13 Evidence that Japan is a country of another planet

Japan is a country of multi-faceted. Here we combine traditions enriching many centuries and an incredible technological progress. It is not surprising that the japanese life does not seem usual to us. Sometimes, it seems that this country is located in another galaxy, as it is so amazing.

Great.guru collected some facts about life in Japan, which will amaze a tourist without preparation.

1. A drivers ‘ strike that benefits passengers

The bus drivers in the japanese city of Okayama conducted a strike. Around the world, this situation invariably leads to inconvenience for passengers normal. But not here. In Okayama, the buses are still working through the usual routes, only that the drivers… do not charge for the passage. The employer company generates losses, but the passengers are not affected.

2. An employee monitors the escalator does not work

In one of the commercial centres of the city Sapporo broke down the escalator. Shut it down immediately, put up a message notifying the warning, and apologies for the discomfort. In addition, they put an employee to resguardarla. Your job is simply to stand in front of the escalators. By any case.

3. The rows are organised for the train

This is the line to get on the train in Tokyo. People are in a row well-organized approximately at the level of opening of each door. Of course, there’s that talk about personal space, but no one gets ahead of the people who came before.

4. Kotatsu even in the movie theaters

Kotatsu is an object of piece of furniture that is traditional in Japan. Recently, in the city of Tokorozawa opened a cinema with seats with more comforts. Here you can feel at home, as these seats are equipped with tables kotatsu with a heating source under it.

5. Kitten in the head

The japanese are lovers of cats. This accessory for the hair, lead those who do not want to be separated ever of their furry.

6. The items have two prices

In japanese stores, on the labels you can see two prices. What happens is that, at the price of the article, automatically add the value added tax (VAT), which, unlike many countries, the japanese are accustomed to calculate separately.

7. Expectation and reality in Japan

When you order a meal, very often you can be assured that you will receive what is represented in the image of the letter.

8. The umbrella disposable

In Japan, are very popular umbrellas disposable. Its price is quite low and you don’t have to worry about a breakdown. Often, the climatic conditions here are such that the umbrellas do not live for a long time. After heavy rains, near the underground stations you can see a top of umbrella plastic “used”.

9. Friendly competition

In a place of rest japanese hot springs called Beppu was an advertising campaign… in favor of his main rival, Hot. Recently, Hot suffered an earthquake. It is evident that the arrival of tourists is significantly reduced. The tagline on the poster of Beppu says: “there is not now to go to Beppu, but Hot”. And in the comments of the official site of the resting place of Beppu says: “We are still competing, but only when you are well. Now we are with you”.

10. The slippers fit alone

A japanese hotel began to propose to their guests slippers, who know how to settle into your place, when you do not put them on. Each slipper is equipped with two wheels, a motor and motion sensor. This new wonder was created by the company Nissan.

11. The plastic models of food in japanese restaurants

Japanese restaurants display in their counters, mock-ups of meal of the letter. They look like the real food, in a nutshell, it makes your mouth water. And, by the way, as we have already mentioned, the dish prepared exactly matches the appearance of your model.

12. Sakura Lego

Legoland in Japan broke a world record: here they built a sakura of more than 800 thousand pieces of Lego that blooms, which is the symbol of Japan.

13. And, anyway, does not compare anything with the nature

Spring in Japan.

What about you have you been in this wonderful country? Taking into account the diversity in Japan, your experience can differ from what is described in this article. But, anyway, it will be interesting to know your curious observations. It tell us!

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