13 Stories that show that life with a cat is always a real feast… for the cat

Say, if a black cat crosses your path, the problems are waiting for you just around the corner. One is free to believe or not in these claims and signals, but one thing is clear: in this article we show that the life with these small cats will never be boring, without any gender of doubts.

Great.guru has compiled for you several stories that have been shared by users in social networks and proposes you to laugh, knowing the antics of these pets hairy.

  • When my father stopped smoking, started gaining weight, and several times a day he stood on the scale. In such a task, he was having fun also weighing our chubby kitty. Now, if you take out the scale, our cat will, as if it were a crime, to check their weight.
  • I have two children and a farm cat. Recently, one of my girlfriends hairy she gave birth to seven kittens. And every time she wanted to leave to do his things, he approached me and maullaba: it seemed that I was saying “take care you, for a while”. He thought that she was going to eat or use the bathroom, but soon I discovered by chance that this mom cat simply jumps to the tub empty, and sleeps for about 10 minutes. Now, I command you to rest, I understand it better than anyone else. This, yes, is female solidarity.
  • I started arriving late to work because of my cat. No, not purrs in the morning, softly purring near my ear. This damn fluffy learned to turn off my alarm clock. It is very simple: the phone is on a table, on the side of my bed, where I have a plug, and often leave it with the screen facing up. This spongy head always sleeps so stupid close to him and as soon as the screen lights up, the strikes quickly with his paw, and so we slept the two for a longer time. I found a solution. I put the phone down with the screen facing down. Now I wake up to the sound of the phone falling to the ground and I see the face, upset my cat…
  • I am seriously ill. My cat doesn’t give me even a second of respite, I follow all sides. Today I had to take an exam for which I had to be fasting. The cat did not eat either. Even when my mother will put their kibbles favorite on his plate, he looked at me and decided to abstain. This is a test of true love. I have raised a great man-cat.
  • My husband called Marat, we do not have children in common. He had to make a long business trip and in that time brought with me to an adult cat home. The cat is very talkative, cries, especially at night and in a rather odd way: screaming something like “oh, Mauma!” or “Marrra!”, you can hear him clearly, “mom” and “Marat”. Basically, I brought the cat home but did not tell anything to my husband, I wanted it to be a surprise. My husband came back from that trip: romantic dinner, tenderness, passion, I didn’t have time to tell my secret, in addition to the cat hid in a place that even I was unaware of. The night of love was coming to an end, because we were half asleep and suddenly, behind the bedroom door, he heard the following: “oh, Mam! Oh Mam! Ąmamaą”. My husband, terrified, asked: “Who is that?”. I said, “One night, your beloved gave birth, or a daughter, who knows if a child… don’t worry, I showed him your picture telling him that his father was a hero.” In that exact moment, behind the door, they heard an insistent and demanding: “¡MARRRAT! I MARRAT!”. It is impossible to describe how they looked like the eyes of my husband… I do Not laughed in years.
  • Today, my father had an interview by Skype, so that I was sitting in the living room, looking very professional with his suit, tie and all his things while he talked with the managers to interview him. And, of COURSE, my cat Victoria decided that I NEEDED to talk at that moment, it began to meow and purr to the laptop, all without interruptions. The interviewers started laughing, because she was not calming down. My father simply sighed, and looked at the camera and said: “I’m sorry. Should I ask my cat to go”. After he looked at Victoria and said very calmly: “Victoria, I’m afraid you’re too noisy, I will have to ask you to go”. And she was. Amazing! We turned around and went out of the room.
  • My cat was dying. I told my husband: “For it is not so difficult, we’re going to adopt another cat from the shelter” and we did. That same day, the old cat changed her mind and instead of dying he went to investigate who was eating from his dish. It was a great fight. And these disputes of two beauties feline lasted for more than 7 years, until the old cat died at the age of 17.5 years.
  • I am a veterinarian, working in a private clinic, mainly on night shifts. Once, about three in the morning, there came a young woman with a box from which came a resounding cry. With tears in his eyes, asked for help to your dying cat and he said he now had no money, but surely it would pay later! When you take a look at the “martyr”, I asked her to calm down and I walked her up to the office. To spend 20 minutes, this “cat” of the british race was accompanied by two new wonderful kittens.
  • In my family we have the custom that, when someone goes to another place, you must give a kiss of farewell to all that are in the house, although leaving only five minutes to go to the supermarket. All the world has become so accustomed to this that even our kitten of 3 months has assimilated such a tradition. He runs towards the entrance door and honestly expected his “little kiss”. If you do not, and it stays there until the last consequences, and begins to meow.
  • I live with my grandmother. We have a pet that we love: the cat Row. Once, my grandmother bought fish and put it in a dish to thaw. The cat, of course, what “captured”. The grandmother followed up with a rag. The cat jumped from the balcony of the third floor. My grandmother, believing that he had died, he cried: “My poor Row, you would have bought fish every day”. Went to pick up the corpse, but, instead, was met with a cat alive and healthy in the entrance. She kissed him and shared with him their fish. Since then, this slag man steals food, jumps, grandma cries and forgives him. Five times! And she still believes him!
  • I live alone, but with a cat. In the last 2 months, the water bills had skyrocketed, even though I spent the same amount. I noticed that they had not increased the prices, but the clock showed much more if compared with the receipts already ancient. I called the plumber and this confirmed it: there was no error, it really started to spend the triple of water, and no neighbor had been connected to my network of supply. In my attempts to unravel this problem, I set up video cameras for the house, given that all that had keys to my apartment, I swore that it wasn’t them… it Turned out that my fluffy cat had learned to open (up) the tap and was meditating, seeing to fall, the water running it six hours a day! And since the faucet has to get up until a ‘click’ and if not, then it closes by itself, I could not get throughout this time. So I bought a decorative fountain for the house and now sports “low cost”.
  • We had a cat. It was very fussy with the food: it was served to the table on a baguette French freshly baked, added to fresh sardines cooked. To overcome their own limits of shameless guy, the cat began to eat only if given with a spoon. One day, my parents went on vacation. I, as a young man completely incapable of cooking, I didn’t care at all for the food. My parents returned to spend two weeks. When you open the door and see our cat eating the remains of cucumber from the floor in the hallway, they realized that the era of the aristocracy had come to an end.
  • My cat hates the word “mortgage”. I don’t know what goes on in his head fluffy when they hear it, but the cat gets like a beast at the moment: begins to bite, producing strange sounds, whistle, gives it the spiky hair. Even if you delivered this word from the other corner of the room, and whispering, just when she is sleeping, the kitten begins to roar so silly while dreaming and bite the pillow. By the looks of it, we suspect that in one of his previous lives had serious problems with this issue.

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