13 Ways to lower legal your receipts (you’ll save a month a year)

Many of us are already accustomed to turning the faucet to not flow water in a manner idle, and to turn off the light when leaving the room. However, there are other worthwhile things to check at home if you want to significantly reduce your receipts. Who doesn’t like to pay bills, not 12, but 11 months in a year?

Great.guru shows you in this article the methods less obvious but effective ways that will help you to avoid wasting money.

1. Place a bottle in the water tank

Fill a 1.5 litre bottle with water, add stones to gaining more weight and place it in the cistern of the toilet. So, its volume will be reduced and, thus, will decrease the amount of water that will fall down the toilet. As a result, a family of 3 people will be able to save around 11 cubic metres of water a year.

2. Empty the vacuum cleaner bag more frequently

The more obstructed the dust bag, as well as the filter of the vacuum cleaner, the more electricity you will need for your cleaning.

3. Use kitchen utensils made from materials that heat up fast

The kitchen utensils made of glass, copper and aluminum are heated more quickly and thus require less energy consumption when cooking. If you can’t give up your skillet, favorite cast iron, don’t forget to turn off the heat 10-15 minutes before, as the necessary temperature is maintained.

4. Changes the location of the refrigerator

Ideally, the refrigerator should be installed close to the wall more cold, far from the fires of the kitchen and heaters. You also need to leave space between the wall and the refrigerator. By doing this, you’ll spend less energy to cool.

5. Install a faucet lever

A faucet with a single lever handle lets you adjust water temperature more quickly, which means big savings in the long term.

6. Boils just the right amount of water in the kettle to consume it at once

If you put boiling, not the kettle full, but, for example, water to 1-2 cups, you’ll spend much less energy, and you’ll get hot water faster. The same thing happens when you cook: not worth to take too much water. In this way, after cooking, you will not have to remove all of the excess amount, and all will cook in less time.

7. Wash with cold water

The daily washing is best carried out at low temperatures: the greater part of the dirt will be washed off anyway. To heat the water up to 30°C is spent 4 times less energy than at 60°C. in Addition, it is worthwhile to reduce the number of revolutions the centrifuge up to 600-800. In this way, not only will you save energy, you also keep the aspect of the tissues.

8. Check your plumbing

To verify if the toilet has a leak, you can add dye to the cistern. To do this, you can serve the juice of beetroot or one tablet of toilet blue: stains that occur are easily removed with regular products to wash the toilet. If after 30-40 minutes you notice that the toilet bowl acquired a reddish color or bluish, you already know that it leaks. If so, it will be necessary to inform the plumber in order not to waste about 18 cubic meters of water per year.

9. Using the recycle

And more precisely, do not use the toilet bowl as if it were a dustbin or throw him anything that may get stuck or be difficult to wash.

10. Clean the bulbs

A light bulb dusty brings a 10-15%. less of light. Instead of turning on lamps, additional nights, you can be cleaned regularly of dust screens and the bulbs themselves.

11. Remove dirt from the appliances

The cal is embedded in elements that heat the kettle, the washing machine and the dishwasher reduces the thermal conductivity, which means that the devices they begin to use more energy to heat the water to the necessary temperature.

12. Waiver of the alargaderas of cables

Any extension cable creates more resistance in the network, which increases the consumption of electricity. Therefore, attempts to connect the appliances directly to the socket, whenever possible.

13. Use a cup while you brush your teeth

Many have already acquired the habit of closing the tap while brushing their teeth, or shave. However, it will be still more economic to fill a glass of water instead of creating one with the palms of your hands. With this amount, you will be enough to rinse the mouth and remove the tooth paste.

And how do you save you? Share your tricks in the comments.

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