13 People who became millionaires thanks to a single idea

There is No universal way of getting rich, and the prospect that some day the opportunity is minimal. As revealed by the practice, can make the ideas more far-fetched, while the great almost not bring their creators a penny.

But It ‘s Great.guru presents you today to 13 people who have won millions and millions thanks to his own creativity, his capacity for observation and for being there at just the right time and in the right place.

13. Joy Mangano. A mechanism for mops.

Joy Mangano has created a unique mechanism for wringing the mop without touching it: Miracle Mop. This woman was able to sell large quantities through the services of tele-shopping and in 1995 earned his first million. Since then, Joy invented and patented more than a hundred different useful things, among which we find hangers non slip, aromatizadores, organizers bag, and other. And in 2015, it was filmed a movie about her with Jennifer Lawrence playing the main role.

12. Guy Laliberté. Circus of the Sun.

Guy Laliberté was a street performer. One day he had the brilliant idea of creating his own circus and so, in 1984, appeared the famous Circus of the Sun, known for its original production with numbers incredibly complex. This idea has contributed to their creator several thousands of USD billion and allowed it to become one of the first space tourists.

11. Richard T. James. Spring colors (Slinky).

It is impossible to imagine our nostalgic ’90s without the springs of the rainbow. Were invented by Richard T. James in 1943. He worked as an engineer for the navy and built a device for measuring the power of the ships. A spring which fell accidentally, and began to “walk” on the ground marked the beginning of a large and successful business. At the beginning it was built of black metal, then acquire colors, and even various forms.

10. Gary Ross Dahl. Pet Rock.

The beginning of the success of the Pet Rock is marked by a joke. The future founder of the company decided that it would be fun to have as pets… it rocks! This idea exploded in 1975, which gave Gary a million USD. These stones are sold in cardboard boxes with holes in them, like sleeping in a nest of straw. In the instruction manual explained how to take care of the pet, take her out to walk and what to do if you got sick or died. Since 2012, the Pet Rock is once again gaining popularity.

9. Byron Reese. Letters from Santa Claus.

In 2001, Byron created the company SantaMail. Found an address in the North Pole (a city in Alaska) and sent on request of parents letters on behalf of Santa Claus to the children. The seal on the letter and the stamp of the postal service will make even the most skeptical believe that the King of Christmas sent the letter. The cost of this service is around 10 USD per letter.

8. Roni Di Lull. Accessory for dogs.

Roni had the idea of creating Doggles in 1997, noting that with a sun too bright your dog felt a lot discomfort in your eyes. So I was testing and developing the anatomical design ideal that will correspond to the shape of the head of the can, that does not molestase and may protect your eyes perfectly. Roni now not only is earning millions, but also continue to create things that are useful for domestic animals.

7. Ken Ahroni. Bone of the desires.

On the day of thanksgiving there is the tradition of breaking the bone of the turkey called fúrcula. The stay with the greater portion in your hand, will fulfill his desire. Ken it occurred to him that all the world should have the opportunity to make a wish during the party and in 1999 organized the production and sale of “bones desires” to 3 USD per unit. In 2006 he became a millionaire.

6. John White. Billy Bob Teeth.

In 1993, John White worked the idea of creating false teeth that could convert any person’s face. This fun occurrence became a big company that has already sold more than 20 million teeth Billy Bob in different designs, in addition to other similar items. By the way, the popular pacifiers with teeth for babies also belong to this company.

5. Joe Pellettieri. Billy, Perch, Large Mouth.

This fun perch, Big Mouth Billy Bass, which often decorates the walls, it was invented by Joe Pellettieri in 1998. The fish is fixed to the table, and when you turn it on he wags his tail and sings songs, moving mouth. The repertoire of Billy includes several songs and became a kind of element of the culture of the masses: it can also be seen in several movies.

4. Gary Clegg. Batamanta.

Gary resolved once the problems of all the people who don’t want to pull out the arms from under the blankets, making a blanket with sleeves. So, in 2005 appeared the company Slanket. The entity has sold millions of blankets polar “slanket”, at a cost of around 35 USD per unit. In his site official website you can even choose the favorite color to yours.

3. Alex Craig. Potatoes-homing.

In 2015 Alex Craig dared to invent the Potatoe Parcel Service, a special service of the courier of potatoes custom. In its web, a person buys a potato, and orders a message with a length of between 100 and 140 characters. The company cut out the words on the tuber and sends it to the recipient anonymously. The cost for the service is around 10 USD and not short of customers. So Alex probably has already earned his million.

2. Jason Sadler. T-shirts with logos.

Jason Sadler founded a company, I Wear Your Shirt, whose idea occurred to him in 2005. Offered to the clients wear t-shirts with the logos of their companies. The cost to take this one day was $ 1, the second day already paid for 2 and so on up to 365 for the last day of the year. At first, Jason was working alone, but then he was hiring more employees. So, he won in 5 years, more than a million USD. Jason closed the company and is now devoted to other activities.

1. Philip Ozersky. Baseball.

It may also occur that the millions to fall into your hands by pure chance, the most important thing is to be in the right time and in the right place. As happened to Philip Ozersky. I was in a game of baseball when Mark McGwire made his home run number 70. The ball flew directly to the grandstand and ended up in the hands of Phil. Refused to return his trophy and soon sold it at auction for ¡3 million USD! A portion of that money was spent in the home of his father and the other was dedicated to charities.

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