13 Logos common that they actually have a secret meaning

A logo is the face of a company. It’s enough to see a familiar symbol for that unconsciously we begin to have confidence in the popular brands. It is for this reason that the designers are particularly responsible at the time of creating a logo. They are looking for that is not only simple and memorable, but also transmits a certain connotation that is hidden.

Great.guru has discovered some of the secrets behind the logos of well-known brands around the world.

1. Airbnb

The Internet service Airbnb, which allows you to find an apartment to rent in around the world, chose a logo very strange to represent them, similar to a clip. However, the emblem has a meaning much more profound than it seems at first glance. Contains up to 4 elements in it: the head of a small man, which symbolizes to the user; the icon of geo-location which indicates the place where an accommodation is located; the heart means love; and all of these symbols combine in the letter A for Airbnb.

2. TripAdvisor

The american site TripAdvisor allows travelers from all over the world to choose in which hotel to stay in, what restaurant to eat, what airline to use, and even what tourist attractions to visit, all thanks to the comments of other users. Your logo is made in the form of an owl, which represents wisdom and knowledge, but their eyes symbolize the choice that makes the traveller. The green indicates that it is worth choosing something, and the red refers to the opposite.

3. MasterCard

The international payment system MasterCard decided to bet on the psychology of color in your logo. The red means courage and passion for the action, and in addition it gives a feeling of joy. The deep yellow indicates prosperity. The company believes that these qualities are necessary for a person to be enriched, that’s why the colors are blended.

4. Dell

The american company Dell, in charge of building computers, highlighted the letter ” E ” in its logo for a reason. The founder of the corporation, Michael Dell, I wanted to convey the meaning of the popular expression “turn the world on its ear”, which means “to put the world upside down” by changing something in an unusual way. Then, the company decided to use the game of words and turn of a letter.

5. National Geographic

The popular tv channel National Geographic, which airs in 171 countries around the world, it has a yellow rectangle as the logo. This symbolizes a door that opens to the world of knowledge on nature, science, and culture. The color was not chosen accidentally: it is a metaphor for the Sun, which illuminates all the world and is a source of strength and energy.

6. Vodafone

The british company of mobile telephony has chosen to use a mysterious hook like logo, which resembles a headset. But, in fact, it is in quotation marks. In this case, the quotation mark open symbolizes the beginning of a conversation. Therefore, the designers wanted to show that with Vodafone users can discuss literally all of the time.

7. Haribo

The manufacturer of sweets Haribo is known for their teddy jam that they love both children and adults. The name of the company came from the founder himself. Combined the first two letters of your first name and last name (Hans Riegel), adding to them the first two letters of the name of his native city, Bonn. Initially, Hans was selling candy at a carnival, where the performances of the bears actual dancing were popular. Inspired by this, decided to create candy in the form of that animal.

8. GAZ

Initially, the car manufacturer Russian government cooperated with the american company Ford. The plant not only copied the models of the foreign manufacturer, but also decided to make a logo similar. So, for example, the letter G (Г) was made in the same style as the F Ford. And the deer appeared in the logo, because this animal is on the coat of arms of the city where the plant is located.

9. Subway

The arrows in the first and last letters of the logo of the fast-food chain, appeared for a reason: they embody an entrance and an exit of the metro. Then, the company decided to show that you can eat a Subway while you walk. The colors of the logo also have meaning. The green symbolizes that the company supports healthy eating and offering products relevant to that, and the yellow indicates the joy that one receives from the life, optimism, and fun.

10. DC Comics

The well-known company of comics made a renewal of the trade mark in 2016, and changed its logo. The fans were outraged and demanded to return the emblem to the old and familiar. However, not even imagined how much hid behind that inscription blue. The co-editor of the company, Jim Lee, told in his account of Instagram , which symbolize the new logo: “The sharp corners represent the power of several characters: S of Superman, the emblem WW Wonder Woman, and Batman logo”.

11. Mozilla Firefox

The logo of the famous web browser has a fox hugging the planet. What if we tell you that this is not that animal, but of a red panda? The fact is that most people translate it from the English, the word “firefox” literally as “fox fire”, but in fact, “firefox” is an English translation of the nickname chinese red panda. In this way, the company wanted to demonstrate its uniqueness, because this bear is very rare and appears in the list of animals in danger of extinction. In 2010, the branch of Mozilla Firefox in EE. UU. even took 2 pandas and took responsibility for their lives.

12. Bacardi

The producer of ron did not want to scare your customers with your logo. There is a legend that the company, for a long time, could not come up with a emblem for its products, and one day, the founder’s wife saw a bat in the distillery. The woman took it as a sign from heaven and decided that it should be represented in the logo. In addition, in Cuba, the place of origin of this drink, this animal is considered a symbol of health, luck and drive.

13. Orbit

If you look at the logo of Orbit, you can see that the uppercase letter Or is divided into two parts, one clear and the other dark, and in the background you can see a stylized image of the orbit. Therefore, it is clear that the letter symbolizes the day and the night, that is to say, the orbital motion of the Earth around the Sun.

Bonus: the logo of Kappa 18+

The Italian manufacturer of sports clothing has been placed in its logo to a man and a woman who are sitting back to back to each other. However, if you cover the top of the image, you can see the legs of a girl in a pose very provocative. It is still a mystery if the creators of the logo made the design with a double meaning, or if it is just a speculation of the consumers.

What logo were you surprised the most?

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