13 Locations closed or tourists with plenty of money can visit

Each year countries are trying to attract the attention of tourists with routes and places of interest. But in the world map, there are mysterious places hidden to the eyes of the common people and inaccessible to travelers.

Great.guru managed to open a bit of a secret and made a map of places where it is almost impossible that ordinary people can access.

Club Bilderberg

It is a conference, annual, informal and whose participants are kings, ministers, bankers, journalists, presidents, and owners of large corporations. The entrance to the same is strictly by invitation. In total, there are 383 members in the club. The meeting will discuss the international affairs and national policy, in which members of the club clearly have influence.

Atoll Enewetak

A large coral atoll consists of 40 islands in the Pacific Ocean and could imagine that it is a real paradise for tourists. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous places where, according to the scientists, or the insects would survive. The case is that after the Second World War the Atoll Enewetak was the test site more important for nuclear weapons. The island survived 43 explosions, including a test of a hydrogen bomb. In 1977 began the disinfection program and the contaminated soil was buried under a huge dome. Even began to organize excursions, but this is a place where we do not recommend to go even for a lot of money.

Island of Gruinard, United Kingdom

The island is contaminated with anthrax spores, and is closed to tourists. The british government decided during the Second World War to test anthrax as a biological weapon , and bought the Island of Gruinard as a testing ground. In 1986 were sprayed with 280 tonnes of formaldehyde to kill spores, but the island remains dangerous.

Fort Knox, United States

Fort Knox is a deposit of gold bars of the united States. In reality it is a bunker located underneath the building. The walls of the treasury are made of granite and the door weighs 22 tons. It can’t be opened neither with a bang. Around Fort Knox there are military units that preserve this object.

Cave of Kapova, Bashkortostan

The cave is unique for its drawings paleolithic. The constant traffic of tourists leads to the destruction of the unique art. The authorities plan to reproduce the drawings in the new reserve “Shulgan-Tash”. The Historical and Cultural Centre will take care of the problems of preservation of the painting.

Ayers Rock, Australia

The age of the famous rock is about 680 million years old and its base is formed by caves decorated with rock painting old. Around the rock living native peoples to actively defend their sanctuary. They made an appeal for the closure of the holy site. According to one legend, after a bloody battle between the indians the land rose and became a red mountain as a sign of sadness. The ascent to the mountain will be closed from 2019.

Area 51, USA

Area 51 is a military base american in the Nevada desert that consists of 15 underground levels. One of the employees of the foundation, said that there is the laboratory ufo that is dedicated to the study of ufos. What is more likely is that this is only a cover-up and actually be testing vehicles modern air combat. If you approach this place, the military will ask you to leave the site and delete all the photos.

Mount Weather, United States Of America

The Center of Emergency Operations Mount Weather is one of the objects to be protected. In case of national disaster officials, civilian and military, move there. The center was founded during the Cold War and is located near Washington.

Complex of caves in Tora-Bora, Afghanistan

The complex of caves located in the east of Afghanistan is known as the camp of the radical movement islamic “Taliban“ and the terrorist organization ”Al-Qaeda”. Since 1980, the special forces of the KGB of the Soviet Union have carried out several military operations to take the fortress. It is one of the most dangerous places for the tourists and definitely should not be included in the route maps, even to those who like dangerous adventures.

Shrine of Ise, Japan

It is the main shrine of Shintoism in Japan. The entry is only permitted to members of the imperial family and clerics of higher rank. The territory is protected with four fences, and tourists can only see the ceiling. The temple consists of 2 complexes. The first one is dedicated to the child bearer of the imperial family by the goddess Amaterasu. The second, to the goddess of food, Toyouke.

In the sanctuary live horses sacred. In total, there are three. One lives in the inner sanctuary, two on the outside.

Island Tachai, Thailand

The thai authorities decided to close the visit to the island of Tachai, part of the National Park Similan, to prevent damage to the ecology caused by travelers. Despite the fact that the park is closed annually during the period of the monsoon this time is not enough to restore it.

Coral island, Phuket

The closure of the island is due to the need for urgent protection of the coral in the Coral island. Unfortunately, it only retained 25 per cent of the coral reefs. Previously the island was the center of marine life, there were more than 30 species of coral. Today there are only 4. Now scientists are engaged in the restoration of marine life in the region.

Via dell’amore, Italy

In the Cinque Terre in Liguria there are five cities: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, between 1 and 4 kilometres of distance one from the other. Their characteristic is that they are located in the crevices of coastal rocks. The cities are connected by trails that run along places incredibly picturesque. The trail between Riomaggiore and Manarola is located in a hard rock along the coast and takes the name of “path of lovers”. But unfortunately it is closed for an indefinite period, due to the risks of landslides.

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