13 Films nominated for the Oscars last year that you may not have seen

This Sunday, march 4, will be held the delivery number 90 of the Academy Awards. But, are you sure that you have already seen all the cool movies from last year? You prepare a list of tapes that you may have missed.

In Great.guru made our list of the best movies of the Oscars 2017, because we believe that there is not leave in oblivion the film good.

Hail, Caesar! (Hail, Caesar!)

Directors: the Coen brothers

Eddie Mannix is a manager in Hollywood. A day exactly of the set disappears, the main actor of the film Hail, Caesar!. The organization called “The future” sends a note which requires 100 thousand dollars ransom. Eddie Mannix must resolve this problem before the journalists are aware of this. It is a movie colorful, ironic and funny with an all-star cast.

Silence (Silence)

Director: Martin Scorsese

In the SEVENTEENTH century two jesuit priests travel to Japan to find his spiritual guide and spread the christian faith. However, in this country are prohibited both catholicism as almost all contacts with foreigners. Now, the faith of the protagonists must go through some heavy evidence.

The power of ambition (Gold)

Director: Stephen Gaghan

The main character, Wells, is a pickpocket sly, who dreams of getting rich. But until now only has been involved in scams of small and continues to seek new ways to deceive the citizens trustworthy. When you meet a geologist, a fan who dreams of finding gold in the Indonesian jungle, he comes up with a brilliant idea. Wells brings together a team of gold prospectors and embarks on an incredible journey. But will the protagonists make their dreams come true?

Nocturnal animals (Nocturnal Animals)

Director: Tom Ford

The film hits you from the first seconds: three adult women with overweight, a makeup vulgar, almost naked, are dancing. You start to wonder: “what the hell is happening here?”. Then, the protagonist begins to read a manuscript of her ex-husband, the plot becomes more and more revolt and arise more questions. Nocturnal animals is a thriller that is tense, emotional, intelligent and worth watching to decipher its mysteries.


Director: Pedro Almodovar

The daughter of Juliet ran away from home without letting his mother, his address, or a note. The protagonist tries to find it, but without success. But 12 years later, an acquaintance warns him that he saw in Italy. Juliet returns to the department where he lived with his daughter and begins to write a letter: a flow of memories and feelings about how he lived all those years.

Almodovar again checks that the psychological that there is nothing more interesting than human life.

The birth of a nation (The Birth of a Nation)

Director: Nate Parker

Director Nate Parker did the lead role and also wrote the script. The film is based on actual events and tells the story of a rebellious african-american who raised a rebellion of the slaves.

The founder (The Founder)

Director: John Lee Hancock

The film tells about the life of Ray Kroc, the creator of the chain of restaurants mcdonalds. Michael Keaton shows how he managed to transform itself from a simple seller of blenders in a multi-million dollar.

Sully: Feat on the Hudson (Sully)

Director: Clint Eastwood

The plane that just takes off, you fail both engines. The life of 155 people hangs in the balance. In spite of the orders of the air traffic controllers bring the aircraft to the nearest airport, the pilot Sully takes the decision of laying it down on the waters of the Hudson. And, although all are with life and the public praises him strongly to the new hero, opens an investigation against the pilot. The officers accuse him of making a mistake.

Allies (Allied)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

During the Second World War, the british agent Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) falls in love with the resistance fighter, the French Marianne (Marion Cotillard). To meet again in London, the young people marry. But the family happiness comes to an end when Max told that his wife probably is a nazi spy. You must now prove their innocence or to kill her. To solve it, we give only 72 hours.

Two good guys (The Nice Guys)

Director: Shane Black

It is a comedy that tells of how two boys, a detective skinny and a specialist in solving problems, “well-fed” to resolve a case about a girl lost. The film is very dynamic and colorful. In each scene, there is laughter, tricks, fights and shootings. This movie raises the spirits immediately.

The queen of Katwe: A act of love (Queen of Katwe)

Director: Mira Nair

It is a movie about a girl in Uganda who dreams of being a world champion of chess. Colorful as the costumes african, this inspiring movie shows that up to an extra pawn and small, to get to the end, can become an important figure if he believes in himself and has big dreams, because everything is achieved with just a right move. It is a great film to see with children.

A united kingdom (United Kingdom)

Director: Amma Asante

The film is based on the true story of the prince of Botswana, Seretse Khama, who, in the mid of the last century was married to a London resident, the employee of office Ruth Williams. Interracial marriage not only provoked indignity in the families of the lovebirds, but also in the heads of the tribes of Botswana, the governments of Great Britain and south Africa. Fighting for your happiness, the protagonists begin their fight for justice.

The Land

Director: Damien Chazelle

La La Land is a nice movie and incredibly warm on a musician obsessed with the jazz and a girl who dreams of becoming a film actress, but, for the moment, served coffee to the stars. However, the success that comes to love begins to test his feelings.

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