your daily nutrition. This means that when you prepare a sauce or a dressing, make sure you calculate your calorie intake assigned and anótalas. It’s easy!

3. It divides foods into categories of “permitted” and “prohibited”

It is obvious that, if you want to lose weight, you must try to eat in a healthy way. But all still have cravings and almost all of those who have been on a diet know the irresistible temptation of having that piece of chocolate extra and the feeling of guilt that you feel when you give in.

“Eating ice cream does not cause you to gain weight, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve failed you’re a bad person,” says the nutrition expert, Abby Langer. If you castigas to yourself every time you eat something “wrong”, you run the risk of starting to eat in response to your failure and regain all the weight that you had lost.

Don’t exclude completely those burgers and pieces of cake from your diet. If you want one, eat it. Just remember to do everything in moderation.

4. You are afraid of hunger

Most of us believe that hunger is our enemy, but in reality is the most healthy thing in the world. No, we’re not talking about that hunger that you’d have if you didn’t have access to the food for weeks. We are talking about the feeling that you have (or at least should have) when your body takes all the calories you’ve been eating for the purposes of the agency, and you start to ask a little bit more.

According to the consultant of holistic nutrition, Mary Vance, afford to have hunger has numerous health benefits, such as, for example: increases growth hormone, which stimulates cell renewal, improves digestion and promotes the regulation of sugar in the blood. When you’re hungry, your body produces ghrelin, which is a hormone that works only until you calm your hunger, stimulates the learning and memory can help you combat the depression.

To make matters worse, hunger can make the pleasure that you get from eating food is even greater. So much so that even a bowl of soup will be as delicious as a juicy burger.

5. You stay with juices or smoothies

We all know that smoothies and fresh juices are healthy, especially if you make it at home by yourself. But if you’re trying to lose weight, can ruin your plans.

Some studies demonstrate that the liquid products provide less satiety than solid foods. This means that an orange will satisfy your appetite for a longer time than will a glass of orange juice. In addition, it does not provide you with the fiber you need, because the greater part remains in the vessel in the form of the pulp and the skin of the fruit that you are consuming.

In regards to smoothies, a glass of a smoothie healthy contains between 150 and 300 calories. Taking into account the fact that you’ll be hungry in half an hour, this type of drink can be too much for a snack regular. Once more, if you want, just make sure to include these calories in your daily.

6. Subestimas the power of the dream

“Sleep can help you eat more healthfully,” says the journal The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. A good night’s rest helps to reduce the fats, the carbohydrates and free sugars, which is important for your journey in weight loss.

The lack of sleep, on the contrary, it makes you eat more and may end up adding 385 calories to your daily intake. Lack of sleep literally, you force to look for food even if you are full and increases your level of sugar in the blood and the fat storage. Then, if you want to lose those extra pounds, it will be best that you do a 8 hour trip to the country of dreams, getting a good rest.

7. Swallowing the food in an instant

We all know that sometimes you can’t find the time to savor your food, but it turns out that you must do if you want to lose weight. It takes your body 20 minutes to understand that it is full. This means that, if you eat too fast, you swallow more calories than you need, before you realize that it is time to stop. Eating quickly also increases the risk of acid reflux and diabetes type 2. In addition, when you eat in a hurry, you don’t get the right amount of pleasure from your meal. Do you remember our advice on hunger? when combined with the slow food, is one of the best experiences in the world.

To deal with the fact of having to eat quick, experts recommend you take small bites, chew food well (I crush it!) and practice mindful eating. This means to concentrate fully on your food, savoring the smell, the taste, and even the texture of the food.

8. Shopping with hunger

Yes, okay, we told you that the hunger is good for you, and it really is, however, the food cravings are discarded. Some research show that people who do food shopping hungry, especially without a list, buy more high-calorie foods and fewer low-calorie. When you’re hungry, your body needs energy, which leads to high-calorie foods. It is also likely that you buy snacks because you can eat a chocolate bar right away, but you’d need time to cook that steak of chicken healthy.

By the way, hunger affects more than just your food choices. This study shows that the buyers hungry also tend to buy more non-food products. Therefore, only eats a meal or a healthy snack before you go to a grocery store and don’t forget your shopping list, because by doing this, you can save both your body and your wallet.

9. Do you think that having dessert is prohibited

For those who have a weakness for dessert, rejoice! The desserts will not damage your weight loss plan, in fact, can help you achieve your objectives. Of course, moderation is the key here. You can spend 20% of your daily intake of calories to satisfy that desire for something sweet, as are the desserts and your weight will continue to disappear.

The point is that when you hold onto a diet that allows nothing, in reality you’re more likely to eat in excess. Do not think that sweets are something “bad” and “forbidden”. If you know that a piece of cake is available when you want it, you can stop eating when you feel full.

10. Do you think fats are the enemy

Fats are not as bad as you think. In general terms, there are three types of fats: unsaturated (olive oil, nuts, fish, avocados), saturated (animal products, coconut) and trans fats (margarine, snacks, fast food fried). The type of fat you need to give the green light are the unsaturated fats. Eliminate the bad cholesterol from your body, ensuring you feel satisfied for a longer time, give energy to your body and help you burn fat.

By the way, the fats really make our food more tasty. The small buds that cover our tongue make you taste the fat in the foods you eat, and yes, this is delicious!

11. You trust too much in the exercise

We don’t’t get me wrong, exercise is healthy and awesome, but the exercises alone will not help you to lose a lot of weight. Your body burns calories not only for the physical activity, activities of daily living (basal metabolic rate) and digestion also feature. In reality, the physical activity burns only a 10% to 30% of the energy (move to the rhythm of the music also has), and if you do more exercise, you will walk less.

How do you understand truth? Your diet is the main factor in your weight loss program, but exercise is also good for your health, that means that doing exercise can help you achieve those abs beautiful you’ve always dreamed of, get toned, and feel happy (hey, remember the hormone serotonin!), which is just as important.

12. Do you think that you don’t need a food diary

Yes, writing what you eat can help you, even without counting calories. Helps you create awareness about your portion sizes, preferences of food and timing of meals and snacks. Also you can show the link between why you eat what you eat, how much you eat, and will help you to analyze all of this to change your diet.

If you write all of this is too boring for you, you can take photos. It can work even better than a journal written because probably you can move the images down and through your photos, after a while you will notice what you’ve been eating during a day, a week or a month. The photos also make it easier to note your preferences in the meal , or what you can add to your diet because you literally see your diet and not just the letters.

13. Struggles for perfection

This is the last thing that you should remember to succeed in your purpose of losing weight is that nobody, but nobody, is perfect. If your weight disappear more slowly than you expected, don’t be depressed. If you eat a sweet or break your limit of calories a day, don’t blame yourself. Being too strict with yourself only encourages emotional eating, and this is a cycle quite vicious.

It is okay if you are not 100% perfect, and you shouldn’t be. If you are successful for 80 to 90% of the time (basically, we have 21 meals a week, after all); I want to say that you are doing very well!

Do you already follow any of these tips? Maybe you have something to add or a personal story to share? I feel free to do so in the comments! Oh, and good luck in to get rid of those extra pounds!

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