13 Symptoms of a friend toxic, whose friendship only causes damage

The longer a relationship, the more valuable it is. We struggle to leave old friends, but sometimes simply it is necessary to do so. A strong friendship over the years not only can they lose their strength, but also become, frankly, unnecessary.

Great.guru has collected for all its readers the clear signs of a friendship toxic. If notes at least a couple of them in your loved one, then it is time to think about whether you should continue this relationship.

1. Not you can be happy for your success

If you tell a friend toxic on your successes, your reaction will be a change of topic instant or a lament for his own fate unenviable: “You see! You’ve got a boyfriend! And I don’t have anything!” or “You have won the contest, and I will never be able to!” She has no interest in the side successful of your life, but would really like to console you after your failures.

  • What do you drive? The negative reaction of a friend to your success can lead to feelings of guilt and the desire to correct the situation, help her at least win a contest if you can’t get a boyfriend. When we set out to help, as a general rule, it puts them on the defensive, which makes grow your bad conscience.

2. You cela as if it were your boyfriend

A friend toxic not be happy if you discover that you have seen someone other than her. Can be moody with you or make a fuss, demanding to be included in all your plans. The most obvious expression is to track your posts on social networks and write messages of anger: “you Were in a cafe yesterday and why did I not invited?”

  • What do you drive? You can assume the role of a master mature and wise and try to inculcate the qualities of “right” in your friend. But psychologists think that this company is doomed to failure: the frequent fights and scandals are inevitable. How much time resistirás?

3. You feel empty after you talk with her

Often we don’t notice that after talking with a friend, we feel weak, tired or even with a headache. The psychologist Susan Heitler believes that is due to the psychosomatic. After all, the body systems are connected, and the discomfort emotional causes physical discomfort.

  • What do you drive? Having noticed a distress after talking with a friend, ask yourself if this happens often. If the answer is yes, you must think if worth the effort, and perhaps it is best to take a break from one another.

4. Sometimes you feel you want to hide something

A change in your interests, a negative experience before or just a feeling unexplained can cause you to stop telling your friend some things, although before compartías everything with her without thinking.

  • What do you drive? If you keep talking about feelings, experiences, personal events, you will soon notice that there are no more topics to talk about with this person.

5. Calls at any time of the day and demands that you listen to

There are always occasions in which a person requires more support than another, but a friend of toxic abuse of this right. She calls late at night or early in the morning demanding that you listen to and feel very offended when you refuse. The support is important for a close relationship, but you’re not a psychotherapist or a shoulder for tears.

  • What do you drive? Ignoring the obsession and arrogance, you give them the green light. A friend bothers to call you more often and their monologues last longer.

6. Emphasizes their strengths against your weaknesses

Looks strong and confident, she dresses well and is critical of all those around her, even to you. One of his favorite sayings: “But I…” In fact, this is how is manifests low self-esteem, the girl hides with success.

  • What do you drive? In your presence, you can feel self-conscious and indecisive.

7. Copy your behavior, hairstyle, manicure and even your boyfriend

She can do it on purpose or without knowing it. As a general rule, everything happens for a good reason: we like you a lot and wants to be like. The imitation manifests itself in different ways: the way you move, talk, dressing, combing hair, or applying makeup. Your friend can do the same manicure and find a boyfriend like yours. And, talking to her, listening to your opinion and your beliefs.

  • What do you drive? You are a source of strength and inspiration for your friend, she can’t invent anything of their own. Perhaps the reason is your poor imagination or envy. If you can stand the imitation, then this friendship, according to the psychologist of New York Peggy Drexler, can be maintained.

8. Dramatizes the events and speaks only of their failures

She always dramatizes everything and just talk about how bad it feels. Builds resentment, pain and negativity within itself, and with this “reload”. Psychologists believe that the susceptibility, the mistrust and the desire to see the negative aspects of life can be symptoms of neurosis.

  • What do you drive? In an effort to support your friend and choose the only common themes for a conversation, you can also “catch” the habit of looking for what is wrong in life and not to realize anything good.

9. Looks to be best at everything, becoming the friendship in a race without end

Just say: “Look at what shoes I bought in a clearance! It’s very cheap!”, she, glad of itself, responds: “And I found shoes of Gucci. Yours, of course, are also quite good…” For any good news to tell, your friend will find his own, better and more interesting.

  • What do you drive? A race that she always wins doesn’t allow you to feel the first even if it is sometimes. You’re like a little girl who receives all things from his older sister.

10. You use for personal purposes

This feature manifests itself in regular applications to carry it in the car somewhere, pay money, pay your phone or ask your boyfriend to help with repairs in your apartment. These people see others only as a means to achieve their own objectives.

  • What do you drive? The more you help, the more often you will be asked to do so. To avoid this, you need to learn to say “no” without feeling shame.

11. Criticizes you and is “too” honest

“I think I’m evil, yes?”, ask waiting for an approval, and she will respond: “Yes, obviously something is wrong with you today. You have dark circles and the dress I was kid.” If this happens one or two times, you can explain this behavior by a bad mood. But the constant criticism should alert. Psychologists believe that this is an attempt of a weak person to demonstrate that it is also something.

  • What do you drive? Comments reasonable helps improve. But when someone is strengthened despreciándote, your self-esteem suffers.

12. Gives advice obviously bad

“Get away from him! Why do you need it?” In this way reacts with a friend toxic when you decide to share with her a small fight with your guy. This surface manifestation of carefully hidden envy towards you.

  • What do you drive? According to the experts, a day your council will be available to you at a bad time (for example, when you feel strong emotions) and you run the risk of following him.

13. You leave as soon as it appears to be a new guy in your life

A friend toxic forgets all about a new boyfriend appears on the horizon. She not responding to calls, messages and finds excuses not to meet with you. But after breaking with him, he calls you and tells you a long and exhausting story of this love failed.

  • What do you drive? If you are trying to speak with her directly, is likely to provoke his wrath. Your friend may decide that only the envy. The only way out is to wait, but your patience is not infinite.

Have you ever desenmascaraste to such “friends”?

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